Top Gun 2 – The Birth of an Ace

top gun r2_ae A few people would have expected Top Gun 2 to succeed given that the 1.5 Beta version of DCS only came out recently and the stability of the game was not something we could take for granted. However, it did and in a fantastic fashion.

The TAW gents were excellent at hosting the event, investing a considerable time into setting up the servers and testing extensively the mission itself alongside its designer Stuge, on top of acting as referees for the massive 79 matches over the course of 4 days. We are glad to have a professional team and a great asset like TAW led by OverG, DutchBaron and SkyCap as a full member of the SA family.
Top Gun 2 would not have been such a success without the contribution of the 104th clan by hosting a portion of the many fights that took place. Mr Riptide brilliantly refereed those matchs while providing excellent after-action reports.

Now, let’s focus on what happened in the Top Gun skies and frankly you could only start with the incredible performance of Stuge. Through displaying unparalleled BFM skills, Stuge has not only won the competition but also without loosing a single round! Stuge has also achieved the same result in both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments! These facts speak for themselves; Stuge was simply in a class of his own and it’s only fair to see such a great champion emerge as the new DCS world number 1 fighter pilot.

In his 2v2 title conquest, Stuge was backed up by another great Finnish pilot, Razer from the SF squadron. Stuge himself was very complimentary about his wingman’s skills in DCS, calling him a “phenomenal talent”. We would have liked to see Razer taking part in the 1v1 tournament although his 2v2 performance alone has made him gain 34 spots in the air-to-air rankings, landing straight into the 8th place and becoming part of the exclusive top 10 club for the very first time.

Another distinguished competitor in this guns only competition was Plaiskool from France as he made his way all the way to the final clash against Stuge in the 1v1 tournament, beating in the process three pilots from the legendary 51st PVO Regiment, striding over 9 spots in the rankings right into the 15th position.

Stuge and Razer were not the only Finnish pilots who stood out in this competition, Bushmanni and Ocelot also did by reaching the final stage of the 2v2 competition making that last confrontation 100% Finnish. This is not the first time that Finland stole the show in the PvP arena. The SF squadron has been accumulating excellent results over the past PvP events and it is only fair to see them surge to the 2nd spot in the squadron rankings and see Finland itself rightfully reign over the rankings by country. A special mention goes to Bushmanni as he combined his successful 2v2 campaign to a very solid 3rd place in the 1v1 contest, loosing only to relentless Stuge.

Thanks to Stuge’s double victory, 104th’s hegemony seems indisputable now with a commanding lead of almost 20000 points in the squadron rankings. With victories in both BVR and BFM events, the Black Eagle pilots have once again proven themselves as one of the very best.

Two events are around the corner: SATAC and Red Flag 4. The 51st PVO Regiment, winners of the last SATAC edition and simply undefeated in Squad v Squad fights have a colossal experience and cohesion in this genre and will undoubtedly be the team to beat. Red Flag 4, set to kick off in January will be the first to feature the new Nevada Test and Training Range theater, recently released for DCS World.

In conclusion, here is a TG2 highlight video for you to feast your eyes on and a courtesy of Mr SkyCap from the TAW crew.



Match 2: <51P>holimoli vs TAW_WesLoeffler (walk over)
Match 3: *NOB*Wepar vs EagleFox (walk over)
Match 6: TAW_BrokenWings vs KillStic (walk over)
Match 10: *NOB*Smrtoljub vs TAW_ShadowFoxIIZI (walk over)
Match 14: TAW_Redacuragsr vs O_Smiladon (4-0)
Match 18: O_Wolfpac vs TAW_ShadowFoxIIZI (4-2, TAW_FuriousFury replaced by TAW_ShadowFoxIIZI)
Match 22: *NOB*Birdstrike vs Lizard (4-3)
Match 26: <51P>Seetricks vs TAW_FiveNine (walk over)
Match 30: Dr. Goose vs TAW_tkid (4-1)

Match 33: <51>holimoli vs SF_Ocelot (walk over)
Match 34: <51>Shaman vs *NOB*Wepar (walk over)
Match 35: Plaiskool vs TAW_BrokenWings (walk over)
Match 36: <51>Rage vs 71st_AH_db (walk over)
Match 37: *NOB*Smrtoljub vs WinchesterDelta1 (walk over)
Match 38: *NOB*Shark vs TAW_Coxy (4-0)
Match 39: TAW_Panthir vs TAW_Redacuragsr (4-0)
Match 40: <51>Breakshot vs TAW_OverG (4-1)
Match 41: O_Wolfpac vs <51>Frostie (4-3)
Match 42: TAW_Petkov vs *NOB*Aries (4-0)
Match 43: SF_Bushmanni vs *NOB*Birdstrike (4-0)
Match 44: 104cdt_Junior vs TAW_Funkafett (4-0)
Match 45: 104th_Stuge vs <51P>Seetricks (4-0)
Match 46: TAW_RedcoreSix vs F99th-Davison(walk over)
Match 47: F99th-Sweeper vs Dr. Goose (4-0)
Match 48: Taccoz vs ladyboy (ladyboy cancelled)

Match 49: <51P>Holimoli vs <51>Shaman (4-1)
Match 50: Plaiskool vs <51>Rage (4-2)
Match 51: *NOB*Shark vs *NOB*Smrtoljub (walk over)
Match 52: <51>Breakshot vs TAW_Panthir (4-1)
Match 53: TAW_Petkov vs O_Wolfpac (4-1)
Match 54: SF_Bushmanni vs 104cdt_Junior (4-0)
Match 55: 104th_Stuge vs TAW_redcoreSix (4-0)
Match 56: F99th-Sweeper vs TaccoZ (4-1)


Match 57: Plaiskool vs <51P>Holimoli (4-1)
Match 58: <51>Breakshot vs *NOB*Shark (4-0)
Match 59: SF_Bushmanni vs TAW_Petkov (4-0)
Match 60: 104th_Stuge vs F99th-Sweeper (4-0)


Match 61: Plaiskool vs <51>Breakshot (4-0)
Match 62: 104th_Stuge vs SF_Bushmanni (4-0)

Match for 3rd place:

Match 64: SF_Bushmanni vs <51>Breakshot (4-1)


Match 63: 104th_Stuge vs Plaiskool (6-0)


Match 1: <51>Frostie & <51P>Seetricks vs O_Smiladon & O_Wolfpac (4-0)
Match 2: *NOB*Smrtoljub & *NOB*Aries vs TAW_SeraphimGrey & TAW_Coxy (4-2)
Match 3: 104th_Stuge & SF_Razer vs TAW_Redacuragsr & TAW_Petkov (4-0)
Match 4: TAW_BrokenWings & TAW_ShadowFox vs F99th_Davison vs F99th_Gabriel (walk over)
Match 5: SF_Ocelot & SF_Bushmanni vs TAW_SkyCap & TAW_Overdude (4-0)
Match 6: *NOB*Wepar & *NOB*Shark vs TAW_OverG & TAW_Panthir (4-1)
Match 7: F99th_Sweeper & 104cdt_Junior vs TAW_FiveNine & TAW_FuriousFury (walk over)
Match 8: <51>Rage & <51>Breakshot vs TAW_DarksydeRob & TAW_Alephro (4-1)


Match 9: <51>Frostie & <51P>Seetricks vs *NOB*Smrtoljub & *NOB*Aries (4-1)
Match 10: 104th_Stuge & SF_Razer vs Baz & TAW_Shadowfox (4-0, WesLoeffer replaced by Baz)
Match 11: SF_Ocelot & SF_Bushmanni vs *NOB*Wepar & *NOB*Shark (4-0)
Match 12: F99th-Sweeper & 104cdt_Junior vs <51>Breakshot & <51>Rage (4-2)

Match 13: 104th_Stuge & SF_Razer vs <51>Frostie & <51P>Seetricks (4-0)
Match 14: SF_Ocelot & SF_Bushmanni vs 104cdt_Junior & F99th-Sweeper (4-3)


Match 15: 104th_Stuge & SF_Razer vs SF_Ocelot & SF_Bushmanni (4-0)

Links to tacview and track files:

Server 1:…C0taXNtQ3VFMDQ
Server 2:…C0zY3VQdmlVVTA
Backup Servers:…o68jZ-0aa?dl=0
104th Server first weekend:…gunTacview.rar
104th Server match 56:…1v1Match56.rar
104th Server match 60:…1v1Match60.rar

1vs1 – Official Tournament Brackets

2vs2 – Official Tournament Brackets

Who earned ranking points

Screenshot of the Tournament

DCS Eagle vs Flanker

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