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102TH Waves 1.1 Fred:funny fly Contact Light:Nice use of offsets to get your nose around for shot opportunities Logan54:gfs, thank you. [BFG] RaptorDad86:Awesome fights! Bonkizzle:Nice agressive fights. Gfs bro UdoMacha:gfs, thx Contact Light:Good, technical fights. Against an aircraft with markedly superior climb and sustained turn rate, I trimmed for best L/D and tried to keep the range open as long as possible, but the F-5 is fragile above 500 KCAS. [BFG] RaptorDad86:Solid fights! Contact Light:Good fights and good long-range shooting! firstnafanya:That's was really lucky long-range) maxsin72:Thank you for the gfs! AWD:really good fights! 102TH Waves 1.1 Fred:very hard i see nothink after the merge Bonkizzle:Good fights.You must be pulling too hard if you keep blacking out AWD:GFSS!!! really good stallfights Phil:Gfs congrats, thx for games 102TH Waves 1.1 Fred:very funny with mig19... very fast fly [BFG] RaptorDad86:Solid fights! The Mig-19 is deceptively slippery, let's discuss when you a get a moment. Logan54:thank you for fights was not easy with fox2 at round 2 and 4) too much drag but fun still😉 like it Contact Light:Good fights!

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Ranked #1 for a total of 6 times
Ranked #1 for a total of 6 times

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Your Fighter Pilot Career Starts Here

Aerial combat has always had a special place in warfare. Fighter pilots are seen like apex predators, a rare breed of elite humans who qualified to operate the most advanced and demanding war machines made by mankind. Fighter pilots are said to sit at the top of the kill chain and for good reason.

Situational Awareness celebrates Aerial Combat in its entirety but Basic Fighter Maneuvers or BFM holds a special place in our community as it stands out as its purest form. Pitting two pilots against each other in a close aerial turning fight, the winner is usually the one who has a superior understanding of the intricate yet incredibly beautiful art of dogfighting!

Whether your a newbie player or a real-life aviator, flying here and performing under the pressure of Ranked Battles against other players from around the world will challenge and improve your skills while deepening your understanding of the sublime art of Aerial Dogfighting.

I have yet to meet a pilot who is an above-average BFM pilot, but struggles in other mission sets.


“Black Belt — A white belt that never quit.” – UNKNOWN

The Dojo is the name of our Discord community server. The name ‘Dojo’ was chosen because our gaming concept is very close to how real martial arts dojos operate and we also use a belt system for grading our members whenever they achieve a milestone.

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Skynet is our built-in Discord-based application that makes The Dojo and Situational Awareness fully integrated.
It is one of the finest Discord bots ever built for a gaming community. With its plethora of features and functionalities, Skynet will be at your service to make your Dojo journey a very special one. Below are a few of what we have to offer with many more exciting goodies in the pipeline.

The Skynet application is always evolving as we continuously work on new features to improve your gaming experience even further.


Hey, Flanky here. Welcome to Situational Awareness!
Military combat, especially air combat has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I can recall my 4 year old self mimicking battles with my jets, tanks and boats figurines. This mysterious attraction has never really left me and as I grew older, I discovered gaming and then combat flight simulations! One thing taking me to another, I enjoyed programming but also sports and martial arts.
What started as a small fan site back in 2012 has evolved over the years and it’s been exciting to witness first hand how far an inner fire can take you especially when backed by a passionate community.