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UdoMacha:Gfs, thx! Contact Light:Practice pays off! Looks like you're on your way to a black belt. Rage White:Great fights buddy! Tough match for sure! [BFG] Gruntlife03:Congrats in the W! New sheriff in town Contact Light:Good game. As usual, situational awareness matters. 102TH Waves 1.1 Fred:good fight when i can see... but ... not all the time... snifff [BFG] Gruntlife03:Great job keeping the 2c flow. I'll be more prepared next time 🙂 pogo:Merci Acrux, je sais que tu reprends et du coup je reste sur mes gardes pour les prochaines fois 😉 Logan54:gfs YarKaz:Thanks for fights! Sharkfin:great fight for surt, a strong start.. getting closer in the later round.. good luck in that su27 Rage White:Great fights! Always a tough fight against you! maxsin72:Gfs as always, thank you!! Logan54:Wow my 1st win with Pogo. After 3rd round you tune your skills and it became another game lol) Thank you for fights 👏 pogo:Thx very hard and interrseting fights !! I must learn many things after see Tacview 😉 AWD:gg tier 3 black belt

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8355 points in The DCS Rankings

We take care of crafting your story in the virtual skies.

A season based competition system.
26 seasons and counting…

Get your own dedicated career page which updates every time you play a ranked match. Example here

A fully-fledged pilot ranking system that tracks your results over the last 12 months in order to assign you an SA official ranking. Example here

A purposeful martial arts-inspired belt grading system to reward your progress every step of the way. Our competition arena is called The Dojo for a reason! Fully explained below

PvP (player vs player) and TvT (team vs team) competition ready.
Create your squadron/team dedicated page here.

We do both leagues and tournaments. League example here. Tournament example here.

We can help you!

Hey, if you stumbled upon this place, chances are you have seen Top Gun and dreamed about being a fighter pilot!
Thanks to the amazing advancements in gaming technology, anybody today, can experience the thrill of aerial dogfighting usually referred to as BFM! We will show you the ropes, how to get your gaming rig ready, how to set up your simulator and walk you through your first steps as a virtual fighter pilot!

Join the Air Combat Dojo.

Kick off your fighter pilot virtual career, see how you stack up against other players and unleash the Ace within!
We do understand that real life comes first so we won’t be hijacking your weekends, you fly and compete when you can.
join our growing Discord community (The Air Combat Dojo) to request your free account and interact with the other members!


The Air Combat Dojo

“Black Belt — A white belt that never quit.” – UNKNOWN

The Dojo is the name of our community Discord server. The name ‘Dojo’ was chosen because our gaming concept is very close to how real dojos operate and we also use a belt system for grading our members whenever they achieve a milestone in their respective careers.

The Dojo is fully integrated with this website through our Discord bot, hence it’s imperative to join the dojo in order to be able to use this website as a competitor.

Meet Skynet

Our 24/7 autonomous bot

Skynet is our built-in Discord-based application that makes The Dojo and Situational Awareness fully integrated.
It also offers a wide array of features related to managing and participating in our competitive events.

Our Skynet has not become self-aware yet but it has reached a development state where our players can now fully manage their careers directly from the awesome Discord platform. The Skynet application is always evolving as we continuously work on new features to improve your gaming experience even further.

About The Founder

Hey, Flanky here. Welcome to Situational Awareness!
Military Simulation, especially air combat has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Then a few other things like computer skills and a taste for competition, martial arts and sports were thrown into the mix. That’s how this website came about.
What started as a small fan site back in 2012 has evolved over the years and it’s been a wonderful and fulfilling journey where I learned a lot.
That said, nothing could have been possible without the passion and the support of the community, so a big thank you to everyone who has been sharing the virtual skies with us.