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We create and organize top-grade online competitions using the most iconic MilSim video games.
Our journey started with Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) and one of our initial acts was the establishment of a year-round computer ranking system that provided fair analysis of a player’s performance.
The SA Rankings kicked off in 2012 and has continued through today as the world rankings for virtual combat pilots and squadrons flying and fighting online.

Since our inception in May 2012, we have successfully run 32 Major PvP Events with the participation of 7863 Players. Our tournament and related web pages have been viewed 2,938,616 Times by 171,270 Unique Visitors and generated 16,832,518 Clicks throughout our website. These numbers have been achieved with DCS only and are expected to expand exponentially as we plan to add more MilSim video games to our competition league.

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Latest on Thu, 09:08 pm

SA Staff: We have received your update and your profile has been amended accordingly.

Hafody: Just tried the pilot registration again still a no go,

SA Staff: Hi Hafody, your profile has been approved and added to the list, thank you!

Hafody: The pilots registration database not accepting new pilots

SA Staff: Please send inquiry to and we will assist you.

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