Red Flag 4 Hitting the new Nevada Theater for DCS World!



16th of January 1900z: Warm up and testing session
17th of January 1900z: Official battle
DCS theater: NTTR
Battle duration: 3 hours – One life per pilot
Open slots (challenger side): 30 – first come first served
Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server
TeamSpeak Address:
TeamSpeak password: phoenix
Prize Pool (Provided by the 104th Squadron):
1st place = $50 + F-15/Su27/Mig29 Tshirt
2nd place = $30 + F-15/Su27/Mig29 Tshirt
3rd place = $20 + F-15/Su27/Mig29 Tshirt
This prize pool may expand soon!
Counting for SA rankings: Yes

The 2016 Red Flag event calendar gets under-way in collaboration with the 104th Phoenix, 51st Bison, Fighting 99th and TAW Squadrons. This time the fight in its 4th iteration will be for the first time over the deserts of Nevada as both sides go head to head in a 3 hour battle of attrition.

As in our previous Red Flag PvP events, the fight will oppose an Aggressor force consisting of 15 pilots from a mix of 104th, 51st, F99th and TAW to a 30 pilot strong Challenger coalition.

The map is currently being worked on and will be released to the public as soon as possible.

The rules will be the same as in our previous PvP battles and are available to read here:…hp?f=39&t=2816

Sign up is open to Squadrons and lone-wolfs, however, there is a quota of 4 slots for any one squadron from the challenger side with the possibility to field two pilots for the same slot flying each an hour and half, so technically a squadron would still be able to register up to 8 members.

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we will operate a reserve list for the event of pilots not showing on the night.

Due to the early release of Nevada, stability is not something we can take for granted in its alpha stage. Therefore a warm up/testing session could be scheduled on the day before the official battle in order to double check the solidity of the game with the new NTTR theater.

We have been receiving great feedback already from our testing partners reporting an already much better stability overall; this is obviously a great sign so we may well be setting off to a great evening of action-packed air combat.

Red Flag 2016, what’s to come…

In 2016 we hope to build on last years success by pulling more Squadrons to take part as Aggressors and Challengers and increasing the overall client number taking part in the event.

As Nevada matures into a stable platform to host more complex missions on we intent to incorporate more intense air to ground objectives. However in its early days of 2016 the competition will be limited to Air to Air.

It’s hard to predict when we can make more realistic objectives possible while hosting 50+ clients in the NTTR however the long term goal for Red Flag is to do just that, but for the time being 15 vs 30 Air to Air will be the standard format.

2016 will also feature prizes for the top 3 Challenger side pilots after each event, ranging from DCS Modules, T-Shirts, memorabilia and cold hard cash! Additional prizes will also be given out at random to members of the Challenger side who stand out during events!

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