TAW’s Caucasus Flag TvT Campaign Kicking Off Soon!

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To all DCS jocks, we’ve got exciting news for you! TAW, our long-time partner, are launching a new TvT campaign for DCS World on November 26th – that is going to be a Saturday and the meet up time on TeamSpeak has been set to 1600 Zulu!

You read it right, it is a campaign and not a one-time event. This means results from round 1 like captured airbases…etc will be carried over to round 2.

Story-line is about a shaky truce between two long standing enemies that got broken when Blufor took over Gelendzhik in a surprising attack while most of Redfor’s air force was performing far away up north in their annual national air show. Before their could react, Gelendzhik had already fallen.

On one hand, we’re going to have angry armed forces from the Red nation going full guns blazing to smash the intruders and force them out of their motherland.

On the other hand, Blue forces will try to reinforce their positions and push deeper into enemy territory by capturing more strongholds.

This exciting first round of Caucasus Flag will be a full blown territorial control battle and whichever team captures more bastions before the 3 hour mark will win!

As far as human-controlled assets go, there will be 12 air-superiority jets , 8 bombers and 4 combat helicopters available to each team.

In the air-to-air department, we will have the ever popular East vs West setup meant to bring some nice dissimilar air combat tactics into the game as the F-15C Eagle will only be available to Blue side whereas the MiG-29, Su-27 and Su-33 will only be driven by Redfor pilots.

To spice things up even more, there will be a restriction on available weapons to foster closer, more exciting fights, therefore the list below will be a no go:

– AIM-120B/C
– R-27ER/ET
– R-77
– KH-58
– All CBU bombs

Moreover and for the first time, we are going to introduce a new 15mn no-fly penalty concept – every time a fighter is lost or every 2 times a striker is lost or every 3 times a helicopter is lost, the player will have to wait 15mn before respawning. This is meant to keep the players on their toes and mindful about their aircraft while allowing reasonable room for aggressive tactics and teamwork, especially for more vulnerable air frames like bombers and helicopters.

Since this is a competitive TvT event that is going to be sanctioned by SA-SIM, best performances will count towards the SA Rankings! Criteria will be the usual confirmed kills, pilot status and mission status. We will also reward helicopter pilots with additional air-to-ground points every time they have deployed assets on the battleground be it troops or units!

For the full briefing of this event and the complete set of rules that will govern it, you’d want to visit TAW’s website here:

If you have 3 hours of free time on November 26th and would like sign up for either side, you’ll need to click below, that will take you to the event registration form – fill it out, submit and prepare for battle!

If you have any questions or comments, here is the thread on ED forum:

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