SA Tour 2013 – Operation: Phoenix’s Nest

This event was cancelled, you may want to check out our past battles archive.


A-10C 373rd_Chrico, 373rd_Daredevil
KA-50 373rd_Petritis, 373rd_Geo
SU-27 113rd_Silver, 113rd_Talos, 159th_Axion
F-15C 373rd_Panthir, 113rd_=GR=HUNTER
2x MIG-29S SFAL, DanielNL
Ground Commander 373rd_Greg
TOTAL : 12


F-15C NFI_651/bird-1, NFI_101/bird-2, NFI_107/bird-3, NFI_131/bird-18,NFI_790/bird-28, 138th.Jack, 138th.Torri
SU-27 138th.Zombie
SU-25T GROF.Olympus
1xA-10C [82nd]Ike, FREE SLOT
Ground Commander [82nd]Ghost0815

*”Phoenix’s Nest” is the first 2013 event of the SA Online Tour for DCS World.
The main goal is to gather virtual Squadrons as well as lone-wolves from the DCS multiplayer community with the aim to create a realistic battlefield scenario opposing 2 main coalitions where each side will have to achieve one or several tactical goals in a limited period of time in order to claim victory.

Test Run : 24th of May (Friday) 18:00 zulu time
Official Sortie : CANCELLED

Registration Deadline : 23rd of May

May 2014 : After heavy diplomatic pressure with respect to the issue of Abkhazia recognition, the Georgian*government*decided a limited yet unexpected military intervention in the region in an effort to show determination.
This act triggered a strong and immediate military reaction of the Russian side forcing Georgia to back off immediately. NATO, fearing Russia to take the opportunity to counter attack by digging deep into Georgia’s territory, stepped in by taking immediate supportive position to back up Georgia’s routed forces.
After 5 days of combat at the city of Ochamchira and enormous pressure from the United Nations, the two sides agreed on a ceasefire and back down at the Russian-Georgian borders. Nevertheless, heavy military presence in the region remained a great threat to the already precarious ceasefire.

November 2014
Despite the ceasefire, the situation in Abkhazia remains very unstable. In addition to the endless battle of words and nerves, both sides decide to move observation satellites right over the conflict zone. The situation starts to slip out of control and ceasefire seems on the verge to be broken.
Sure enough, few days later, a Russian patrol makes a surprising move by opening fire on Georgian troops…

Current frontline is right at OCHAMSHIRA city, satellite surveillance reports additional enemy troops approaching from both sides, whoever controls the city in the few upcoming hours will get the upper hand and secure a decisive position before enemy reinforcement arrives.
Primary task is to Capture Ochamchira city within 2 hours!

Thanks to surveillance satellite, a very detailed picture of the battlefield is available for download. Air, naval and ground forces must synchronize their actions to take control of the city: Once you sign-up for the event you will have access to the mission and to the planning rooms.





-Phoenix’s Nest is a PvP multiplayer event (Players vs Players as opposed to Players vs AI aka coop missions)

-Each coalition can operate with minimum 6/ maximum 10 pilots and ground commanders.

-Detail of the available slots and respective DCS module needed to play is as below:*
Su-25T: DCS World vanilla
F-15C, Su-27S, Su-33, MiG-29S, Su-25A, A-10A—-> Flaming Cliffs 3
A-10C—–> requires DCS: A-10C Warthog*
Ka-50—–> requires DCS: Ka-50 Blackshark
Ground Commanders will operate with (requires DCS: Combined Arms) :
30 Heavy armor units
20 Lighter armor units with TOW capabilities
20 armored personnel carrier units
10 Artillery units
8 Short Range Air defense units*

Both coalitions will have to start with same number of units. However, during preliminary tactical preparation, each side can go for *a customized arsenal by picking the units they feel will suit their tactic best. Please check inventory below.*

Ground units selection Pool*

-Teams will earn/lose more or less points depending on their ground units type selection.
(For example if a team chooses Leopard 2 as a heavy armor unit, they will lose less points if they lose units but they will have to fight harder against more powered units such as T-80’s)

– Mission duration will be 2 hours. 10 to 15mn before the end of mission, all surviving players will be instructed to RTB and land on respective home base in order to collect and validate all earned points. Failure to land before time runs out will count as MIA (Missed In Action).

– Each participant can re-spawn once only, meaning that if you get KIA (killed in action), you will get a second chance. You can select the same slot again or go for a different one. The purpose of the one extra life rule is to compensate the relative low number of players which is inherent to the fact that DCS World, in its current state, is not able to handle large scale multiplayer sessions with sufficient stability. This way we will more likely have an action-packed frontline throughout the mission. Each loss (KIA or MIA) means that points will be taken away. Please see point system breakdown below.

– CTD’s (Crash to Desktop) / Disconnections: Each player can request a reconnection if computer/simulator crashes if not under attack, engaged or damaged at the time of the technical issue. Otherwise, it will count as a loss.

– Rules Of Engagements: Weapon free. Base rip, vulching allowed. (Bases will have SAM umbrellas though for autodefense).

– A team kill will result in instructing the offender to RTB immediately, land, park, shutdown engines and suffer a penalty of 15mn.
In addition, a reckless team kill will count as an own loss. Post mission track investigation can help determine whether a team kill was due to reckless behavior.

– No Show penalty : Please make sure you can attend the event before signing up. If for whatever reason, you can’t make it on D-day, make sure to cancel your booking at least 48 hours in advance to allow other players from the wait list to jump in on time.

– All players need to meet an hour before the start of the mission on 373rd TeamSpeak at :
A password will be given to all participants and a warm-up session will run for 15mn before the official start to allow players to do their final adjustments and make sure all is ready to go.

Coalition Victory/Loss/Draw conditions:
The team that captures Ochamchira city within 2 hours wins . If Ochamchira remains neutral the session counts as a draw and in that case the team with best overall score wins.

Individual scoring

Air to air points:
Fighter : 20 points
Bomber/Helicopter : 10 points
Rankings :

Air to surface and ground battle points:
Check Ground units pool next to “KILL”.

Please note that a year-round Ground Commander official SA rankings will be created for the 1st time at the conclusion of this event as an addition to the already existing SA air to air rankings and SA air to ground rankings.*

Bonus points:
main points X [ 2 IF SURVIVED (0 if not) + 2 if own side wins (0 if not) ]

Surviving the mission and ending up on the winning side will give each a bonus coefficient of 2 that will be used to get the bonus standing during conversion to SA points.

Callsign: your official MP callsign (will eventually appear on SA Rankings)
SA Forum Username: Needed to get access to planning rooms and to the mission file – register if needed at:
Squadron : Lonewolf eventually
Unit to operate: choose your aircraft OR pick a Ground Commander slot.

Ground units Type – Select your desired Units to operate from the Ground unit pool above (For Ground Commanders ONLY)
Heavy armor unit :
Lighter armor unit:
APC unit :
Artillery unit :
Short Range Air defense unit :

Preflight Checklist:
a) Update to latest version of DCS World.
b) Uninstall any mod that could potentially conflict with the server’s Integrity Check.
c) Switch Tacview recording off.
d) Give priority to frame rate over high texture for the duration of the match (You may want to : switch to medium preset – remove canopy scratches – ensure cockpit lights are off…)
e) Run a Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter
f) Reboot your computer
g) Check your router signal strength, reboot if necessary and inform other users not to reset it.
h) Keep your CPU and memory dedicated to DCS: Do not run unnecessary applications or browsers in the background.
i) Set DCS connection settings to LAN

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