SA Battles Round One: Impressive performance from Spade and HiJack

SA Magazine is proud to announce the launch of ‘SA Battles’, a new Multiplayer combat league starting this month as a SA Rankings official T.M.C event (Tactical Mission / Campaign).

SA-Battles were created to give the multiplayer community more events and the chance to work as part of a large scale organized coalition with realistic objectives and missions.

Events will be split into 2 different formats.

First is the traditional Red vs Blue with both teams having equal air and ground assets just like previous OPFOR events.

The second format will mirror real world Red Flag operation as close as possible with an outnumbered RedFor taking on an extremely capable BluFor. Outnumbered Redfor is aka the Aggressor or Adversary squadron. RedFor pilots for the Red Flag events will be selected based on the SA rankings as a way to ensure that, although outnumbered, they can rely on a roster made of highly skilled pilots!

The event missions will be large scale and engineered to replicate modern day air war objectives. Both sides in all SA-Battle events will be fully complimented with EWR and AWACS assets from the off. We have chosen to steer away from the traditional ‘Target Area’ set up for SA-Battles, instead the ground war will exclusively focus on the SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defence)assets and EWR stations. The ‘air war’ is all about total air supremacy over friendly ground stations and the protection of AWACS and Tanker assets, this results in both teams having to plan very carefully in the assignment of CAPs and managing the number of aircraft available during the 4 hour competition.
Red and Blue sides will both be lead by a Force Commander (FoComm) the selection of the FoComm will be done on an application basis through the new SA forum.
Complete Article on our Forum (Signup deadline on 18.10.2012)
Current Roster

Mission Scoring

5 points for human fighter
3 points for human bomber
2 points for AI aircraft
Strela = 3 points
Igla = 2 points
Shilka = 3 points
T-72 = 3 points
High Value Target = 15 points


Callsign Mission Score Pilot Status Battle Flight LogsEvent Rank SA Points Bonus Rating Bonus Rank Leverage Total Points
104cdt_Spade15OKVictorykill =WRAG=Wolk-904 (Su-27) with AIM-120B
kill Manfrez (Su-27) with AIM-120B
kill =RAF=Luft415[1218] (F-15C) with AIM-120C
=UVAF=Prok13OKVictorykill =RAF=CBuHKa[1230] (Su-27) with AIM-120C
kill =36=Viking (MiG-29S) with AIM-120C
kill =36=Pelmo (Su-25T) with AIM-120C
=UVAF= Peter[404]12ExitedVictorykill =36=Gaanalma (MiG-29S) with AIM-
kill =RAF=Denchik[133] (Su-25T) with AIM-120C
kill Pilot #4 (IL-78M) with AIM-120C
kill Pilot #10 (IL-78M) with AIM-120C
104th_RIPTIDE11OKVictorykill =RAF=Ferryman[1223] (Su-33) with AIM-120C
kill =RAF=Muffler [1259] (Su-25T) with AIM-120C
kill =RAF=Denchik[133] (Su-25T) with AIM-120C
<51>Soviet5OKVictorykill =RAF=Maestro[1203] (Su-27) with R-73 (AA-11)530020530%390
=RAF=Maestro[1203]5Shot downDedeatkill =UVAF= MAD_MAX[401] (F-15C) with R-27ET (AA-10D)
kill 104cdt_airbat (Su-27) with R-73 (AA-11)
<51>X-man0OKVictoryhit plane A-50 with R-27ER (AA-10C)71504620%180
=UVAF= GregOzby[430]0Shot downVictorykill =WRAG=OSA (Su-33) with R-73 (AA-11)12352116%37
=UVAF= Shura[488]0Shot downVictorykill =RAF=Vatel[1277] (F-15C) with R-27ET (AA-10D)12352116%37
104cdt_airbat0Shot downVictorykill =RAF=Eugen[1221] (Su-33) with R-27ER (AA-10C)12352116%37
=WRAG=Sparco=8930Shot downDefeatkill =UVAF= Bond[474] (F-15C) with R-27ET (AA-10D)1235019035
=WRAG=OSA0Shot downDefeatkill 104th_IRONMAN (F-15C) with R-73 (AA-11)1235019035
Bolt-3Shot downVictorykill Pilot #6 (A-50) with AIM-120C1802116%0
=UVAF= Ramzes[415]-5CrashedVictoryNone1902116%0
104th_IRONMAN-5Shot downVictoryNone1902116%0
=UVAF= MAD_MAX[401]-5Shot downVictoryNone1902116%0
=UVAF= Bond[474]-5Shot downVictoryNone1902116%0
=RAF=Vatel[1277]-2Shot downDefeatkill =DW=Schtuzer (Su-25T) with AIM-120C17001900
=RAF=Ferryman[1223]-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=RAF=Luft415[1218]-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
Manfrez-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=RAF=CBuHKa[1230]-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=36=Gaanalma-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=RAF=Eugen[1221]-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=WRAG=Wolk-904-5Shot downDefeatNone19001900
=36=Viking-10Shot downDefeatteamkill =36=Luigis (F-15C) with R-77 (AA-12)33001900
Zart Arn0NANANo Show (15% Penalty)34-652NANANA-652
VAO*Zoky0NANANo Show (15% Penalty)34-852NANANA-852
VAO*Vecko0NANANo Show (15% Penalty)34-753NANANA-753
=WRAG=Bukhoy0NANANo Show (Penalty pending)340NANANANA
=2IAE=CrashBG0NANANo Show (Penalty pending)340NANANANA
=RAF=David_As0NANANo Show (Penalty pending)340NANANANA


Callsign Mission Score Pilot Status Battle Flight LogsEvent Rank SA Points Bonus Rating Bonus Rank Leverage Total Points
HiJack28CrashedVictorykill vehicle 3 x Strela-10M3 + 2 x SA-18 Igla-S manpad + 5 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka + T-72B 11000521100%2000
=RAF=Muffler [1259]6Shot SownDefeatkill vehicle 1 x Strela-10M3+ 1 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka + 1 x T-72B 27500440%1050
=RAF=Brodiaga[1255]6CrashedDefeatkill vehicle 2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka + 1 x T-72B 27500440%1050
=DW=Wizard_VVS0ExitedVictoryNo Kills44002275%700
=DW=Schtuzer-3Shot SownVictoryNo Kills502275%0
=36=Pelmo-3Shot SownDefeatNo Kills600440%0
=RAF=FAB999 [1249]-3CrashedDefeatNo Kills600440%0
=DW=Omny0NANA Fouled : re-spawn after crash landing (kills canceled + Warning)200NANANA0
=RAF=Denchik[133]0NANA Fouled : re-spawn after being shot down (kills canceled + Warning)200NANANA0
=VAO=Ledeni0NANANo Show (15% Penalty)17-133NANANA-133
=WRAG=Dominion0NANANo Show (Penalty pending)170NANANA0

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