Relive The Action From the F-5 vs MiG-21 Grudge Match With Ramsey

For those who missed the first round of the F-5 vs MiG-21 Grudge Match series and for those who were there and would like to relive the action and the awesome live stream and commentary put together by Ramsey.

I have to reckon that this was one of the best DCS live streams I have ever had the chance to watch. Ramsey provided an excellent coverage of the battle. The sore throat you may notice towards the end of the video is the undeniable proof of his commitment to making this event as much enjoyable as possible.

Battle-wise, it was fierce! MiG pilots prevailed as they were much more coordinated and used more effective tactics. A few 51st PVO pilots were flying MiG’s and have greatly contributed to the success of Team Fishbed through using their proven multi-ship tactics.

Team Tiger put up a great fight despite the recent release of the F-5, which means they had not had enough time for practice on top of having to deal with the burden of a broken AIM-9 missile.

All in all, it was a great show to watch, Ramsey delivered an excellent live stream and commentary, pilots showed great sportsmanship and fighting skills, viewers who tuned in interacting through live chat andcheering up the pilots, all of which gave rise to a great vibe.

Here is a small portion of the video and a link to Ramsey’s YT channel for those who would like to watch more of it.

Round 2 has been set for Saturday 17th of September, will Team Tiger step up to the plate for payback now that the AIM-9 has been fixed or will we see another domination of the MiG-21?

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