51st PVO Regiment Victorious In SATAC 2013

Splash One !Here we are, SATAC 2013 is over but the name of the champions will resonate in the DCS skies forever: the 51st PVO Regiment!

Winning this championship is a great achievement but it’s how they did it that makes their triumph even greater.
The Bisons came back from 1 round down to win the confrontation twice against experienced NFI pilots and their F-15’s. The first time, it was in the 2nd round and then they managed to do it again in the final game. NFI pilots proved to be very tough opponents who simply won all their other matches in an emphatic fashion. The rivalry was not only between the pilots, but also between the Flanker and the Eagle. The everlasting debate about which fighter jet is better than the other has already been written about extensively, though in the FC3 battlefield, most agree on the F-15C having the edge in BVR combat, at least on the paper. Nevertheless, the 51st managed to clinch the victory proving their undeniable superiority as individual pilots and as an Su-27 combat squadron. They remain undefeated after 25 international matches since their inception in December 2007 which is an absolute record in the Lock-On/DCS history.

Review all the action, results and statistics on the SATAC 2013 official page.
Check out SATAC 2013 related SA points breakdown at: http://sa-sim.com/?page_id=6296.

Pilot Feedback

Hello Gents!

First of all, the 51st would like to thank everyone involved in making this event a great success! Especially Flankerator, the SA Magazine and NFI for making it happen! Cheers!
It was a great experience for all involved and we had great fun! Our Cadet team also got a good baptism of fire courtesy of UVP and 36th.
A lot to be learned from this combat experience and certainly a lot to be improved on our end. It is clear that A2A combat has changed drastically since FC1/2 days with the new missile modelling.
The 27 is certainly a big underdog vs a fully fledged F15 squad, however playing to its strengths and most of all good teamwork and coordination was the key to our success.
We are already looking forward to the next one!
Thank you to all who participated.
A lot of excitement and adrenalin to the last moment.
I’m happy that we managed to fight of the most experienced air to air squadrons in DCS.
Was not easy, that can be confirmed by me as one of 51st pilots – <51>Teknetinium
Hi guys!
Thanks a lot for great event and pretty good organization by SA
Thanks a lot for all squads and members for exciting battles and obtained experience.
Good luck and have fun and see you on next online events! – =UVAF=Prok
Congratulations to 51st !This evening is so hard for us ,we have used all our missiles and fuel, at last we have to use our guns.
FC3 is not perfect now and there are many bugs for Su-27, so I think this SATAC is really hard for all Su-27 pilots this time.
Congratulations again and we look forward to next SATAC.
Many thanks to Flanker,too, you have do so much and everything will not happen without your effort – NFI_651/bird-1
Hello pilots!
It has been thrilling event for all of us. Best thanks to all squadrons participating.
I do hope to see SATAC 2014 being even more awesome.
It has been great journey for 51st “Bisons” PVO since our inception back in Dec 2007. Winning SATAC 2013 is a milestone in years of our squad’s effort to discover high potential in our trusty rusty simulated Flanker and working tactics.
Cheers – <51>Shaman

2 Responses to 51st PVO Regiment Victorious In SATAC 2013

  • First of all congratuletion to the winners, nothing happens by chance!!!
    SATAC 2013 has been my first partecipation to this kind of events, wonderfull.
    I’ve flown with the Mig 29S and i’m enjoyed in spite of it’s poor operative range.
    I want to thank the Organizing Committee and Flankerator for this opportunity; and a special thank to Gaanalma, the Leader of the 36 Stormo Virtuale, our Leader, so…..nothing happens by chance!!!
    Besr regards – =36=Eircog

  • Hello Erico, it was great to have you guys among the participating squadrons. Looking forward to seeing you on the next one which I expect to be even more awesome. S!

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