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Joint Warrior 2: Operation Quarterback

Here we go! After our successful first round of the Joint Warrior battle series, we are back for more action and pleased to announce the sequel that we codenamed ‘Op Quarterback’, a name that is self-explanatory as strategy and tactics will once again be key to success.
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The Medius Network: Official Partner & Host of ARMA 3 PvP Battles

We are extremely proud to team up with the Medius Network, our very new partner. The Medius Network is a professional organization owning high-end gaming-dedicated servers operating mainly in ARMA 3, where volunteer administrators create cutting edge, unique and rock-solid online missions. Each mission goes through extensive testing before release.
Each server is dedicated to a specific genre of ArmA play including both cooperative and force on force and anything in between. All servers work together to create a diversified ArmA experience for all tastes and levels.

The SA journal will be looking at organizing large-scale ARMA 3 PvP battles in association with the Medius Network. Subsequently, a new dedicated player rankings system will be created for ARMA 3 along many other exciting features, which we will announce soon.

Our community has a good picture of what an air-battle feels like, ARMA 3 will be taking the action onto the ground, at close quarters where no ejection seat could help. Breath-taking battles will be on the menu, live and post-action full coverage will be given in the most impressive fashion.

Situational Awareness and Medius Network strongly believe the ARMA 3 events will satisfy both partakers and spectators and make them come back for more.

SA Journal Branching Out Into B.I’s ARMA 3

arma3_logoAs planned and previously announced on our 2014 road-map letter, we are now setting foot officially into the world of ARMA 3, the award-winning modern shooter from Bohemia Interactive.

With Over 1 million copies sold worldwide, Arma 3 is set in a massive military sandbox and brings players to the Mediterranean islands of Altis (270 km²) and Stratis (20 km²) where you are deployed in open singleplayer combat – or sent into co-operative and competitive multiplayer battle online. The in-game editor lets you create your own scenarios, and share it with your friends via the Steam Workshop. The modding community, of course, is also very active – developing custom weapons, vehicles, outfits, missions, game modes, and much more. There is also the massive €500,000 Arma 3 content creation contest where fans from around the globe deliver their best work, taking ARMA 3 to the next level.

PvP-wise, ARMA 3 comes with no capped player limit, allowing for massive player vs player operations across the vast expanse of The Republic of Altis and Stratis. In the new Seize and Defend game modes, players can choose to compete against each other in a race to the finish. There are some impressive features available for ARMA 3 servers such as the Headless Client. It is actually a dedicated client machine whose the sole purpose is to reduce significantly the strain off the server for maximum stability and performance.

In ARMA 3 ZEUS , you can also assume the role of game master and influence the online battle in real-time. Wielding an intuitive real-time editor, you can invent new stories, challenges and locations on the fly! The result is always unique, always dynamic combat – for both Zeus and, especially, those with boots on the ground.

At SA journal, we are proud to have ARMA 3 standing side by side with DCS as two of the very best military simulators in today’s market. We are confident ARMA 3 will be a key addition that will contribute greatly to providing our community with the best PvP online action and virtual modern warfare careers.

ARMA Screenshots

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DCS F-16 Aerobatics Video From “Slamraam”

Check-out the latest video from the now very popular DCS video editor Slamraamprod, better known as ‘Slam’.
Beautifully shot and edited, it features the Virtual HAF “Zeus” F-16 Demo Team in a magnificent fashion.
This is the kind of videos that makes you dream of a Viper module from DCS developers.

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