=RAF= Hosting DCS:A-10C Championship

Initially Posted by =RAF=AfkMan via ED Fourms Dear friends, I suggest to everyone to attend the first event dedicated to the DCS: A-10C for the title of “Best pilot A-10C” The tournament organized by the =RAF=A-10C instructors and will be held on our server from 19th November to ….(until it finishes) Who wish to participate can leave your application below. Rules of the tournament can be found below. Let the strongest win!!! The contest includes three parts: Part 1: Your route includes two waypoints – start point and the first target. After the destruction of the first target you will receive next coordinates in text mode at the top right of the display. There will be granted 4 points as a coordinates. The coordinates of the first objective will be shown participant for 60 seconds. The remaining 3 – 30 seconds. The task – destroy all targets for a minimum amount of time. Destruction and control of time will be carried by the server track and TacView record. Wins the fastest and most accurate. Part 2: Cold start from the parking. 35 targets are situated around the runaway. Take off as quickly as you can and kill them all. Participant with the largest amount of kills wins. Part 3: If after the second part will not be the winner – the leaders will face in the guns only battle. 4 AIM-9M and full cannon payload. No rules! Just kill him! Rules 1 life. Not allowed to shoot other participants. Not alloweed to kill planes on ground. In case of disconect or other errors you’ll take another(last) try with the last groups. Also it’s not allowed to change payload and change fuel quantity. Simultaneously on server will be 5 members. Depending on the number of applicants participants will be shared into equal groups. All participants will start simultaneously at different airports. Hot start from the runaway. The objectives are arranged in such a way that the trajectory of the participants would not intersect. You need to be in our TeamSpeak at least in 10 minutes before start. Latecomers – not permitted(except if you warned). It’s forbidden to insult other members in the chat and the TeamSpeak. If so – you’ll be disqualified. Method of scoring for the first part: Destroyed the first target – +1 point. Destroyed the second target – +5 points. Destroyed the third target – +10 points. Destroyed the fourth target – +15 points. Destroyed the fifth target – +25 points. Did not allow fire to himself – +6 points.(There meant that no one was shooting to you) Plane is not damaged – +4 points. Plane damaged – -10 points. In case of equal quantity of points between participants wins the fastest. Additional rules for part 2: Participant, which started movement first, obliged to steer to the takeoff position prior to the first taxiway on the main course to take-off 040. It is forbidden to overtake the front running aircraft. Movement is allowed only on taxiways. For an intentional collision of aircraft on the ground – guilty will be disqualified and the mission is restarted. Participation applocation form: If you want to take part in tournament please provide the following information: 1. First Name, Second Name 2. Nickname(all days tournament, you can not change nickname) 3. Approximate flight experience on the A-10 4. Your age 5. Languages you can talk Place your application forms here.

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SA Staff: We have received your update and your profile has been amended accordingly.

Hafody: Just tried the pilot registration again still a no go,

SA Staff: Hi Hafody, your profile has been approved and added to the list, thank you!

Hafody: The pilots registration database not accepting new pilots

SA Staff: Please send inquiry to staff@sa-sim.com and we will assist you.

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