Luftwaffe & Royal Air Force Square Off In A Grudge Match.

The Grudge Match Series has come back for another epic battle in DCS World!
This time around, Hook will take you to the heart of a 6v6 epic aerial battle that will oppose the recently released Spitfire backed by the P-51 Mustang to Luftwaffe’s dreaded Me109 and Fw190.

This epic match will take place in the Caucasus map but will celebrate the upcoming release of the eagerly awaited Normandy map for DCS World as each member of the winning team will walk away with a free copy of this amazing Terrain, generously provided by DCS creators, Eagle Dynamics!

We are very proud to have Eagle Dynamics on board as an official sponsor and we will do our very best to provide our viewers with an action-packed showdown on Saturday, February 18th from 1900z live on Twitch!

As in the previous Grudge Match, both teams will be sharing one common target area so the main task for all contestants will be to attack enemy assets while protecting friendly ground troops.

Here are a few eye candies of the upcoming Normandy map, which is still work in progress. Every player from the winning side will be provided with a free copy from Eagle Dynamics upon release.

How to participate as a pilot

burning-skies Contestants will be chosen and invited based on their results after a qualification stage that will run on Burning Skies server from the 1st to the 10th of February! If you are an aspirant to flying one of the 12 available warbirds on D-day, you’ll need to show us what you are made of when it comes to WW2 air combat skills by flying on Burning Skies PvP Server.

Stats are automatically captured and saved on Burning Skies server so all you’d need to do is to give it your best shot for 10 days. At the end of the qualification stage, we will shortlist and contact the best pilots to offer them a slot in the main roster. Our aim here is to simply make sure that all contestants are chosen based on merit and skills so that we can provide our viewers with a great and entertaining show.

We will have in the hangar 4 x Spitfires, 2 x Mustangs, 4 x Me109’s and 2 x Fw190’s up for grabs so we strongly recommend sticking to your favorite plane throughout the qualification stage as that will also show on your stats.

You can join Burning Skies through DCS MP interface or directly via IP

How to watch

This match will be broadcast LIVE on Hook’s Twitch channel (Link on the poster) and all you’d need to do is to tune in. We can also send you a reminder, and a couple of ways to get it is to subscribe to SA and/or Hook’s Twitch channel.

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