Combat Air Patrol Over Nevada With Bushmanni

dcs_f15_combat air patrol
Here are a few great videos of Red Flag 4 from our Friend Bushmanni, leader of the SF squadron and one of the very best DCS pilots in the world! For more details about RF4, you can check out the complete After Action Report here:

I’ve personally enjoyed an effective yet concise radio communication, good mastery of radar employment, a great sense of situational awareness in many tricky situations and a solid teamwork display. You will also be able to witness a high level of geometry control when engaging the bad guys in beyond visual range, slick maneuvering and overall just plain mastery of the F-15C Eagle in a combat air patrol sortie. It comes as no surprise that Bushmanni is currently #2 in the air-to-air rankings!

For those of you who are not familiar with the avionics of the F-15C Eagle, the image at the top of this page may help:

Here we go, I hope you will enjoy riding along with Bushmanni, he managed to splash two bandits while helping his buddies score their own kills on two occasions and also survived the 3 hour grueling battle and made it back home safe.

I’m sure many will find these videos helpful in widening your knowledge of the F-15C Eagle and honing your tactics for a fully fledged force on force battle like Red Flag.

Bushmanni got more videos from past events that you can check out on his YT channel here:

For those of you who might have a question regarding these videos, please do not hesitate to post in the comment section below, we would be happy to help.

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