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Burning Skies’ Bf-109 Open After Action Report

bf109_stuge_1v1open Whether it’s a state of the art combat jet or a prop fighter from WWII, it doesn’t seem to alter Stuge’s domination in BFM!

Burning Skies’ first PvP event offered some great action with eight Me-109 pilots squaring off for a chance to win a Tacview Pro license and bragging rights!

This competition ran on a double elimination format, meaning that each participant had a chance to play again after loosing first match. The roster was a mixture of western and eastern pilots with the participation of reigning DCS air-to-air world number one, Stuge.
We had also Croncat in the house, recent MVP of the last F-5 vs MiG-21 Grudge Match event.

The Me109, also called Bf-109 is a German World War II fighter aircraft that was the backbone of the Luftwaffe’s fighter force. It was interesting to see how DCS pilots would handle her in a 1v1 scenario.

Stuge was obviously the man to watch after winning the last two Top Gun tournaments in an emphatic fashion aboard his dreaded black F-15C Eagle from the 104th fighter squadron. With that being said, The Eagle and the Me109 are very different machines, and wondering whether Stuge would pull it off in a prop plane tournament was therefore a valid question.

The competition proved to be very stiff and Stuge had to work hard from the very first rounds. He almost lost against a relentless Maler in the big finale as score was 2 rounds a piece when both men squared off for a tie breaker.

Maler seemed to have the upper hand, getting almost his guns to bear before both Messerschmitt’s collided, which forced the round to be replayed! It’s hard to say whether the mid-air collision was an accident or provoked by Stuge as a last ditch effort to stay in the match but in all cases, what an unbelievable twist that was as it gave Stuge an unexpected recovery.

Now with the fight restarting on neutral terms, Stuge appeared more determined and aggressive from the initial merge, gaining angle by angle in the grueling nose-to-tail turning fight that ensued; Under increasing pressure, Maler ended up making a costly mistake after he went vertical while Stuge was pressing for the kill.
Stuge did not miss the opportunity and took out his adversary after scoring direct hits with his cannon, literally snatching one of the biggest victories of his career from the jaws of defeat and most importantly, brought his new BFM winning streak to 16 victories against no losses since his first appearance in Top Gun 2.

Very few other players could really threaten Stuge in past BFM events but just like Maler, they could not emerge victorious no matter how tight the margin was at the end – it seemed like Stuge was always one step ahead and able to prevail even when the odds were stacked against him.

Video of the FINAL FIGHT: Stuge vs Maler

This is a breathtaking fight for survival between two highly skilled DCS pilots that know how to push the 109 to the edge of the enveloppe. It’s also nerve-wracking as both players need to stay aggressive but cool-headed at the same time with almost each round exceeding the 5mn mark.
The proficiency of Stuge and Maler in the 109 are closely matched and there is simply no room for error! Let me have the pleasure to invite you to feast your eyes on it and maybe share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

If you’re keen to watch other fights, you’ve got to head over to Eekz’s Youtube channel, there were some other really intense battles that are definitely worth a watch!


Amazing and flawless organization from tournament director and Burning Skies server provider and manager, Eekz. If you own a WW2 DCS module and would like to take her for ride, try Burning Skies server; Eekz is running some interesting missions in there and he is also very responsive to feedback from the community so if you have suggestions, let him know on ED forum. Eekz is also one of the very few DCS server owners that runs a live player statistics page that enables you to track all kinds of relevant data when you fly on Burning Skies server.

Many kudos go to Virtuoz for providing free Tacview Pro licences to the top 3 participants. Tacview is a must have for every flight simmer, it’s being constantly upgraded with new features and it has now the ability to feed you with live data as the mission unfolds. The interface and 3D objects have also been dramatically improved to the point where you can almost think you’re watching a game of its own rather than an ACMI track.
There are currently 3 different versions: the Free version, Home edition then the Professional edition, make sure you check out all 3 before you decide which one suits you. Obviously if you want total access to all features, then the Pro version is the way to go! if you havent got Tacview yet, you’re denying yourself a valuable tool that would help you analyse your sorties in great depth and make your flight simming experience 10 times better.

Tacview Recordings

Speaking of Tacview, here is where you can download the ACMI of every single fight of the tourney!



Player Scores

This shows the score of every participant.
Ranking points are awarded to those who have won at least one round. Withdrawing from the competition also means forfeiting all points regardless of whether there were victories or not.

Pilot Stage Reached
SA Points Eligibility
Match Won/Lost Round Won/Lost
Eligible for Ranking Points
4 / 012 / 4
FF*MALER*10Runner up
Eligible for Ranking Points
3 / 210 / 9
159BAG_MambaThird Place
Eligible for Ranking Points
2 / 28 / 7
FF*McLOUD*74Semi Finalist
Eligible for Ranking Points
1 / 24 / 7
CroncatRound 1
Eligible for Ranking Points
0 / 22 / 6
Did not meet requirements
0 / 11 / 3
Did not meet requirements
0 / 10 / 3
Did not meet requirements
0 / 00 / 0

SA points Allocation

Now we need to reward top performers (eligible to ranking points). Click any row to unveil more data and for a comprehensive explanation about how rankings points are allocated, click on the FAQ button below.

Callsign Event Period SA Points Squadron at the time of the event Type Tournament Grade Event Position SA Points Bonus Position Leverage Total SA PointsDrop DateEvent Victory
104th_StugeBS-109 1V1 OPEN10/20161000104th Phoenix SquadronSTTLD15001100%10002017-11-01yes
FF*MALER*10BS-109 1V1 OPEN10/2016656Firmament Fighters SquadronSTTLD2375275%6562017-11-01
159BAG_MambaBS-109 1V1 OPEN10/2016375159 BAG SquadronSTTLD3250350%3752017-11-01
FF*McLOUD*74BS-109 1V1 OPEN10/2016200Firmament Fighters SquadronSTTLD420000%2002017-11-01
CroncatBS-109 1V1 OPEN 10/2016150Independent PilotSTTLD515000%1502017-11-01

Milestones and Breakthroughs

Not only Stuge is still firmly in the lead of the SA air-to-air Rankings but he has widen the gap after his victory in Burning Skies’s 1v1 Open as well as a positive performance during Round 2 of the GM series.
With now over 7000 points lead over the competition, Stuge is almost certain to dethrone his fellow squadron mate, Maverick in the race for the longest stay at the top of the A2A Rankings as only one month separate the two at the moment…
Stuge is also top 104th squadron player as well as top Finnish player. Needless to say that it’s mostly because of Stuge’s outstanding performances that both his clan and country comfortably lead respectively in the Squadron and Country rankings.

Other players have also been in the spotlight lately; Croncat is now in the top 15 DCS players after giving the best performance of GMS2. Croncat is also now the leading German DCS player.

Maler, the man who gave Stuge a run for his money in the finale of the Me109 1v1 competition moved up to the 24th place in the rankings and alongside McLOUD, brought the Firmament Fighter squadron to the 7th place of the Squadron rankings.

GRUDGE MATCH SERIES Round 2 After Action Report



Round 1

The match kicked off on a slow pace imposed by Team Fishbed as they surprisingly kept circling over their base in what seemed to be an attempt to draw their opponents into their own airspace. However, the F-5s chose to stood off on the outskirts of Sukhumi to gauge the situation until Tiger went on the offensive in a courageous attempt to attack the enemy AWACS; he sneaked in behind enemy lines and before the MiGs realized what was going down, it was already too late as Tiger hit his target twice with a pair of Sidewinders forcing the AWACS to go for an emergency landing.

It seemed though as Tiger was able to escape the angry MiGs but got entangled in a one vs many furball where he got shot down by an R-60 missile fired by Frostie. Tiger, however, had given his team the upper-hand through cutting team Fishbed’s AWACS out of the equation, thus depriving them from valuable tactical intelligence for the rest of the fight.

Moments later, Rage went alone against 4 F-5s led by Stuge. Despite surviving the first merge after exchanging fire, Rage seemed to be unaware of Manzanita’s presence who took him out with a AIM-9 shot.

More MiG pilots turned up moments later, then furious turning fights ensued with tracers flying all over the place before Manzanita, once again, positioned himself for a perfect kill, this time over Teknetinium. 3-1 to Tigers!

The furious furball continued with Scoops firing 3 R-60s that all missed Custard before Croncat appeared to support his wingman. Tony Kito also tried to gun down Custard while he was himself under Manzanita’s fire who always seemed to have an impeccable timing. Noticing the tracers flying past his canopy, Tony finally squeezed that R-60 off the rail taking out Custard before getting himslef blown out of the sky by a very effective Manzanita who had at that time already 3 kills under his belt!

Scoops tried to escape the carnage but Croncat gave chase before sending an AIM-9 up his tailpipe. The furious furball was over, all MiGs were shot down against one loss for team Tiger. The F-5’s lead 5-2!

Round 2

Both teams gathered their forces in preparation for the second wave. With the Fishbeds now down 5-2, they had no choice but to attack and sure enough they scrambled, flew past Gudauta though with Frostie seemingly having issues with his connection, there was only four of them taking on 5 Tigers.

Teknetinium and Rage soon found themselves merging with Stuge and Manzanita. Unexpectedly, Stuge poked out of the furball first chased by Rage who was also being targeted by Manzanita and Teknetinium was also there on Manzanita’s six o’clock. Stuge Got splashed first not long before Manzanita answered with his second kill on Rage and 4th overall then gave everything he had to shake a furious Teknetinium off his tail, dodging multiple tracers and an R-13 missile before conceding his first loss. The MiG’s had the last word this time around but it wasn’t over as more fights were still raging nearby.

Custard had the perfect angle as he unleashed a curving AIM-9 shot that blew Scoops out of the sky but then got jumped by Teknetinium who retaliated with an R-60 shot that took Custard out of the equation. This second exciting and massive furball came finally to an end as Tiger crashed into the ground and Croncat bugged out of the fight. The Fishbeds dominated this time around and leveled the score! 6 kills each!

Round 3

The next round kicked off with a fast and easy kill for Custard over Rage. A few moments later, Stuge sprang on Scoops and sent him down in flames with a devastating flanking attack.
It was about time for team Fishbed to fire back if they were to stay in this match and it’s Teknetinium who slid right behind Manzanita before taking him out with an R-60 while being under extreme pressure as he was himself targeted by Custard who was furiously spraying tracers on him, though Tek was able to break hard left and get out of immediate danger as wingman Frostie turned up all guns blazing forcing Custard to let go for the sake of his own life. Frostie refused to relinquish his grip on Custard until he scored his second kill of the match to level the score at 8-8!

So much on the line at that moment of the match and it’s Stuge this time around who screamed past the sound barrier before taking Teknetinium by surprise, killing him, then turned his attention towards Frostie who then defended himself ferociously, which allowed him to buy enough time before Tony kito closed the distance and downed Stuge who had gotten a bit target-fixated. Frostie and Tony dropped their guards after downing Stuge, which gave Croncat the perfect opportunity to retaliate for Stuge through sending both MiG’s down in flames for 2 critical points as team Tiger was up 11 kills to 9!

Round 4

The 3rd furball was finally over and with the clock ticking past the 3/4 mark, there was still just enough time for one last round! Aware that they were down by 2 kills, the Fishbeds roared towards Sochi at full speed in an attempt to take the F-5s by surpsise before they could even take off. They almost succeeded reaching the outskirts of the enemy base before three F-5’s got airborne! A furious fight ensued…

A bold Teknetinium was again the first one to attack as he fired 4 missiles at Tiger but they all missed as Tiger defended aggressively…Tek gave chase and as he started shooting with his cannon, got hit and teamkilled by Scoops, who seemingly thought he was shooting at an F-5! disaster for team Fishbed who were then down 12-9!

Moments later, Tiger crashed into the ground trying a split S with not enough altitude as he tried to shake off his pursuer off his tail. 12-10 in favor of the Tigers!
Stuge appeared again and in a lightening attack, managed another flanking fatal attack and this time, it was at the expense of Tony Kito! 13-10 for the F-5’s!

Hope was not lost and the MiG-21 pilots were still fighting tooth and nail – Frostie behind Manzanita trying to take him out and with emotions running high, got target-fixated and failed to notice the AIM-9 that Custard sent his way for team Tiger’s 14th kill!

But it was not over yet! Rage swung back around and got a good angle at Custard, took him out with a R-60 but that left him vulnerable to Manzita who fired an AIM-9 up his tailpipe! 15-11!

Team MiG-21’s last man standing, Scoops, had an almost impossible mission as his team was down by 4 kills and he was alone against multiple F-5’s – he did not shy away and gave it his best shot but got killed by a relentless Croncat and that was the last kill for Team Tiger, which also wrapped up a well deserved victory in this epic second showdown of the Grudge Match Series – Final Score: 16-11!

What a match! One should remember that fighting in the MiG-21 or F-5 is much more demanding in terms of pilot proficiency and skills compared to more modern combat jets like the Su-27 or F-15. This is simply because of the limited sensors the pilots have at their disposal, which doesn’t allow for stand off engagements. Pilots are forced to get much closer to the enemy, which also translates into less reaction time to threats and higher difficulty in spotting them early enough.


Big Kudos to all the brave pilots who fought tooth and nail in this exciting match. A massive thumb up goes to HOOK, the creator and organizer of the Grudge Match series for his excellent commentary and coverage of the event.

This PvP competition could not have become what it is today without the support of all the sponsors, so a big shout out and our genuine appreciation to Leatherneck Simulations who are our valuable prizepool providers and creators of the fantastic MiG-21 DCS module!

We would also like to thank our friends over at Maple FLag Mission who generously provided all winners with cool t-shirts! Massive kudos go to Airdog and the Black Knights squadron for their top-notch hosting machine and valuable help in organizing the event and finally SA-Sim for their sanctioning and support!


Flown by: Stuge, Manzanita, Croncat, Custard, Tiger
Flown by: Tony Kito, Scoops, Frostie, Teknetinium, Rage


stay tuned

if you’re keen to watch the next stream, which we promise will be even more awesome, the best thing to do is to subscribe to Hook’s Twitch and Youtube channels. We will also post a heads up over here at SA-SIM, so make sure you subscribe to our news feed.
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Official Battle Logs

Use the search box below to filter out any participant, jusy type in desired callsign or even a fraction of it; clicking ‘+’ gives access to additional data.

BATTLE ATTACKER VICTIM WEAPON Attacker Points Target PenaltyKill Share Pilot 1Kill Share Pilot 2 Report
GMS R2<51>Frostie – MiG-21bis FishbedTIGER – GR_Tiger – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Manzanita – F-5E Tiger II<51>Rage – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Manzanita – F-5E Tiger II<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Tony Kito – MiG-21bis FishbedCustard – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Manzanita – F-5E Tiger IITony Kito – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Croncat – F-5E Tiger IIscoops – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Manzanita – F-5E Tiger II<51>Rage – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2<51>Rage – MiG-21bis Fishbed104th_Stuge – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Custard – F-5E Tiger IIscoops – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedManzanita – F-5E Tiger IIManeuver Kill50-50Manzanita crashes while being chased by Tek who gets credited with a kill
GMS R2Tony Kito – MiG-21bis FishbedTIGER – GR_Tiger – F-5E Tiger IICannon50-50Tiger crashed while being engaged by Tony Kito who gets credited with a kill
GMS R2<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedCustard – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Custard – F-5E Tiger II<51>Rage – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2104th_Stuge – F-5E Tiger IIscoops – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedManzanita – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2<51>Frostie – MiG-21bis FishbedCustard – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2104th_Stuge – F-5E Tiger II<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedAiM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Tony Kito – MiG-21bis Fishbed104th_Stuge – F-5E Tiger IICannon50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Croncat – F-5E Tiger II<51>Frostie – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Croncat – F-5E Tiger IITony Kito – MiG-21bis FishbedCannon50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2NA – NAscoops – MiG-21bis FishbedNA0-50Scoops gets a loss for committing a teamkill over Teknetinium
GMS R2<51>Teknetinium – MiG-21bis FishbedTIGER – GR_Tiger – F-5E Tiger IIManeuver Kill50-50crashed into sea while being shot at by Tek who gets credited with a kill
GMS R2104th_Stuge – F-5E Tiger IITony Kito – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Custard – F-5E Tiger II<51>Frostie – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2<51>Rage – MiG-21bis FishbedCustard – F-5E Tiger IIR-60 Aphid50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Manzanita – F-5E Tiger II<51>Rage – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2Croncat – F-5E Tiger IIscoops – MiG-21bis FishbedAIM-9P Sidewinder50-50Straight PvP Kill
GMS R2NA – NA<51>Frostie – MiG-21bis FishbedNA0-50Crashed into sea
GMS R2NA – NACustard – F-5E Tiger IINA0-50Crashed upon landing

Target value scale

AWACS = 150 points
Fighter = 50 points

Pilot Scoring

This is a recap for each pilot’s individual score according the scale above.
Ranking points will be awarded to those who have a score greater or equal to 0 once the claiming period is over.

AIRCRAFT Kill-LOSS | ASSIST kills Points Losses Lost Points assists Assist Points
Eligible for Ranking Points
F-5E Tiger II
4 – 0 | 042000000
Eligible for Ranking Points
F-5E Tiger II
5 – 2 | 052502-10000
Eligible for Ranking Points
MiG-21bis Fishbed
4 – 2 | 042002-10000
Eligible for Ranking Points
F-5E Tiger II
3 – 2 | 031502-10000
Tony Kito
Eligible for Ranking Points
MiG-21bis Fishbed
3 – 3 | 031503-15000
Negative Score
MiG-21bis Fishbed
2 – 3 | 021003-15000
Negative Score
MiG-21bis Fishbed
2 – 4 | 021004-20000
Negative Score
F-5E Tiger II
3 – 5 | 031505-25000
TIGER – GR_Tiger
Negative Score
F-5E Tiger II
0 – 3 | 0003-15000
Negative Score
MiG-21bis Fishbed
0 – 5 | 0005-25000

Ranking points

To have a look at how many rankings points have been awarded to the best performers of this event, you need to click the button below, which will take you to the Result Breakdown Master Page – You will have a filter on top left hand corner that you can use to type in the name of the event you’d like to check out (in this case, type in ‘GRUDGE MATCH SERIES R2’). If the event is not there yet, it means SA points have not been awarded for that particular event yet and will be asap.


Some players re-spawned sometimes to skip the refuel/rearm process; this will not be tolerated next round and we will release a strict and complete rulebook to go by. Infringements will result in penalties.


Any participant who feels there is a mistake or omission that affect own score can claim it and we will look into it provided the claim has been submitted before the claiming countdown is over. One must review the ACMI that was generated by the hosting server (click green button at the bottom of the page to download) and make claims accordingly through specifying time of interest and the nature of his concern. One can also post evidence from a own ACMI if the server’s ACMI proved to be corrupted or inaccurate. There is a red button below that will take you to the claiming forum where you’d need to open your own thread to post your concern.
Here are a few examples of most common claims made by people who flew in past events – please remember that these cases are only most common occurrences; for more details please refer to respective Rulebook pinned at the top of the claiming forum (Red button below)

(1) Maneuver kill:
You fired on someone who crashed while attempting to evade your missiles or you were involved in a dogfight and your opponent crashed because of it. You can claim it here whilst specifying who was involved, at what time in Tacview and a description of the situation.

(2) Assist / Kill share:
Two or more pilots can share the same kill if they were all involved in destroying the target. Involved means having fired on the same target before it got hit and missiles or tracers were close enough. Missile from the second pilot must impact the target in a short period of time if the target was destroyed after the initial hit. There is no time limit if the target was still able to fly after the first hit.

(3)Claiming a scoreless run that is eligible for ranking points:
A pilot who did not score any direct points from kills, did reach the minimum flight time and was actively participating in the battle (not stalling)can claim it if we fail to notice it.

claiming countdown

Time left before claiming period ends:

Relive The Action From the F-5 vs MiG-21 Grudge Match With Ramsey

For those who missed the first round of the F-5 vs MiG-21 Grudge Match series and for those who were there and would like to relive the action and the awesome live stream and commentary put together by Ramsey.

I have to reckon that this was one of the best DCS live streams I have ever had the chance to watch. Ramsey provided an excellent coverage of the battle. The sore throat you may notice towards the end of the video is the undeniable proof of his commitment to making this event as much enjoyable as possible.

Battle-wise, it was fierce! MiG pilots prevailed as they were much more coordinated and used more effective tactics. A few 51st PVO pilots were flying MiG’s and have greatly contributed to the success of Team Fishbed through using their proven multi-ship tactics.

Team Tiger put up a great fight despite the recent release of the F-5, which means they had not had enough time for practice on top of having to deal with the burden of a broken AIM-9 missile.

All in all, it was a great show to watch, Ramsey delivered an excellent live stream and commentary, pilots showed great sportsmanship and fighting skills, viewers who tuned in interacting through live chat andcheering up the pilots, all of which gave rise to a great vibe.

Here is a small portion of the video and a link to Ramsey’s YT channel for those who would like to watch more of it.

Round 2 has been set for Saturday 17th of September, will Team Tiger step up to the plate for payback now that the AIM-9 has been fixed or will we see another domination of the MiG-21?

Shahdoh’s Campaign – Week 7 – Ceasefire Signed!

shahdohs ww2 campaign_blog size
The Allies Air Force has been decimated with one Mustang only still airworthy after Week 7. The mechanics work around the clock on 4 P-51 Mustang and 22 B-17 aircraft trying to fix what can be fixed before the next enemy raid hits. But how many units can they recover? First damage assessment says no more than 30 or 35% in the best case scenario, so that’s roughly 7 or 8 aircraft overall including 1 or 2 fighters at most. The situation is critical as without enough fighters many of the B-17’s could well fly for the last time next week…

The last Luftwaffe attack has also inflicted heavy losses to Allies industrial centers. Only 5 factories are still operating with a maximum production total capacity of 25, which is the meager equivalent of one fighter and one bomber.

With their back to the wall, Allies have no other choice but trying to repair and turn out as many aircraft as possible before the Luftwaffe hits again. The morale of the troops is very low, will we see a capitulation or will they keep on fighting to the last breath? Could a handful of Mustang drivers pull off an heroic performance and turn the tide?

The Luftwaffe has also suffered heavy losses as only 4 fighters are still operational after week 7 but that’s a 3 airworthy fighter and 5 bomber advantage over their foes and at this stage of the war, even a tiny upperhand can make the difference. Maintenance capacity is weak however compared to the Americans, and although 30 aircraft are being worked on, only 3 to 4 at most are expected to be cleared for combat by next week. Germans have also twice as much production capacity so they are looking to receive up to 5 brand new fighters or 3 new bombers for the next battle.

Overall, Axis forces seem to be in a better spot to win the war although because of their limited aircraft numbers, both sides will have difficulty dealing with the deadly Flak and AAA units, which will obviously be positioned around the remaining industrial centers. Both teams have invested heavily in Air Defense units since the conflict broke out so both commanders will have to carefully plan their attacks in order to preserve the few remaining aircraft in this war of attrition.

Breaking news: Ceasefire announced

Cease Fire!

This reporter has just found out that both commanders have agreed to a cease fire. Though it seemed the Axis had a bit of an advantage, they are not willing to risk anymore resources against the tenacious Allies. The Allied maintenance crews had pulled off some miraculous efforts in getting their damaged aircraft combat ready even though their industrial centers are down to about 25% capacity, so they are also no longer willing to lose anymore lives.

For now, this campaign is effectively over, with the Axis commander able to declare Victory by the narrowest of margins. – Shahdoh


Fighter Squadron Comparison as of week 7
Group/Side Fleet Size Damaged / Destroyed / Rebuilt Operational Units
Fighters/Axis40 20 / 26 / 104
Fighters/Allies40 4 / 46 / 111

Bomber Squadron Comparison as of week 7
Group/Side Fleet Size Damaged / Destroyed / Rebuilt Operational Units
Bombers/Axis30 10 / 18 / 35
Bombers/Allies30 22 / 12 / 40

MAINTENANCE CAPACITY Comparison as of week 7
Group/Side Fleet Size Damaged / Destroyed / Rebuilt Operational Units
Hangers/Allies10 0 / 10 / 77
Hangers/Axis10 0 / 11 / 43

Group/Side Fleet Size Damaged / Destroyed / Rebuilt Operational Units
Air Defense Units/Allies20 0 / 3 / 1027
Air Defense Units/Axis20 0 / 27 / 2619

PRODUCTION CAPACITY Comparison as of week 7
Group/Side Fleet Size Damaged / Destroyed / Rebuilt Operational Units
Resource Buildings/Axis20 0 / 14 / 511
Resource Buildings/Allies20 0 / 19 / 45
Week Axis Forces Allies Forces
1Classified (Fog of War)Let Me buy you guys a beer!
2Lucky StrikeYou don’t need all those guns!
4Sabotage!Let Me buy you guys a beer!
5Classified (Fog of War)You don’t need all those guns!
6Commander, I need those flak guns elsewhere!Get me those supplies NOW!
7Pray for good weather / Classified Classified

Mission Cards

Mission cards will be a way for each side to manipulate the battle field in some manner. Be it an unexpected boost in resource generation, weather manipulation, Intel about the other side, etc. They can be helpful for your side or possibly hurt the other side. Each mission card will be assigned a numerical value of 1-3 based on the strength of the card to possibly influence the mission. A side may play up to 3 points of cards per week and are turned in with their mission plans. 1 new mission card will be distributed to each side per week after the current weeks missions are over.

Example Card List(subject to change):

Lucky Strike – Bomber mission went better then we thought! 50% increase in damage done by the bombers, odd values rounded up. If the bombers didn’t hit anything, this will allow at least 1 target to be hit. Information passed to opposing side after mission end. Value: 3 points

Shell game – Resources the enemy thought they destroyed were actually relocated to another facility. 50% of the buildings destroyed are restored for free(numbers rounded up-see above). Information passed on at mission end. Value: 3 points

Pray for Good weather – Mission set to either clear or partly cloudy conditions with max winds being only breezy. Overrides other weather cards played. Value: 2 points

Pray for Bad weather – Mission set to windy/overcast conditions. Value: 1 point

Get me some supplies! – Supply convoy will attempt to deliver 20 points in additional resources (2 per truck if they make it to destination) the following week. Opposing commander will know of the convoys existence(not location) Vehicles will be set up to take approximately 40 minutes to get to destination. Value: 2 points

Get me those supplies NOW!!! – Supply convoy will attempt to deliver 20 points in additional resources in the current mission, Opposing commander will get last minute intel of its existence only. Vehicles will be set up to take approximately 40 minutes to get to destination. Value: 3 points

Formation problems – Bombers having problems getting in the air and getting formed up. Their start is delayed by 10-20 minutes. Affects the opposing side. Value: 1 point

Commander, I need those Flak gun’s elsewhere!!! – Commander is informed by superiors that resources he has are needed elsewhere to fight the war. Card is played to the opposing commander who must remove 2 flak units. Value: 3

You don’t need all those guns! – Commander is informed by superiors that resources he has are needed elsewhere to fight the war. Card is played to the opposing commander who must remove 1 AAA group. Value: 2

Surprise Attack! – We got the jump on them! Go get em!!! Commander gets to air start his fighters, start location of all aircraft must be within 20nm of their own airfield. Value: 3

I need options! – Get to draw 2 additional mission cards. Value: 2

Sabotage – Our infiltration team was successful, they were able to neutralize the target! Played against the opposing side who must lose the 30 points worth of designated resources. Value: 3

Miscommunication – Didn’t you say to be there at …. Opposing teams bomber formation is early. Starts 5-10 minutes closer then planned **Cannot be closer then 45nm to target (if used against a surprise attack, delays the bombers instead). Value: 1

Let me buy you guys a beer! – Maintenance does an outstanding job. Repair rates are at 90% for this week (repairs are determined after damage results tallied) Value: 2 points

Hanger Queens – Maintenance cannibalizes 1 aircraft *of same type* to repair another. Sacrifice the repair possibility of 1 aircraft so another is guaranteed repaired. Can be repeated as many times as you have paired aircraft needing repair for this week. Value: 1

Small changes to the rules are being applied on a regular basis, please make sure to check out the latest version beforehand.

Pilot A2A Performance

Pilots who finish the campaign with a score greater than or equal to null and having flown at least 2 sorties will be awarded with ranking points (SA points) at the end of the campaign and will show Qualified in front of their score.
In case of a tie, sorties, confirmed kills, probables and deaths will be used as tie breakers.

Pilot – Side Sorties – Confirmed Kills – Probables Bailed Out – KIA A2A Score
Wilzah – Axis5 – 6.0020 – 06.00 Qualified
BlitzPuppet – Axis12 – 6.1071 – 05.10 Qualified
Shadowfrost – Axis10 – 5.8344 – 01.83 Qualified
Jg33 {HVY}PlasticMatt477 – Axis3 – 2.75 – 00 – 11.75 Qualified
Jg33 EEEStrike – Axis2 – 1.00 – 00 – 01.00 Qualified
Jg33 Dallas48 – Axis2 – 1.0010 – 10.00 Qualified
AG51 SeaQuark – Allies4 – 1.5020 – 2-0.50
Jg33 TwoLate – Allies4 – 0.5041 – 0-0.50
AG51 MD44 – Allies2 – 0.50 – 00 – 1-0.50
Jg33 Thunderchiff – Axis8 – 3.33113-0.67
FlyguyF119 – Axis8 – 3.25513-0.75
Schweehog – Axis2 – 0.00 – 21 – 0-1.00
AG51 Kaydo – Allies2 – 0.00 – 00 – 1-1.00
AG51 Bushmaster – Allies1 – 0.00 – 00 – 1-1.00
AG51 Headhunter – Allies1 – 0.00 – 00 – 1-1.00
AG51 Razor – Allies8 – 0.501011-1.50
AG51 Bulldog – Allies11 – 2.001013-2.00
M1Combat – Axis10 – 0.00 – 40 – 2-2.00
AG51 Thud – Allies6 – 1.00 – 012-2.00
AG51 Sabot – Allies2 – 0.00 – 011-2.00
AG51 Duke – Allies2 – 0.00 – 00 – 2-2.00
AG51 Snooch – Allies4 – 0.00 – 20 – 3-3.00
AG51 Rooster – Allies8 – 1.00223-4.00
AG51 Animal – Allies8 – 0.00 – 10 – 4-4.00
AG51 Beagal – Allies5 – 0.50 – 00 – 5-4.50
Goose – Axis10 – 0.25624-5.75
AG51 Stubby – Allies12 – 0.00 – 137-10.00

Pilot A2G Performance

Pilots who finish the campaign with a score greater than or equal to null,having flown at least 2 sorties and scored at least 1 ground kill will be awarded with ranking points (SA points) at the end of the campaign and will show Qualified in front of their score.
In case of a tie, sorties, confirmed kills, probables and deaths will be used as tie breakers.

Pilot – Side Sorties – Confirmed Kills Bailed Out – KIA A2G Score
Wilzah – Axis5 – 0.000 – 00.00
Jg33 EEEStrike – Axis2 – 0.000 – 00.00
BlitzPuppet – Axis12 – 0.001 – 0-1.00
AG51 Animal – Allies8 – 3.000 – 4-1.00
AG51 Razor – Allies8 – 1.0011-1.00
Jg33 TwoLate – Allies4 – 0.001 – 0-1.00
Jg33 {HVY}PlasticMatt477 – Axis3 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
Schweehog – Axis2 – 0.001 – 0-1.00
Jg33 Dallas48 – Axis2 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
AG51 Kaydo – Allies2 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
AG51 MD44 – Allies2 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
AG51 Headhunter – Allies1 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
AG51 Bushmaster – Allies1 – 0.000 – 1-1.00
M1Combat – Axis10 – 0.000 – 2-2.00
AG51 Snooch – Allies4 – 1.000 – 3-2.00
AG51 SeaQuark – Allies4 – 0.000 – 2-2.00
AG51 Sabot – Allies2 – 0.0011-2.00
AG51 Duke – Allies2 – 0.000 – 2-2.00
AG51 Bulldog – Allies11 – 1.0013-3.00
AG51 Thud – Allies6 – 0.0012-3.00
Shadowfrost – Axis10 – 0.004 – 0-4.00
FlyguyF119 – Axis8 – 0.0013-4.00
Jg33 Thunderchiff – Axis8 – 0.0013-4.00
AG51 Rooster – Allies8 – 0.0023-5.00
AG51 Beagal – Allies5 – 0.000 – 5-5.00
Goose – Axis10 – 0.0024-6.00
AG51 Stubby – Allies12 – 1.0037-9.00

Interested in partaking?

MVP List

Click below to see who earned rankings points now that the campaign is over:


Top Gun 3 – Stuge and Razer Blast Past the Competition

tg3_banner_flares_medium Top Gun is a DCS online dogfighting tournament organized in association with the Art of Warfare squadron, the 104th Phoenix squadron and the 51st PVO Regiment in an attempt to provide DCS virtual pilots with a competitive environment that would allow them to practice BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and hone their skills in the art of dogfighting.

In this competition, participants go head to head in 1v1 or 2v2 formats trying to shoot each other down using short-range heat-seeking missiles and internal guns only.

After two successful rounds, Top Gun was back in its third edition featuring some of the finest pilots the DCS community has to offer:

Defending champion Stuge achieved an incredible performance by winning again both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments.
His first match in 1v1 against Teknetinium proved to be his toughest; Stuge managed to score a kill in the first round with an R-73 missile but failed to exit the combat station, which forced the round to be replayed.

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