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Situational Awareness – the virtual battlefield journal in association with the 51st PVO Regiment and the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter/Bomber Squadron
, proudly present OPERATION: JOINT WARRIOR.

This PvP, prized event is brought to you by Simpit Technologies, a leading company based in New Zealand specializing in extremely realistic projection solutions for simulation.

Prize Pool – simpit technologies

  • A2A best performer: One FREE 1,3m x 5,4m Trident HD 3 projection screen (value $1,500.00 NZD) – Shipping is NOT included. The shipping dimensions will be 42cm tube which is 132cm long.
  • A2A runner-up: 50% discount on same as above.
  • A2A 3rd place: 25% discount on same as above.
  • A2G winner: 50% discount on same as above
  • A2G runner-up:25% discount on same as above.
  • A2G 3rd place: free Thrustmaster Warthog extension

The Trident HD screen offers a HFOV of 270 deg and a VFOV of 110deg and the visual system runs frame rates up to 120 Hz.
The Trident HD screen can run on up to 3 standard DLP projectors. Needless to say this will redefine simulation and virtual reality.

All winners can claim their respective prize right away. Simpit Technologies will make the screens right away and it will take week or two for the screens to cure. The coatings are quite soft first few days.

Here’s a picture of the Trident HD screen:

And this is a demo video of a 6x full HD standard DLP projectors from BenQ (1920×1080), total resolution 5760×2160 pixels:


  • Scale: 7vs7 Knock out stages.
  • Date: Saturday June 28th at 19:00 Zulu
  • TeamSpeak gathering @ 18:30 Zulu ( – kickoff 30mn later
  • DCS VERSION: 1.2.8
  • Host: 51st PVO dedicated server
  • SAM threats: Multiple air-defense systems, from fully-fledged long range systems like the S-300 and Patriot, to several Hawk, Tor, Strela and Shilka air defense units.
  • AWACS: Available
  • Air refueling: Available
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: The objective for both sides is to establish air to air superiority at Bullseye and co-ordinate with the air to ground assets to strike the primary enemy airfield (Red Gudauta and Blue Sukhumi) once your side has control of the air.
    Therefore, strikers will take off from home base, make the transit to the hold airfield or holding pattern above it until they are called in by the fast air guys!
    One AWACS and one tanker aircraft will also be supporting your forces, make sure to protect those high-value assets.

Order Of Battle

Team 1
DanielNL – Kunz – 373vFS_TaliG – 373vFS_Greg – 373vFS_Chrico – 373vFS SPANKER

Team 2
– 104cdt_Blaze- 104th_Maverick – 104th_Spade – =238.lbae=Falcon – =36=Gaanalma – Slowhand – DanielNL

Team 3
=UVAF=Backfire – =DW=Omny – =UVAF=GregOzby – =UVAF=Voka – =UVAF=Recoba – =UVAF=MAD_MAX – =UVAF=Peter

Team 4
<51>Breakshot, <51>Frostie, <51>Teknetinium, <51>X-man, <51>Soviet – <51>Rage – <51>Camper –
<51>Shaman (Reserve)


Saturday 28 June at 1830z: Pre-flight general gathering (TeamSpeak:
Saturday 28 June at 1900z: Team 1 vs Team 2 (104th server)
Saturday 28 June at 1930z: Team 3 vs Team 4 (51st Server)
Sunday 29 June at 1900z: Final battle


  • Each battle maximum duration is 3 hours after which the team with the highest score will be declared winner.
  • If draw, the team with more survivors, having inflicted more damage to primary targets win.
  • Battle will stop if all anti-air defenses are wiped out at primary target.
  • One Life per pilot – If you get shot-down or crash your aircraft, you will need to exit the server. No second chance.
  • Follow your GCI operator’s instructions to the best of your ability.
  • Teamkilling out of recklessness will result in 100pts penalty for the offender
  • Ensure you save your track at the end as it may be requested in case of any dispute.


  • AWACS = 150pts
  • Tanker aircraft = 60pts
  • Battleship = 100pts
  • Fighter = 50pts
  • Striker = 25pts
  • S-300/Patriot = 80pts (whole battery)
  • Tor/Hawk = 40pts
  • Strela-10/Shilka = 6pts
  • Other vehicles and stationary targets = 1pt
  • A 100% bonus of the SAM value if at Gudauta/Sukhumi
  • Points up to 50% of the target’s value may be awarded to wingmen if the track/acmi proves that good and synchronized teamwork was behind the actual kill.
  • Team gets 100% of the target’s value in all cases and regardless
  • When shooting down AI air units while there is no or limited human opposition left, a pilot gets same % as remaining opposition (enemy fighters) with a minimum of 10% – ex: 10% of target value if 10% of enemy fighters left, 60% for 60% and so on…

Force Majeure

  • If the server crashes, the mission will be restarted. People that were still on before the crash will then rejoin and resume. Points scored before the crash will be retained. Mission will then run to cover the rest of the duration.
  • If you experience a CTD or any technical issue, you will have to inform the admin on TeamSpeak and ask for permission to rejoin. Further investigation may be conducted later on if there are suspicions on taking advantage of that, like disconnecting while under pressure or while damaged. if found guilty, a pilot will loose all his points.


Please make sure you can attend on the 3rd or 4th of May, mission will last at least 2 hours, also see what slots are still available before picking your aircraft.
Registration will be handled on ED forums exclusively. Here is the link where you will need to post your:

  • Callsign, as you want it to appear on the event’s results and SA rankings afterwards
  • coalition
  • Airbase
  • Aircraft
  • SA Forum username This is to add you to the battle planning room (Register if needed)

We may need to switch you over to a different slot if needed, and we will inform you in this case.
Best Of luck and have fun guys. Read carefully all of the above and if any question post a comment below.
To sign up, you will need to do it on ED Forums.

Planning Rooms

Once your application approved, you will be added to your team’s battle planning room. Strategy will be a decisive factor in winning this battle, so you will need to be aware of what your team has planned and contribute to that to the best of your ability.

You need to be logged in on SA forum in order to access your planning room, sign up if you don’t have an account. If you’re logged in and still can’t see it, then you will need to send me your SA forum username so I can manually add you to the list.

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