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The Dojo BFM Open series is a set of elimination-based tournaments (brackets) that will run in parallel of the now established league system starting from March 2024.

The new tournament module is now fully supported by Skynet, which means that the players will be able to manage their participation in these tournaments from the comfort of their Discord account.

The double elimination feature of these tournaments is also more beginner-friendly since losing would not mean exiting the tournament but rather getting to fight some one who also lost their fight at the same stage of the competition. These second chance fights would take place in the Redemption brackets. The winner of the Redemption brackets will earn the right to challenge the winner of the Main brackets in the championship round.


Aircraft Inventory: F/A-18C, F-16C, M2000C, JF-17, Su-27, MiG-29, F-15C, F-14B, AV-8
Fuel: worth of 5 min 30 seconds in full afterburner thrust at sea level.
Armament: Guns available in each round + 2 Missiles can be carried in 2 rounds of the player’s choice.
Missile Inventory: AIM-9M, Magic II, PL-5E, R-73.
Victory Conditions: To win a match, a player needs to win 3 rounds out of a maximum of 5.
*Full set of rules available at The Dojo Discord


Double elimination: Winners move onto next round, losers play each other in the Redemption brackets. Winner of the Redemption brackets earns the right to challenge the champion for the title!
Automated tournament management: Discord-based bot automatically updates the brackets and notifies the players.
Convenient scheduling: you and your opponent agree on when to fight.
Self reporting:Submit result to bot easily once match is done. All done on Discord.
Graduation and promotion:Track your progress Achieve new milestones and get promoted to the next Belt automatically.


If you are a Dojo member

    1 – Head over to #command-center channel
    2 – Run the /joinevent. command
    3 – Scroll down the menu and select TOURNAMENT – DCS BFM Open Series | 24-1
If you are not a Dojo member

    1 – Click Here to Join our Discord
    2 – Open a DM with Skynet(Look top right)
    3 – Run the /join command and follow instructions.

Size and Timeline

Registration Deadline: 28/02/2024. Brackets will be generated on 01/03/2024.
Maximum number of available spots: 32 – first come first served.
Minimum requirement for tournament to start: 8 players (including 3 Black Belts).