The Medius Network: Official Partner & Host of ARMA 3 PvP Battles

We are extremely proud to team up with the Medius Network, our very new partner. The Medius Network is a professional organization owning high-end gaming-dedicated servers operating mainly in ARMA 3, where volunteer administrators create cutting edge, unique and rock-solid online missions. Each mission goes through extensive testing before release.
Each server is dedicated to a specific genre of ArmA play including both cooperative and force on force and anything in between. All servers work together to create a diversified ArmA experience for all tastes and levels.

The SA journal will be looking at organizing large-scale ARMA 3 PvP battles in association with the Medius Network. Subsequently, a new dedicated player rankings system will be created for ARMA 3 along many other exciting features, which we will announce soon.

Our community has a good picture of what an air-battle feels like, ARMA 3 will be taking the action onto the ground, at close quarters where no ejection seat could help. Breath-taking battles will be on the menu, live and post-action full coverage will be given in the most impressive fashion.

Situational Awareness and Medius Network strongly believe the ARMA 3 events will satisfy both partakers and spectators and make them come back for more.

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Latest on Thu, 09:08 pm

SA Staff: We have received your update and your profile has been amended accordingly.

Hafody: Just tried the pilot registration again still a no go,

SA Staff: Hi Hafody, your profile has been approved and added to the list, thank you!

Hafody: The pilots registration database not accepting new pilots

SA Staff: Please send inquiry to and we will assist you.

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