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Simply put, the TFSU allows you to feel what is going on inside a computer generated world without putting a subwoofer under your ass inside a hard plastic seat. The TFSU is a tactile feedback seat unlike any other on the market. It is much more powerful than a very loud subwoofer, while making very little noise. Even when the TFSU is putting out its maximum possible feedback, all you’ll hear is the hum of its actuators, which most often can’t be heard over the sound your game is making.

The TFSU itself is a thick and durable seat cushion made of the highest quality fabric laminated polyurethane foam. It will fit in the chair you already use right now. Contained within the TFSU are 6 powerful electromechanical actuators, arranged in 3 pairs: one pair in the back section, one pair in the left leg section, and one pair in the right leg section. All three zones can function independently or in unison. By having three independent zones, games that support intellivibe can render things such as vector based gforce, acceleration and braking cues, direction-based incoming flak, and just about any other thing you can think of.

Our tactile feedback actuators use heavy duty industrial 26 volt Mabuchi DC motors. These are among the highest quality DC motors available on the planet. Each is expected to last for years of heavy use. Although it has not yet happened, if an actuator dies (which is highly unlikely), you can replace it easily within minutes. The TFSU allows access to its internal actuators through zippers on the back of the unit. The actuators connect with a simple clip connector. It is a very simple operation to replace a failed actuator. Alternatively, you can send in your TFSU for service, and we’ll do it for you. We should point out that it is likely you will never need to replace a failed actuator. If you do, however, you’ll find that the design of the TFSU was mindful of the possibility. We are with you for the long term! To Top

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