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Lockon has had a lot of great community events. LOCERF, BSS, CI, CWE, OPFOR to name a few. These events aim at having a realistic environment and none of them catch a real competitive feel on a squad-to-squad level as you are involved in large coalition. SATAC is not aimed at being very realistic, all flights will be flown in a very ‘clean’ environment (no SAM). The focus will be on coordination, pilot skills and, of course, winning.

There are 3 stages of the tournament, Group Stage, Semifinals and Finals. Each round must be completed within a specific time period. This means Squads can decided between them and their opponent when they should fly within this time period.

Example: Squad A vs Squad B in semifinals. Squad A cannot fly on 1st, so they talk to Squad B and decide to fly on the 3rd at 1234 GMT. For the next match, Squad C and Squad D can both fly on the 1st, so they set up their match on the 1st accordingly.

TIME OF EVENT: SATAC will take place over 17 days: POSTPONED

1st-15th: Group Stage

16th: Semifinals

17th: Third-place/Finals

If you intend to apply for a slot, you must read through the rulebook (see below). Each team should consist of at least 6 pilots, but preferably 8-10 in order to have reserves (pilots can rotate in the match so everyone gets to fly). One squad can post several teams, but pilots may not jump between teams.

TO APPLY: PM me with your Squad’s name, how many teams and name of the pilots that will join. (CLOSED)

APLICATION DEADLINE: I’ll take applications until March 5th OR until 16 teams have been signed up. (CLOSED)

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