Sierra Hotel – S.A.T.A.C 2013

Air combat simulation – Situational Awareness – SATAC 2013 – Sierra Hotel Index—>(kill=10, loss=’-10′, Assist (contributing to a kill)=5) / Squadron matches
Standing Pilot Squadron Index (Average Points per Match) Kill Loss Assist Points Squadron Matches Index (Average Points per Match)
1NFI_101/bird-2Network Flight Institute17.516731056
2NFI_790/bird-28Network Flight Institute15.01242906
2<51>Breakshot51st PVO Regiment15.01064604
4NFI_107/bird-3Network Flight Institute14.21021856
5<51>Soviet51st PVO Regiment13.8843554
6=UVAF= Peter[404]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force10.0852404
7<51>Teknetinium51st PVO Regiment8.8753354
8<51>Frostie51st PVO Regiment7.5862304
9NFI_665/bird-8Network Flight Institute5.8643356
10NFI_716/bird-21Network Flight Institute5.0642306
11=UVAF= Recoba [440]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force3.8443154
12=UVAF=ProkUkrainian Virtual Air Force2.5442104
12<51>Shaman51st Cadet Team2.511152
14=UVAF= Bond[474]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force1.335554
15NFI_651/bird-1Network Flight Institute0.846556
16=36=Gaanalma36th Stormo Virtuale0.077004
16UVP_AlexejVirtual Pilots Institute0.056203
16373rd_Talos373rd Phoenix VFS0.044002
16<51P>Gandalf51st Cadet Team0.033002
16<51>Camper51st Cadet Team0.033002
21NFI_841/bird-29 Network Flight Institute-1.7010-106
22=UVAF= Voka [455]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force-2.5120-104
22=UVAF= Backfire [456]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force-2.5010-104
22=UVAF= GregOzby [430]Ukrainian Virtual Air Force-2.5340-104
22<51P>Rage51st Cadet Team-2.5341-52
26UVP_MechanVirtual Pilots Institute-3.3340-103
26SVK_rocketdogVirtual Pilots Institute-3.3120-103
26=UVP= MartasHVirtual Pilots Institute-3.3242-103
29NFI_516/bird-22Network Flight Institute-5.0030-306
29SaburoVirtual Pilots Institute-5.0143-153
29373rd_HUNTER373rd Phoenix VFS-5.0120-102
29373rd_Daredevil373rd Phoenix VFS-5.0120-102
29373rd_Panthir373rd Phoenix VFS-5.0230-102
29<51P>Kunz51st Cadet Team-5.0120-102
35SVK_COBRAVirtual Pilots Institute-6.7240-203
35=UVP= StrikeRVirtual Pilots Institute-6.7362-203
35UVP_tinka369Virtual Pilots Institute-6.7460-203
38=36=Denny36th Stormo Virtuale-8.8151-354
39373rd_Geo373rd Phoenix VFS-10.0130-202
39373rd_Greg373rd Phoenix VFS-10.0020-202
39373rd_Silver373rd Phoenix VFS-10.0020-202
42=36=Scorpion36th Stormo Virtuale-12.5380-504
42=36=Lowlee36th Stormo Virtuale-12.5050-504
44=UVP= CopreXVirtual Pilots Institute-13.3260-403
45=36=Eircog36th Stormo Virtuale-15.0280-604
45373vfs_Chrico373rd Phoenix VFS-15.0030-302

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