SA Tour 2013: The DCS 1000 Endurance Race

DanielNL (MiG-29S),
=UVAF= Bond (Su-27), 138th.Jack (Su-27), =UVAF=Prok (Su-27), =DW=Wizard_VVS (Su-27 or A-10C), =DW=Omny (Su-27 or P-51)
Few free slots still available (Su-27 or MiG-29)





The DCS 1000 Endurance Race is Lock On Flaming Cliffs 3, DCS: A-10C Warthog and DCS: P-51D Mustang race multiplayer event.
The race is organized by 2nd Virtual Fighter Squadron =2IAE=, SA-Sim and kindly hosted by the 138th Virtuell Luftving (Norwegian Wing).

Structure and Rules:

The race is an objective based event with a total length of 1043 km. Pilots must complete the designated route by completing objectives along the way.
There will be separate classifications for each aircraft.

The allowed aircraft are:

– A-10A
– A-10C
– Su-25A
– Su-25T
– MiG-29S
– Su-27
– P-51D Mustang

Flight Rules, Checkpoints, Rearming, Refueling:

– Since all the pilots will be taking off from the same airfield, we advise you to be extra careful at the start. Each pilot’s time will be measured from the moment his gear is off the ground at the starting airfield.
– The route consists of 6 checkpoints, positioned at 6 airfields.
– Each Pilot must land at each checkpoint.
– Refueling and rearming at each checkpoint airfield is allowed.
– Refueling and rearming is done at the parking area of the airfields. Pilots will be sanctioned with added time to their total time for ignoring this rule.
– If a pilot is disconnected, PC frozen, DCS crashed etc., he is allowed to rejoin and start from the beginning. Sadly we cannot add airplanes on each airfield in order not to stress the mission and server.
– If a pilot destroys his airplane, he is not allowed to rejoin the race and must disconnect from the server.
– Shooting at opponents is forbidden.
– Taking off from taxiways is forbidden.


The objectives of the mission consist of ground targets positioned in 3 different combat zones around the route.
– Each Pilot must attempt to destroy at least 1 ground target.
– For each destroyed ground target, pilots will receive a time bonus which will be deducted from their final time.
– Since the 3 combat zones are placed in different terrain conditions and some are closer between the checkpoints, the time bonus received for destroying a ground target will be different for each combat zone.
– For Combat Zone 1, pilots will receive a time bonus of 20 seconds for each destroyed ground target.
– For Combat Zone 2, pilots will receive a time bonus of 15 seconds for each destroyed ground target.
– For Combat Zone 3, pilots will receive a time bonus of 10 seconds for each destroyed ground target.

3. Server Rules:

138th Virtuell Luftving Server is the official DCS 1000 Endurance Race server.
The track of the server must always be saved. This is the reference track which will be used for determining unsolved match results.

Server settings must be set to Simulation

MAP VIEW must be off
EXTERNALS must be off
PADLOCK must be off
LABELS must be off
MINI HUD must be off
No unlimited weapons, unlimited fuel or immortality
Bird strikes must be set at 0%
G-Effects must be set at Simulation
network.cfg :allow_object_export = false

Final Classification and results:

– The final classification will be done by each aircraft type.
– The final and official results will be released within 7 days after the event.

5. Preflight Checklist:

Update to latest version of DCS World.
Uninstall any mod that could potentially conflict with the server’s Integrity Check.

Priority of frame rate over visuals is reccommended.

Reboot your computer.

Check your router signal strength, reboot if necessary.

Do not run unnecessary applications or browsers in the background.

Set DCS connection settings to LAN

Please fill up the form bellow:
– Nickname
– Aircraft

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