Red Flag 4 – Ocelot Inches Past Stuge to Top Spot


Ocelot and Bushmanni from SF squadron performing a formation landing

BattleFacts will once again attempt to go over the main events and best performances that highlighted the fourth round of the DCS Red Flag battle series. We will also look into newly reached milestones as well as providing an insight of what will be at stake ahead of the upcoming events.

Pilot Tribute & BattleFacts

  • SF_Ocelot got his third MVP performance of the season in RF4 and second back-to-back in the Red Flag series after his achievement in RF3. Moreover, out of the 6 air battles that Ocelot participated in, he ended up at least runner up on four occasions! Very few players have showed or even came close to Ocelot’s consistency. This great accomplishment has also allowed him to inches past Stuge to top spot the air-to-air rankings and subsequently earn a place in the very exclusive air-to-air hall of fame!

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  • With two second places and one third place in the last 3 competitions, Bushmanni who also happens to be Ocelot’s squadron mate has also been very much in the spotlight. The man behind the now well established SF squadron is also a first-rate pilot who has been on a steady ascension in the rankings. His latest performance in the last Top Gun competition on top of his achievement in RF4 have earned him a place in the top 3!

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  • Ocelot’s and Bushmanni’s combined performances have also translated into a great boost in the squadron rankings for the SF team, the Finnish squadron is consolidating its second place and is closing the distance on 104th, the current leader. SF is now a force to be reckoned with in the air superiority arena and upcoming battles will probably bring more stories amid this exciting new rivalry.

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  • TwinScroll was behind the second best performance of this Red Flag round. This comes as no surprise from the same man who shot down 5 enemy aircraft in Joint Warrior 4. TwinScroll is already among the top 6 A2A pilots and it did not take him more than two battles to rack up more than 3000 points. A lot of potential to say the least!

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  • Solid performances as well from many other pilots as Pyromaniac, fixen, 104th_Stuge, Frollo, Maverick and jimmy_neytron who played a key role in a battle that proved to be very tight score-wise as only 50 points (one aircraft worth) separated the two sides at the end.

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