SA Rankings: Frequently Asked Questions


The purpose of the SA Rankings system is to reward best contestants with SA points when participating in SA-sanctioned PvP events.

SA points are awarded in two parts: Main points (also referred to as Base points) and Bonus points (also referred to as Leverage points).


The amount of base points depends on how high a contestant scored compared to other players at the end of the event. The higher a contestant scores, the more base points he gets, i.e, top scorer gets highest amount of base points, second best gets less, 3rd best gets even less, so on and so forth until all points that the event holds are depleted.

The table below clarifies the amount of base points available for each standing:

Event Grade123456 789101112131415 16
Grade 1 (Masters)2000150010008006004003002001601401057056422821
Grade 215001125750600450300225150120105795342322116
Grade 310007505004003002001501008070533528211411
Grade 4500375250200150100755040352618141175
Grade 52501881251007550382520181397543

In addition, and as shown on the aforementioned table, a grade from 1 to 5 will be assigned to every event in order to rate its level of competition, thus, the overall amount of ranking points it holds; the higher the rating, the more points are up for grabs. Formula below is used to determine the grade of an event:

LC = ((X – Y)/X)*100 where:

LC = Level of Competition
X = Total Number of ranked players at the time of the event
Y= Average SA ranking of the players that achieved eligibility to SA points

The resulting LC value assigns a category based on the thresholds below:
Grade 1 : above 80%
Grade 2 : between 60 and 80%
Grade 3 : between 40 and 59%
Grade 4 : between 20 and 39%
Grade 5 : under 20%

The idea is simple, the higher the average ranking of best performers is, the more SA points the event holds.
In addition, grade 1 is reserved for season-end Masters only where only top 8 players square off.


Often, individual scores, alone, can not cover everything performance-wise; this is when Bonus points come into play with the aim to take into account factors such as team victory, K/D ratio, player status…etc.

First, each player gets a bonus score, which translates into bonus points depending on how high it is compared to other competitors. Note that bonus points are actually calculated as a percentage of base points.

Bonus Standing123456 789101112131415 16
Bonus Leverage100%75%50%40%30%20%15%10%8%7%6%5%4%3%2%1%

The formula used to decide one’s bonus score depends on the type of the event.

Characteristics and Bonus Formula By Event Type

Tactical Battle

A Tactical Battle is a TvT event (Force on Force) that is scheduled on a specific day and time, runs over a few hours and involves two or more coalitions with tactical goals that rely on teamwork and coordination. Pilots must sign up prior to the event through booking one of the available slots.
  • – Only mission scores equal to or greater than 0 are eligible for rankings points.

  • – A player may participate in many Tactical Battles throughout the year though only own best 12 performances will count towards the SA rankings.

  • – For bonus points, damage inflicted to the enemy, player and mission final status are key factors and the following formula is used:

  • – For examples of Tactical Battles, look up “Grudge Match Series”, “Joint Warrior” or “Red Flag”

Tournament or League

This is a tournament-based event, either PvP or TvT; it involves either a round-robin or knockout stage, sometimes both.
  • – To be eligible for ranking points, one must have played at least one match and won at least one round

  • – A player may participate in many tournaments throughout the year though only own best 5 results will count for the rankings.

  • – For bonus points, effectiveness and KD/ratio are key factors and the following formula is used:
    (Rounds Won – Rounds Lost) / Number of Matches

  • – For examples of Tournaments, look up “Top Gun”.

Public Server

Some of our partners are running an ongoing (24/7) DCS dedicated server with built-in player stats that can be linked to SA rankings.
Unlike Tactical Battles or tournaments where slots are limited and subject to first come first serve early registration, an OPS is an open to the public ongoing competitive 24/7 server, which allows anyone to join on the spot, thus providing every DCS aspirant player with a chance to earn ranking points and feature on the SA Rankings for both air-to-air and air-to-ground categories.
  • – Each month, up to 16 players can receive SA points if eligible (positive scores only)

  • – A player can compete in as many OPS events as he wants, though only top 7 performances of the season (12 months) will reward him with SA points.

  • – Bonus points may be disregarded in OPS events when bonus factors are already taken into account when calculating players’ stats.

  • – For bonus points:
    Burning Skies WW2 Server – Kill/Loss Ratio X Kill per Sortie (mix of proficiency and aggressiveness)

Rankings by squadron and country and Victory Leverage

SA Rankings come in other flavors such as by clan or by nationality. One thing to remember is that for each clan or nationality, top 5 performances decide the overall score of the group.

Furthermore, when a player wins an event, own team and country get twice as much SA points and this is called Victory Leverage (only applied to group-based rankings, not individual rankings).


PvP gaming is our thing and we are keen to team up with like-minded people and groups that foster the same values of fair-play, sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Sanctioning your PvP event in DCS will promote your server, clan or community, increase its exposure to a targeted premium audience throughout our large network. Moreover, creating a competition-driven environement will boost your client and traffic volumes.

If interested, please send us an email at so we can let you know about the compliance requirements when it comes to the design of the missions. We can sanction pretty much anything and with a bit of work, turn into an appealing, exciting competition.

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