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We have among us a lot of knowledgeable and experienced pilots who have been flying and competing in DCS for many years, some since the early days of Lock On, the precursor of today’s DCS.

These guys have proven themselves as DCS wizards and would be happy to coach you in an effective way using a goal-driven approach. DCS may look a bit intimidating especially for beginners, there is a lot to learn and working directly with our coaches would save you a lot of time and headache so you wouldn’t have to go through the massive documentation and scattered tutorials, which, anyways, wont teach you the must-know tricks that will take your DCS skills to the next level.

Before moving ahead, here are a few prerequisites before booking your lessons:

—>Updated version of DCS World
—>Latest version of Tacview
—>A microphone and TeamSpeak installed
—>A joystick and a throttle device
—>A Paypal Account for the payment

The form below will help us gather enough information so we can understand your needs which will enable us to select the best instructor for you, the one with the type of knowledge and experience you need.

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Take off, Navigation and LandingBVR Combat (Beyond Visual Range)WVR Combat (Within Visual Range)Dogfighting (Post merge)SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense)CAS (Close Air Support)Other (Specify below)

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Lesson Package and Rates (Paypal) (required)

Single Lesson - 60mn - 49 USD - must be consumed within one weekPackage of 3 Lessons - 60nm each - 135 USD - must be consumed within 4 weeksPackage of 5 Lessons - 60mn each - 195 USD - must be consumed within 5 weeks

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