OPFOR 12-1: ‘Breakshot’ and ‘Wizard’ In The Spotlight

Bluefor, with a better coordination and teamwork managed to win the battle in an emphatic fashion.
‘Wizard’ and ‘Ironstrike’ made the most out of the hardly-gained air supremacy and inflicted heavy damage to Redfor’s ground forces. The deadly Su-25T/Ka-50 duo killed an astonishing number of 55 enemy units, securing a decisive victory for their team.

However, that didn’t deny ‘Breakshot’ to shine! The Redfor sniper pilot from the 51st PVO Regiment managed to score the best air-to-air performance with 3 confirmed aerial kills on enemy fighters .

‘Presing’ from the hosting squadron, the 104th Phoenix, was also in the spotlight, the Serbian pilot scored 13 points breaking down into a cannon kill on an enemy Ka-50 and two R-77 kills on two 51st pilots!

These were the most remarkable performances but there were other pilots who did a good job like ‘Prok’ and ‘GregOzby’ from the Ukraninan Air Force to name a few.

A great battle, well organized and fought!

Below is the recap of the original results published by ‘104th_RIPTIDE’.

OPFOR 12-1 results will be featured on the SA Rankings as of 01-08-2012 as a TMC event (Tactical Mission/ Campaign).


Event Standing Callsign Points Aircraft Team StatusLogs
1<51>Breakshot15Su-27REDOKKilled =UVAF=AviatorDed[453] (Su-27) with R-73; Killed =UVAF= Peter[404] (F-15C) with R-27ER; Killed Zart Arn (MiG-29S) with R-73
2104th_Presing13MiG-29SBLUEOKKilled WOLF 2 (Ka-50) with cannon; Killed <51>Soviet (Su-27) with R-77; Killed X-man (Su-27) with R-77
3104cdt_Airbat10Su-27BLUEOKKilled Nemanja (Su-27) with R-77; Killed AI Su-30 (Su-30) with R-77
3=UVAF= Prok10F-15CBLUEOKKilled =4c= SandmaN (F-15C) with AIM-120C; Killed Manfrez (Su-27) with AIM-120C
5=UVAF=GregOzby[430]5Su-27BLUEOKKilled 4c_ Sokolo (Su-33) with R-27ER
6Zart Arn5MiG-29SBLUEKIAKilled SVKCOBRA (Su-27) with R-77; Killed <51>Frostie (Su-27) with R-77; Killed by <51> Breakshot (Su-27) with R-73
7104th_Crow5F-15CBLUEKIAKilled <51P> Gandalf (Su-27) with AIM-120C; Killed AI Su-30 (SU-30) with AIM-120C; Killed by AI Su-30 (Su-30) with R-77
8Manfrez5Su-27REDKIAKilled 2x F-16 bl.52d with R-77; Killed by =UVAF=Prok (F-15C) with AIM-120C
9104th_Rock0Su-27BLUEOKNo Kills
9=4c=Ragnarok0Su-27REDOKNo Kills
12=UVAF= Peter[404]0F-15CBLUEKIAKilled =4c= Yambo (Su-27) with AIM-120C; Killed by <51> Breakshot (Su-27) with R-27ER
12<51>X-manSu-27REDKIAKilled 104thCrunch (F-15C) with R-27ET; Killed by 104thPresing (MiG-29S) with R-77
14104th_Moa0F-15CBLUEKIABLUEFOR COMMANDER; Killed AI Tu-22M3; Killed by Su-30 with R-77
15104th_Crunch-1F-15CBLUEKIAKilled Chacal (Su-25T) with AIM-120C; Killed by <51> X-man (Su-27) with R-27ET
16=UVAF= AviatorDed[453]-5Su-27BLUEKIAKilled by <51> Breakshot (Su-27) with R-73
16=4c=SandmaN-5F-15CREDKIAKilled by =UVAF=Prok (F-15C) with AIM-120C
16SVK_COBRA-5Su-27REDKIAKilled by Zart Arn (MiG-29S) with R-77
16_4c_Sokolo-5Su-33REDKIAKilled by =UVAF= GregOzby[430] (Su-27) with R-27ER
16<51P>Gandalf-5Su-27REDKIAKilled by 104thCrow (F-15C) with AIM-120C
16=4c=Yambo-5Su-27REDKIAKilled by =UVAF= Peter[404] (F-15C) with AIM-120C
16Nemanja-5Su-27REDKIAKilled by 104cdtAirbat (Su-27) with R-77
16<51>Soviet-5Su-27REDKIAREDFOR Commander; Killed by 104th_Presing (MiG-29S) with R-77
16<51>Frostie-5Su-33REDKIAKilled by Zart Arn (MiG-29S) with R-77


Event Standing Callsign Points Aircraft Team StatusLogs
1=DW=Wizard VVS107Su-25TBLUEOKKilled 34 surface units: two 2S6 Tunguska; four Strela=10M3; three SPAAA ZSU-23-4 Shilka; one ZU-23 Emplacement; three ZU-23 Closed; three T-72B; eight T-55; three BTR-80; four BMP-3; one BMP-2; two BMP-1; one BMD-1
2Ironstrike54Ka-50BLUEOKKilled 21 surface units: one Strela-1 9P31; one SPAAA ZSU-23-4 Shilka; one ZU-23 Emplacement; three T-72B; three T-55; eight BMP-3; two BMP-3; one BMP-1; one BTR-80
3=DW=Omny46Su-25TBLUEKIAKilled 13 surface units: two SA-15 Tor 9A331; three 2S6 Tunguska; one Strela-10M3; two SPAAA ZSU-23-4 Shilka; two T-72B; two BTR-80; one BMP-3; Killed by AI Su-30 with R-77
4YeaImRota32Ka-50BLUEKIAKilled 13 surface units: two ZU-23 Closed; one Boman; four BMP-3; one BMP-2; one BMP-1; one BTR-80; one BRDM-2; two Ural-375; Killed by SA15
5WOLF 114Ka-50REDOKKilled 4 surface units: two M48 Chaparral; one Vulcan; one M-2 Bradley
6Graywo1f12Ka-50BLUEKIAKilled 7 surface units: one ZU-23 Closed; one T-55; three BMP-3; one BTR-80; one BTR-D; Killed by BMD-1
7WOLF 310Ka-50REDKIAKilled 4 surface units: one 2S6 Tunguska; one M48 Chaparral; one M6 Linebacker; one M-2 Bradley
8104cdt_Airbat5Su-27BLUEOKKilled SA-15 Tor 9A331 with cannon
9Chacal-3Su-25TREDKIAKilled by 104thCrunch (F-15C) with AIM-120C
9WOLF 2-3Ka-50REDKIAKilled by 104thPresing (MiG-29S) with cannon
11RuSh-5Su-25TREDKIAADMIN DECISION – Lands on Road = Loss

Track and Tacview

Server Track:   http://www.mediafire.com/?lkda8glxl24vn8n

Server Tacview: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/600721/Opfor12.acmi

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