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Top Gun Tournament is Back in its Third Incarnation


We are back with round 3 and this time better than ever before!

What is Top Gun?

The Top Gun event is in its third incarnation and has been an intense, 1vs1 or 2vs2 guns only event so far. This has provided us with some of the best dogfighting we’ve ever seen.

This event has been created, planned and will be hosted by TAW (The Art of Warfare) in association with Situational Awareness, 51st and 104th. Therefore ladies and gents it will count towards your SA ranking (Details coming)!

We have changed the formula since last time, so make sure you read the rules to get an understanding of how it will work.

What can I fly?

Same as the last Top Gun:
  • Su-27
  • F-15C
For those who wonder: the Su-33 and the MiG-29 do not have a PFM yet (Professional Flight Model) though they will not be included in this round.
Regarding the M-2000, it has been decided to not include it this time around and wait until its flight model mature a bit more.

How will it work?

The event will be split into TWO separate competitions, a 1vs1 and a 2vs2.
For the 1vs1 competition we have 32 slots to fill and for the 2vs2 we are going to get 16 teams (32 slots).
8 slots from each competition have already been reserved for invitees.
Once signed up, pilots will then be sorted and assigned matches.
Each match will consist of three rounds, first player/team to get 2 victories is declared the winner and will move onto the next stage.

The three rounds will be structured like this:

1vs1 – APRIL 9TH FROM 1700Z


– Round 1 – Pilots will be provided with 2 heat seeking missiles (Su27/33/Mig29A/S – R73, F15 – Aim9, Mirage – Magic) and their aircrafts gun, all of which will be employed post merge only.
– Round 2 – Pilots will be equipped only with their GUNS ONLY, in traditional Top Gun fashion, again firing post merge only!
– Round 3 – If after round 2 the score is tied then we repeat round 2 GUNS ONLY to get our winner.

2vs2 – APRIL 16TH FROM 1700Z


– Round 1 – Pilots will be provided with 2 heat seeking missiles (Su27/33/Mig29A/S – R73, F15 – Aim9, Mirage – Magic) and their aircrafts gun, all of which can be employed pre merge.
– Round 2 – Pilots will be equipped only with their GUNS ONLY, in traditional Top Gun fashion, again firing can be pre merge!
– Round 3 – If after round 2 the score is tied then we repeat round 2 GUNS ONLY to get our winner.

We strongly believe in showing good sportsmanship, therefore all matches will have a referee who will orchestrate the match and resolve any issues that may arise during.

Something we noticed last time was using a cold turn and climb tactic to outlive the opposition by starving them of fuel, this is an example of something we consider unsportsmanlike. We want to see how well you can fight!

You will not be allowed to switch airframes once the match has started, you must complete all three rounds with the same airframe. You can change airframes in between matches.

For attendance to the event itself, you must show up 30 minutes before your match begins, if you aren’t present in the TeamSpeak lobby 30 minutes before your match then we will already contact reserves.
When you do not show up 15 minutes before the match someone from the reserve list will fly your match. If no reserves are available, then the match will be ruled as a walkover win.
It’s very important that we keep the event running, so that others will not suffer for someone else’s tardiness.

A lot of organisational work goes into preparing an event like this, therefore we need to stick to a strict timetable to keep everything running smoothly, we hope you understand the reasons for the above.

ENLIST_button A few more things to remember:

– TEAMSPEAK Address where all pilots and admins will gather will be posted prior to the event. Please check back later.

– Slots are limited to 32 pilots for 1v1 and 16 teams for 2v2, registration will be first come first served and will close on Thursday April 7th so that we can work out the timetable and the order of play for all the matches, which will be released on Friday 8th.

– If you missed the registration, please show up on D-day at 1700 zulu on TeamSpeak and go to the ‘Check in’ Channel to register as a reserve so that you could enter the competition if someone did not show up. (if you are an SA ranked pilot, it could be more difficult for you to enter as a reserve as you would only be allowed to replace pilots that are ranked higher than you to maintain seeding relevant so make sure you grab a seat by registering while slots are still available).

– Both 1v1 and 2v2 will be single elimination tournaments (knock out stages), this means exiting the competition after loosing a match; a 3rd place match will be added to those who have lost in the semi-final stage.

– First round matches for the 1v1 will start on Saturday 9th of April (16th of April for 2v2) at 1700 Zulu time and we will keep going until we have a winner, event is expected to finish at around 21:30 zulu but of course only those who keep winning and advancing to next stages of the competition have to stay online til the end.

Red Flag 5 Kicking off Saturday 26th!

virtual red flag_800px
A couple of days left before Red Flag 5 kicks off! If you are free this Saturday 27th of April at 1800 Zulu time and own the NTTR map you can still sign up as we are still having a few open slots!

Current Roster

RF5 features a new Aggressor format, aggressor pilots will now be chosen based on SA-Sim rankings!

The highest ranking 16 pilots that apply to fly in the event will qualify to take part as a Red Flag Aggressor!

As in our previous Red Flag PvP events, the fight will consist of an air to air Aggressor force of 16 pilots, facing off against against 32 strong air to air Challenger force!
This time however we will include 6 Air to Ground Striker slots!

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Sweeper and Wizard: Tip of the Spear in Joint Warrior 5


Sweeper from the Fighting 99th Air Wing Firing an AIM-7M Sparrow air-to-air missile during Joint Warrior 5

The 5th round of the Joint Warrior battle series is over and what a great action-packed event it turned out to be! Here is what in my opinion stood out from the two prelims and the final battle:

Who were the top MVPs this time around?

Sweeper from the Fighting 99th Air Wing made a strong impression in the final battle after missing the preliminary match; the American Eagle driver has pulled off an amazing performance after downing 4 enemy fighters , thus leading team Red to victory in their final clash against the 104th-led coalition.

Air-to-ground-wise and after missing the latest events, the Su-25 guru Wizard from Death Wings (UVAF squadron) has made a resounding return into the spotlight; the Ukrainian striker was a nightmare to his opponents, pulverizing nothing less than 27 ground targets, which is worth a total of 240 points!

Other noteworthy performances

The 51st Regiment must be very happy to have recently recruited Holimoli as the man is proving himself a force to be reckoned with: right after a solid performance in Top Gun 2, Holimoli has come back again to score the second best air-to-air performance in JW5 with 3 kills on Aleman, Tunther and Jamison.

The 104th continued to impress and prove they have multiple talented pilots in their ranks: Knight has been the revelation this time around as he downed 4 enemy fighters including some big names such as Frostie and Soviet; although he got shot down towards the very end, this first big performance from Knight has earned him a spot in the top 20.

The ground pounding area was also action-packed as another pilot has also risen from the ranks: Dackster, a Reservoirs Elite pilot riding an Su-25 made quick work of 19 enemy ground units; needless to say that this is worth a lot of point; Dackster has also had to deal with an encounter with an enemy F-15C! not only he survived the duel but has also won it by downing his enemy although damage taken from this encounter had forced him to eject on his way back. It’s great to see the legendary RvE squad revived and back in the PvP spotlight again after many years of absence.

There has also been some solid flying shown by several pilots such as Rage, Jester, Stuge, Plaiskool, Nighmare, Frostie, Honos, Omny and Scooter; These guys have all shown great skills and rightfully earned their spots on JW5’s MVP list.

Battle For Top Spot

Stuge and Ocelot were battling this out in Joint Warrior 5. These two men have been going toe-to-toe since Stuge had been crowned after his Top Gun double title back in December. Red Flag 4 had seen Ocelot snatching that top spot and it’s finally Stuge who reclaimed it back this time around after a stumbling performance from his rival. Stuge also moves to third place in the air-to-air hall of fame with two months now spent as the undisputed air-to-air champion.

Air-to-ground-wise, Honos had accumulated enough lead in the previous events to stay comfortably seated at the very top of the rankings; Honos has been the top bomber pilot in DCS for 5 months so far and only needs two more to become the all time best.

The squadron rankings have not changed a lot with 104th and the 71st still reigning respectively in the air-to-air and air-to-ground categories. Country-wise, Sweeper’s performance has allowed the US to close in the gap on Finland while Rage gave the UK enough boost to move past the Republic of Ireland.

Detailed data about Joint Warrior 5 is available on the After Action Report and MVP pages listed below:

Joint Warrior 5 Kicking Off 27th of February!

joint warrior 5 dcs pvp The 104th, 51st and SA-Sim are pleased to announce the first Joint Warrior Event of 2016.

Joint Warrior 5 is a symmetrical force on force event that consists of 4 teams of 25 Pilots battling for the top spot in a 2 day competition. Participants are grouped into either the Blue, Red, Green or Orange teams.

All teams fight on Saturday 27th of February at 18:00z and the winners from each match progress on to the finals held on Saturday 5th March 18:00z.

Each team must have at least 5 Air to Ground pilots but may choose to take more. The aim of the mission is to attack the enemies assets while also protecting your own, both sides are attacker and defender.

The mission will be released for all clients to study 2 weeks before the event starts on the 13th of February.

The sign up will take place here on ED Forums, each team will be assigned by SA-Sim to either the 104th or 51st Servers for the prelims. All Teamspeak Communications for the event will be hosted on the 104th Phoenix TS3 Server.

JW 5 will feature an Air to Air RESTRICTED WEAPONS scenario and will be limited to SARH only for FC3 Fighters!


  • 27th of February @ 1800z: Preliminary Battles
  • 5th of March @ 1800z: Final Battle
  • DCS theater: Caucasus
  • Battle duration: 3 hours – One life per pilot per battle
  • Number of coalitions: 4
  • Maximum number of participants: 100 (25 pilots per coalition)
  • Hosting server: 104th Server & 51st Server
  • TeamSpeak Address:
  • TeamSpeak password: phoenix
  • Maximum number of pilots per squadron: 8 (substitution possible at half time)
  • A2A Weapons available:[F-15C – AIM7 & AIM9], [SU27/33, MIG29 – R27R/T, R60 & R73], [Mirage – No Restriction], [Mig21 – No Restriction]

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