4th Straight Month At Number 1 for <<Thunder Jet>>

<<Thunder Jet>> continues his remarkable run and breaks into his 4th straight month at the top of the Air-to-Air Rankings despite Wodan‘s outstanding effort.
The German player managed 109 air-to-air confirmed kills, a descent 2.79 ratio to win the 104th server title grabbing over 500pts and closing in on number 2 104th_Maverick.
The battle for the top position in the upcoming months looks very promising. However, both <<Thunder Jet>> and Wodan did not sign-up for OPFOR 12-1, planned this Saturday which might translate into a good opportunity for Maverick to regain number 1 for the 2nd time.

m108s from the 141st Turkish squadron continues his solid progression and is almost breaking into the top 10. Currently Number 12, the Turkish veteran and experienced pilot is likely to be seen even closer to the air-to-air elite in the upcoming rankings updates.

Kamikad is in the spotlight as well for hitting the 25th position on 1st appearance.
The Pilot from Kirov, Russia took the 51st Server title very convincingly with just over 10 flight hours and a 3 to 1 kill to death ratio.

Air to Ground Ranking hasn’t seen significant changes since last month, Jarev took advantage from Brodiaga‘s and BOLENEGER‘s drop to take number 2 position right below =4c=SandmaN who still sitting comfortably at the top with over 3000 points margin.
5 straight months as number 1 now for the Serbian Ace and looking good to keep this streak even longer.

DCS/FC : May 2012 MP Action Highlights


Another busy month for the DCS/FC multiplayer scene even though most of the action happened on the 104th, 4c and 51st public servers.

We are yet to see more Tactical Missions planned. The only planned TMC until now comes from the 104th VFS as they host the 1st 2012 sequel of the very popular OPFOR event.

Unfortunately, Team Combat League (TCL), the only OCL (Ongoing Competition Ladder) based provider has suspended its services due to lack of activity.


Competition between fighter pilots is fierce, <<ThunderJet>> is still reigning over the Air to Air Rankings with a very solid set of results on the 104th dedicated server.

104th_Maverick, runner-up for the 3rd consecutive month is closing in and the gap at the moment is less than 200 points. OPFOR 12-1 event would be very decisive for the air-to-air top position battle even though Maverick has plenty of points to defend in the upcoming months (Drop Date effect).

Wodan is not far behind and gets the advantage of not having much to defend for the few upcoming months.

Zoky and Vecko from VAO made a good deal on the 51st dedicated server and earned valuable points and are both featuring on the top 10 list.

array takes the slot of the hottest new comer with a 42nd place recorded straight away on first SA Rankings appearance.

On the Bomber section, =4c=SandmaN is sitting at the top of the Air to Surface Rankings with a comfortable margin over the runner up Brodiaga[1255] from the Russian Air Force.

Overall, there are still plenty of points to grab once more types of event come into play. We are yet to see events like knock-out Tournaments (STT), Leagues(STL) being organized. Of course more TMC’s (Tactical Mission/Campaign) are needed as every pilot can have as much as 7 countable best scores, just like OPS’s (Official Public Server). Here is a quick recap about how many results are countable per type of event for every pilot:

  • Official Public Server (OPS) : Best 7 scores during last 12 months
  • Tactical Mission Campaign (TMC) : Best 7 scores during last 12 months
  • Ongoing Competition Ladder (OCL) : Best 2 scores during last 12 months
  • Short Term Tournament (STT) : Best 2 scores during last 12 months
  • Short Term League (STL) : Best score during last 12 months
  • Air Show / Air Race (ASAR) : Best score during last 12 months

DCS/FC : OPFOR 12-1 By 104th

Initially posted by 104th_Maverick via DCS Forums

It gives me great pleasure to confirm the details for the final OPFOR of FC2 from the 104th Phoenix.

The event will take place on SATURDAY JULY 7TH @ 20:30Z

You CANNOT sign up for OPFOR here, you must goto the 104th Forums to enter yourself or squadron into the event. (Link below)


104th Dedicated Server. Password to be given during TS briefing

This will be a closed password required event. In order to sign-up, please post in the OPFOR 11-3 thread on the 104th forums that you wish to join. Make sure to include the names of all the pilots you would like to have participate including their 104th forum user name so that they may be setup with access to their respective planning room. Also include your preferred side to fly, the type of aircraft, and the airbase for every pilot. Note that you may not get your preferred plane slot and may be allocated differently in the interest of team balance. Participants will be accepted up to 48 hours before the event if there are available slots still left. All squadrons and individual ‘lone wolf’ players are welcomed. Once you have been signed on to the event, you will have access to a private planning room for your chosen side, either Red or Blue. Continue reading

DCS : EF-2000 & DCS : Hawk by VEAO

Initially posted by ‘Ells228’ via DCS Forums
Virtual European Air Operations is pleased to announce our development strategy for DCS. First, a little about VEAO (yes I know, you want me to cut to the chase).
We have been around since 2005 developing models for FC1.12a and FC2, specifically the BAE Hawk and Eurofighter Typhoon.

The Hawk has been used by the Virtual Red Arrows aerobatic display team since then and has had a few updated versions through FC1 and Flaming Cliffs 2 into the incarnation that we currently use today and more recently featured on our latest video showing the 3d cockpit.

Continue reading

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