Cracking Performance From Lui51

From the raging air battles of the 51st dedicated server rises a new callsign : Lui51.
Over 6 in kill-to-death ratio, best Su-27, Su-33 and F-15 performance, around 500 points lead over runner-up Nco_Koj, the figures speak for themselves.

It is still not the end of the month yet and competition for the top positions is fiercer than ever. The 51st server is definitely back to its best as the current activity level attests.
Join the online action and take up the challenge facing the best DCS virtual fighter pilots.

DCS : Combined Arms Gameplay

combined arms dcs world
ED is on the verge of turning DCS world into a total virtual battlefield simulator after the release of their Combined Arms module, which adds ground operations to the already impressive set of flight simulator modules. Here is some recorded game-play footage of DCS : Combined Arms.

As you will be able to notice, players are able now to control ground forces as well in both 2 and 3D.
DCS : CA brings a whole new dimension to DCS World especially to the Multiplayer arena.
Video courtesy from Dolimo.

DCS World 1.2.0 Available

Initially posted by “Wags” via ED Forums

Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a FREE, unified interface for all DCS products; you can think of DCS World as a simulation operating system. DCS modules that plug into DCS World can include aircraft, maps, ground units, campaigns, etc. Not only can DCS World include modules developed internally by Eagle Dynamics, but it can also include those by certified third party developers.

DCS World also includes a FREE Su-25T attack aircraft with missions and a campaign.

DCS World not only includes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that ties all DCS products together in a single installation, but it also includes the global aspects of the simulation world that pertains to all modules. This includes such items at the Artificial Intelligence (AI), rendering system, mission editor, effects, AI units, semi-dynamic campaign system and audio environment.

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OPFOR 12-1 : Calm Before The Storm !

Objectives, maps, machines and men, all is ready for the big Saturday event : OPFOR 12-1

38 Pilots will fight to death to protect own forces and destroy enemy’s vital assets.

Furthermore, OPFOR 12-1 offers much more tactical depth compared to previous editions as there will be unforeseen developments to which players will have to react live during the mission.

Long story short, 3 straight hours of aerial combat on Saturday look more exciting than ever.

OPFOR 12-1 Roster :

RED Coalition

Torba Farp Ka-50 x 8
ET Pilot #1
ET Pilot #2
ET Pilot #3
ET Pilot #4

Gudauta Su-27 x 4
LW Cornerspeed
_4c_ Yambo
LW Manfrez

Sochi F-15 x 8
LW Chacal
_4c_ Sandman

Sochi Su-25T x 6


Sochi Su-27 x 8
<51> Pilot #1
<51> Pilot #2
<51> Pilot #3
<51> Pilot #4
<51> Pilot #5
<51> Pilot #6
_4c_ Ragnarok
_4c_ NemanjaD

Sochi Su-33 x 4
_4c_ ZigZag

Blue Coalition

Victory Farp Ka-50 x 8
LW Ironstrike
LW Foxx
LW YeaImRota

Gelenzhik MiG-29S x 10
LW Flankerator
LW Zart_Arn

Anapa F-15C x 12
UVAF Pilot #1
UVAF Pilot #2

Anapa Su-27 x 12
LW Gaybat

UVAF Pilot #3
UVAF Pilot #4

Novorossisk Su-25T x 4
DW Pilot #1
DW Pilot #2

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