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Joint Warrior 3 is the 3rd sequel of our Joint Warrior tactical battle series for Digital Combat Simulator, which we started a few months ago in association with both, the 104th Virtual Fighter and Bomber Squadron and the 51st PVO Regiment.

After the success of JW1 and JW2, here we come again for more action inviting DCS pilots across the globe to join us for another night of force on force air combat.

Joint Warrior 3 is the perfect opportunity for those who would like to improve themselves as DCS combat pilots as we will once again have some of the finest pilots out for blood.
Beyond the competition aspect itself, JW is also a great gathering of people sharing the same hobby and an excellent opportunity to forge new friendships, and get close to some of the most iconic squadrons on the DCS scene.

Mission Description

  • When – Saturday 08 November 2014 at 18:00 Zulu(GMT).
  • Where – 104th TeamSpeak ( pass:phoenix) or 51st Teamspeak (51st.hopto.org)
  • Each battle will be 13v13 (10 fighters + 3 strikers OR 11 fighters + 2 strikers)
  • Maximum 4 teams of 13 pilot each with semi finals on Saturday 08.11.14 and final battle next day
  • Mission objective will remain the same: Fighters will go for air superiority over the target area to protect own assets and make way for strikers to engage primary targets
  • Same map as JW2 and can be viewed HERE
  • Tankers have been removed while AWACS will still be there
  • Only ground targets at Sochi/Sukhumi will award points to strikers
  • The team with highest score after 3 hours will be declared winner

Rules of Engagement (ROE)

  • Battle duration: 3 hours – Once time is up, all pilots must RTB and land safely. Failure to do so will result in a loss.
  • 1 life per pilot. If you crash or get shot down, you will have to exit the server
  • Strikers hold short for 10mn before takeoff
  • Red fighters hold short for 5mn before take off (to offset extra miles for Blue fighters)
  • Stick to the same aircraft, switching aircrafts during the battle is not allowed
  • Attacking aircrafts on the ground is allowed with cannon or air-to-ground weapons only
  • if you disconnect, seek an admin on Teamspeak, explain what happened and ask for permission to rejoin
  • A DCS track will be saved automatically and may be requested for refereeing, if any suspicions or disputes
  • A fresh reboot is strongly recommended for stability and performance


  • AWACS = 150 pts (team score) / proportional to remaining enemy fighters (pilot score)
  • Battleship = 100 pts (team and pilot)
  • Fighter = 50 pts (team and pilot)
  • Striker = 25 pts (team and pilot)
  • Strela-10M3/ZSU-23-4 Shilka/Command Post/T-80UD/ZSU-23-2 Sergey = 10 pts each – Only at Sochi and Sukhumi – SAMs elsewhere do not reward any points
  • SA-18 Igla = 5 points -Only at Sochi and Sukhumi – SAMs elsewhere do not reward any points
  • Contributing to a kill = up to 50% of target value (pilot score only)
  • Teamkill Penalty (pilot score only) = Accidental (200% of victim value) – Reckless (400% of victim value) – On purpose (ban)


If you already have an SA ranking, you have to sign up using the exact same callsign to avoid ending up scattering your points across the rankings.
Sign up will be handled exclusively here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=132985

This event is sanctioned by the SA Journal in association with the 51st PVO Regiment and the 104th Phoenix Squadron.

Team Roster

Thanks to all pilots who signed up for Joint Warrior 3, we have got a full roster over a few days only. We hope you will have exciting moments flying our event.

Click image for full resolution

Reserve Pilots (Purple section at the bottom of the roster image above)

  • Sign ups have been handled on first come first served basis. To ensure good stability and as already mentioned, we have set the limit to 26 pilots per battle (13v13). Please see your Registration order under “Reg #”
  • Reserve pilots are strongly invited to show up on D-day as there could be some no shows
  • To give a chance to reserve pilots to actually fly in, teams and squadrons can rotate their pilots. A pilot must first land safely on home base, taxi to parking area, ask permission for substitution on TeamSpeak to either Flankerator, Maverick or Frostie, then if granted, exit the server then ask his teammate to take over. Any unnoticed substitution will count as a loss for the team.
  • Battle Schedule

    Battle 1

    Red Coalition VS Orange Coalition
    Saturday 08 November 2014 at 1800z on 51st server and TeamSpeak (51st.hopto.org)

    Battle 2

    Blue Coalition VS Green Coalition
    Saturday 08 November 2014 at 1800z on 104th Server and TeamSpeak( pass:phoenix)

    Final Battle

    Match 1 winner VS Match 2 winner (server and TS to be assigned later
    Saturday 09 November 2014 at 1800z

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