Joint Warrior 2: Operation Quarterback

Here we go! After our successful first round of the Joint Warrior battle series, we are back for more action and pleased to announce the sequel that we codenamed ‘Op Quarterback’, a name that is self-explanatory as strategy and tactics will once again be key to success.

We have decided to try 10v10 this time (8 fighters + 2 strikers).
Kick off has been set for Saturday July 26 at 17:00 Zulu
Please use this link for time reference

Participants will be put into teams of 10 pilots each. A team may need to win preliminary battles in order to make it into the final faceoff depending on the number of participants.

Mission objective will remain the same: Fighters will go for air superiority over the target area to protect own assets and make way for strikers to engage primary targets.

Maverick, JW’s mission designer has amended the mission from round 1 as below:
  • Gudauta has become neutral and all red troops have moved to Sochi.
  • SA-15 (Tors) have been removed from the target area (Sochi/Sukhumi), thus protecting ground HVT’s will rely entirely on BARCAPs from fighters.
  • Tankers have been removed while AWACS will still be there.
  • Scoring-wise: Only ground targets at Sochi/Sukhumi will award points to strikers. No need for doubling the points out there anymore.
  • Knock-out rule (All primary targets destroyed) has been removed, the side with the best score after 3 hours will be declared winner.


  • Red Coalition : <51>Frostie, <51>Teknetinium, <51>X-man, <51>Breakshot, <51>Soviet, <51>Camper, <51>Rage, <51>Shaman, =UVAF= MAD_MAX, =UVAF= Peter(striker), =UVAF= GregOzby – (Overbooked with 1 reserve pilot)
  • Blue Coalition : 104th_Maverick, 104th_Mustang, 104th_IronMike, 104th_Spade, 104th_Blaze, 104th_Presing, 104cdt_Highway, 238.lbae=Falcon, Slowhand(striker), 104th_Riptide(striker) – (Overbooked)
  • Orange coalition: TurboRUSH, AegisFX, galevsky06, 373vFS_Greg, 373vFS_TaliG, 373vFS_Spanker, 373vFS_Metatron, 373vFS_CVAH, 373vFS_Crash(striker), DanielNL(striker) – (Overbooked with 1 reserve pilot: 373vFS_Talos)
  • Green coalition: ECV56_Krypto, =71st= RuSh, =71st= Aleman, =71st= Enzel, Pajaron, Aldox, Tunther, Iberian, =71st= FoxOne(striker), =71st= Honos(striker) – (Overbooked with 2 reserve pilots: Skyhell, Goldhawk)
  • Purple coalition: 36STV_Gaanalma, Wodan, 36STV_Wanted(striker), 36STV_Raf(striker),USARStarkey(Shift8, Maddog, Stryker, Gargoyle), WoAyumi, BWLF.Wolf – (Overooked)
Thanks to all who signed up for JW2. we have 54 pilots in!
We will post the order of play and schedule asap.

  • Sign up is closed, but wait list is open in case of no shows.
  • Please do not sign up if you’re not confident you’ll be able to commit yourself on the 26th at 17:00 Zulu for 4 hours (30mn briefing, 3 hours battle and 30mn debriefing).
  • Wait will be handled exclusively in this forum on first come, first served basis.


Please click this for time reference to avoid any confusion:
  • Saturday 26 July @ 1700UTC on 51st server (TS:—-> Green coalition – 465 Points VS Purple coalition – 325 points
  • Saturday 26 July @ 1700UTC on 104th server (TS: – pw:phoenix)—-> Blue coalition – 600 points VS Orange coalition – 75 points
  • Sunday 27 July @ 1700UTC on 51st server (—–>Red coalition VS Green coalition.
  • Saturday 2nd of August @ 1700UTC (Server:TBD)—–>Blue coalition VS Winner of match 3

Schedule can be subject to change. Click here to double check:

Mission File


  • AWACS = 150 pts (team score) / proportional to remaining enemy fighters (pilot score)
  • Battleship = 100 pts (team and pilot)
  • Fighter = 50 pts (team and pilot)
  • Striker = 25 pts (team and pilot)
  • Strela-10/Shilka/Command Post = 10 pts each – Only at Sochi and Sukhumi – SAMs elsewhere do not reward any points
  • Contributing to a kill = up to 50% of target value (pilot score only)
  • Teamkill Penalty (pilot score only) = Accidental (200% of victim value) – Reckless (400% of victim value) – On purpose (ban)


  • Battle duration: 3 hours
  • 1 life per pilot
  • Strikers hold short for 10mn before takeoff
  • if you disconnect, seek an admin on Teamspeak, explain what happened and ask for permission to rejoin
  • A DCS track will be saved automatically and may be requested for refereeing, if any suspicions or disputes
  • A fresh reboot is strongly recommended for stability and performance
This event is sanctioned by the SA Journal in association with the 51st PVO Regiment and the 104th Phoenix Squadron.

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