Glimpse Of The Upcoming AFM’s In DCS World

Eagle Dynamics are still working on the new flight models for the F-15C and Su-27S in DCS World.
We’ve come across a short Su-27 landing video featuring the progress made so far and we were amazed by what we saw. The plane appeared to fly much differently, there seemed to be more forces and frictions acting dynamically on the plane, and the combination of all these variables appeared to make the plane fly in a much more realistic fashion.

It gets even better on and after touchdown. Gear suspensions interact way more than before, and the aircraft does not glue to the runway anymore making post touch down much more unforgiving and challenging. Smokes add a lot of realism as well. Long story short those advanced flight models will definitely boost the overall DCS experience. Virtual pilots will need to adapt and use more proficiency to maneuver the aircraft and this could lead to tricky situations especially at close quarters.

So after brand new 3D external models and 6 Depth of Field cockpits we will soon be getting advanced flight models. What’s left for a 100% hard core combat flight simulation experience? fully click-able cockpits and advanced avionics! Well in these circumstances there is every reason to believe that it would be planned as well and it does make sense. The smooth transition from survey Flaming Cliffs series to study DCS titles is on the way.

For comparison, here are 2 shorts videos showing an Su-27S landing. One is real and the other is from an internal DCS built: Very close I would say!

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