Top Gun Trophy: ‘=Alpha=KOT’ Tops Stiff Competition

W.O = Walk Over (No Show)

It has been a thrilling 1 on 1 BFM tournament throughout the week despite many walkovers. =Alpha=KOT, already known as one of the best dogfighters in FC2, has managed to win the 2012 Top Gun trophy after defeating =USSR=SuperMutt in the final duel. SuperMutt, also known as one of the very best in the discipline, overcame =Aplha=Zerol in the semis.
Kudos to all the participating pilots for their courage and sportsmanship!

Seeded Players

Seeds Callsign SA Ranking
1 =UVAF= Bond[474] 46
2 USSR_SuperMutt 84
3 =Alpha=Zerol 145
4 =RAF=Acid Freak 152
Remaining players don’t have rankings yet therefore drawn randomly.

Default Schedule

This schedule applies if none of the opponents requests a reschedule.

– 1st Round matches : Wednesday September 5th @ 22:00 SA Time. Reschedule allowed until Saturday 8th of September.

– Quarter final matches : Sunday September 9th @ 22:00 SA Time. Reschedule allowed until Saturday 15th of September.

– Semi final matches : Sunday September 16th @ 22:00 SA Time. Reschedule allowed until Saturday 22nd of September.

– Final match : Sunday September 23rd @ 22:00 SA Time. Reschedule allowed until Saturday 29th of September.

How To Request a Reschedule

– Post your request as a comment on this same page, suggesting a new date/time within the allowed limit (see above) using SA time as reference.

– Wait for a response either directly from your opponent or from a tournament staff.

– All reschedule requests MUST be done 48h before the start of the match.

How to meet your opponent

– Go to “PILOT LOBBY” page preferably 15mn before match time :

– Click on ” Join the conversation”

– Choose your official Callsign (Same as the one you used to register for the tournament).

– You should be able to see your opponent connected as well. Host gives IP and load the official event mission (Download mission here), client joins. (opponents could swap hosting after each round).

My opponent is absent, what to do ?

– Please wait for your opponent 15 extra minutes, he might show up a bit late.

– If he doesn’t show up, please take a screenshot of the Pilot Lobby page showing yourself connected, SA date and time and send it to : for the W.O (Walk Over) to be processed.

Match Track, Score and Complaints

– Saving your match track is mandatory. You MUST upload it after the match as a Zip file using the upload widget on the left bottom sidebar. – Please report match’s final score below once finished.

– If for whatever reason you would like to raise a complaint, please send it to while attaching your Track File and being specific about the broken rules.

Rules Of Engagement

– Best of 3 rounds match (1st player to win 2 rounds wins the match).
– Map is ready for download : Download now (Ramp start. Initial distance between opponents about 100km. Bases will be protected by short range SAM’s)
– Authorized payload : Cannon only
– Server Gameplay Settings—-> Difficulties : ALL OFF///////// F-10 Views : My A/C only//////// Birds : 0% /////G-Effects : Simulation /////////
– Fuel dumping allowed.
– Fire on 1st merge allowed. – 1 refuel/rearm is allowed per round for each player. The refuel/rearm from landing to take-off must not exceed 5mn.
– Both players have to take off simultaneously, reach the target zone on time and stay within the CAP area. Exiting the CAP bubble is considered a loss regardless of the round outcome.
– Exiting the CAP bubble before neutralizing opponent is allowed only once per round for the refuel/rearm option.
– To collect the round, players must neutralize opponent (actual kill or tactical kill), RTB and land on home base.
– Only one game crash / disconnection is allowed per player per match. If an issue occurs a second time, it will be counted as a round loss.
– Players can alternate hosting and swap air bases after each round.

Please do not hesitate if any question, otherwise play hard, play fair and most of all HAVE FUN πŸ™‚

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