Falcon BMS: Inpirational 1 Vs 1 BFM Videos

Dear Pilots, Falcon BMS, as many of you may already know, is a detailed combat flight simulation of the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. Original Falcon 4.0 appeared in 1998 and has been continuously maintained and developed by a very dedicated community. Falcon BMS is the latest version featuring great enhancements over its predecessors, both inside and outside the cockpit. You wont find, until now, a better F-16 simulator for public use anywhere else in the world.

Falcon-online.org is where the Falcon community gathers online to enjoy both, PvP and Cooperative dynamic campaigns running over several days and using the excellent campaign engine of Falcon BMS.
Many talented people and pilots have been contributing to Falcon Online, a platform making Falcon BMS more alive and kicking than ever.

Back on topic – BFM or Basic Fighter Maneuvers! Two of the very best pilots in the history of virtual BFM in my opinion, ‘A.S’ and ‘KidVicous’ are also training partners and fly together regularly in a high-paced, top-notch, 1 on 1 cannon only dogfights.

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you their latest training material. We are sure, so many BFM fans are around, and no matter what simulation you fly, we are confident you can learn, improve something while watching these videos.
I, personally, had many of those ‘aha’ moments and breakthroughs in the past by just watching similar trainings. Chances are also high to have a BFM competition soon, it might be good to start off by getting some good inspiration out of this.

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