DCS/FC : Operation Snake’s Head By =4c=

Initially posted by Presing via The 104th Phoenix Squadron Forums » Post 27063 » Joint tactical exercise.

Date: 11.02.2012.

Time: 21:30 GMT+1

Server: =4c= server

Map: Operation Snake’s head

Rules: 1 life per player, 3 hours event.

Available slots for BLUE side only!

BLUE: Ka-50 (BLUE FARP) – 104th_Warhammer Ka-50 (BLUE FARP) – 104cdt_Beef Ka-50 (BLUE FARP) – Fang Ka-50 (BLUE FARP) – =DW= BillyCrusher Su-25T (Novorossijsk SEAD) – =DW= FRITZ Su-25T (Novorossijsk SEAD) – =DW= Wizard_VVS A-10A (Novorossijsk CAS) – 104th_Moa A-10A (Novorossijsk CAS) – 104th_Pharaoh MiG-29S (Novorossijsk) – 104th_Presing MiG-29S (Novorossijsk) – 279KIAP Kunz Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – 279KIAP Snake Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – <51st>Gandalf Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – <51st>Breakshot Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – <51st>X-man Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – <51st>Frostie Su-27 (Novorossijsk) – <51st>Soviet F-15C (Anapa) – 104th_IronMike F-15C (Anapa) – 104th_RIPTIDE Su-27 (Anapa) – =WRAG=OSA Su-27 (Anapa) – =WRAG=Sparco Su-27 (Anapa) – =WRAG=Amigos Su-27 (Anapa) – Airbat ……………………………………………………. <51st>Redeagle reserve RED: Ka-50 (RED FARP) – =4c=Hajduk Veljko Ka-50 (RED FARP) – _4c_BraleX Ka-50 (RED FARP) – =4c=Nikola Ka-50 (RED FARP) – =4c=sNIp Su-25T (Sochi CAS) – =4c=Yambo Su-25T (Sochi CAS) – =SE=whiteG Su-25T (Sochi CAS) – =238.lbae=Eagle Su-25T (Sochi CAS) – =238.lbae=Fenix MiG-29S (Sochi) – =4c=Ghostface MiG-29S (Sochi) – _4c_NemanjaD MiG-29S (Sochi) – VAO*Zoki MiG-29S (Sochi) – VAO*Rale Su-27 (Sochi) – =4c=Don Su-27 (Sochi) – =238.lbae=Vrabac Su-27 (Sochi) – =238.lbae=Cezar Su-27 (Sochi) – =238.lbae=Tigric F-15C (Gudauta) – =4c=Grom F-15C (Gudauta) – =238.lbae=Defender Su-33 (Gudauta) – =238.lbae=Falcon Su-33 (Gudauta) – =238.lbae=Kos111 Su-33 (Gudauta) – =4c=ZigZag Su-33 (Gudauta) – VAO*Vecko http://www.mediafire.com/?r11v46f4xyiryf3 Link for the mission file. MISSION DATA FOR THE MISSION (POSITION OF ALL FRIENDLY AND ENEMY REVELANT UNITS) http://www.mediafire.com/?m0761btjjtz750m

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