DCS – Air to Ground – Pilot Rankings

Only positive performances are eligible for ranking points and are shortlisted below; number of participants is much higher but not every competitor earns SA points.
For a detailed breakdown to understand where these totals are coming from and how much points a player has won per event, you’d want to click on Result Breakdown.

As of :

Ranking & Move Nationality & Callsign Squadron SA Points Countable Results Public ServerTactical BattleTournament/LeagueAir-show/Air-race Ranking Move
1<51>Teknetinium51st PVO Regiment2000101000
1DarkRaiderssIndependent Pilot2000101000
1ELMOIndependent Pilot2000101000
4<51>Frostie51st PVO Regiment1750101000
5(A/229) SHOWTIME1st Cavalry Division1125101000
6+12SaburoIndependent Pilot10523210012
7-1=STP= DefaultFaceSpare Time Pilots87510100-1
8+4MayerCZIndependent Pilot750220004
9-2AgostIndependent Pilot65011000-2
10-2KlarsnowIndependent Pilot60010100-2
10-2[MA] Justin CaseMaster Arms60010100-2
12+20No.310_LangMasterIndependent Pilot5752200020
13New ComerabeIndependent Pilot50011000New Comer
14-3FF*RFJackFirmament Fighters Squadron48010100-3
15-29./JG27 MAD9. Jagdgeschwader 2742010100-2
16+10FiksIndependent Pilot4092200010
17-3FF*CMF*04Firmament Fighters Squadron39010100-3
18-3104th_Stuge104th Phoenix Squadron33010100-3
19+5SLO-MatIndependent Pilot328220005
20-14./JG26_Kraut!Air Combat Group30010100-1
21-1CroncatIndependent Pilot28010100-1
21-1JaxMaster Arms28010100-1
21-1SmokeIndependent Pilot28011000-1
21-1[MA][132nd] BulldogMaster Arms28010100-1
25=RBF= MR556Independent Pilot220110000
26New ComerVAT=irss=alexInternational Russian-Speaking Squad16511000New Comer
279./JG27 DavidRed9. Jagdgeschwader 27120101000
28+556RAF_BootIndependent Pilot118220005
29-1LevelIndependent Pilot9110100-1
30-1SoltyIndependent Pilot7610100-1
31-1KyridiousIndependent Pilot6111000-1
31-1reflectedIndependent Pilot6111000-1
33New ComerDmitriy =FIN=Independent Pilot4311000New Comer
34New Comer=STP= SchnarreSpare Time Pilots4211000New Comer
35New ComerK-51Independent Pilot4111000New Comer
36-2Stretch_JMIndependent Pilot3711000-2
37-2?Independent Pilot2811000-2
38-268th_TizzKizzIndependent Pilot2111000-2
39New ComerReaverIndependent Pilot1911000New Comer
39New ComerScruggsIndependent Pilot1911000New Comer
41New Comer-Slayer-Independent Pilot1811000New Comer
42-5Cpt. HectorIndependent Pilot1611000-5
43-5MangousteIndependent Pilot1511000-5
44-556RAF_phoenixIndependent Pilot1411000-5
44-5slyflyIndependent Pilot1411000-5
44-5TheBalanCIndependent Pilot1411000-5
47New Comeraltair24Independent Pilot1211000New Comer
48New ComerHansIndependent Pilot711000New Comer
48New Comer[DoW] Head HunterDogs of War711000New Comer

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