104th and SimHQ To Host “DCS:A-10C Fly In”

Initially Posted by polecat via 104th Phoenix Homepage The 104th Phoenix Squadron in conjunction with SimHQ.com is hosting a DCS A-10C fly-in on the 104th Dedicated A10-C server ALL DAY Saturday, Sept 24th, 2011. There’s no RSVP, no sign up, no application fee, no minimum aptitude test, and no cup to pee in. Just start up DCS A-10C Multiplayer, log on with your ED Master Login, look for the 104th Phoeinx server, hop on (no password) and get your Hog on! Registered SimHQ users can log on to SimHQ’s Teamspeak 3 server: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3137414.html Not registered on SimHQ? Registration is fast and easy: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/newuser.html Missions in the line-up: Operation Sudden Hammer: an airfield attack and interdiction mission with some mountain/canyon engagement action. Fulda Gap: World War III retro mission set in 1989 (=> no/discouraged TGP) prevent an armoured regiment from the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany from pouring through the Fulda Gap and capturing Frankfurt, Germany. In our case we use the Khashuri pass in Georgia to simulate the famous Fulda Gap. In this mission you are facing the Russian first team, so need to fly relatively low (there are SA-10s back at Russian divisional HQ, so if you very fly high you better be very good at dodging missiles). Pirates of the Crimean: naval search and destroy for pirates attacking shipping in the Black Sea. Once the pirate vessels are located and destroyed you then destroy the coastal pirate bases. This mission starts and dusk and continues into the night. Great fun with the Night Vision Goggles and systems of the A-10C. Operation Rampant Bear: Simulation of the 2008 South Ossetian War, with A-10C added. Operation Liberty: Russia has decided that it wants to take Georgia by force. It has formed a coalition with local Insurgents and Israel. Georgia with help from the US is defending it’s territory in the name of liberty. Operation Moonshield: Six months ago, the world stood in awe when the biggest archaeological discovery of mankind was announced by a German team from the University of Heidelberg. Remains of a 120,000 year old capital city were discovered in western Georgia. The German team began drilling and made a huge discovery. Quickly after this the Russian army came in, kidnapped the archaeologists, and took over the entire area. What exactly was discovered is unknown, but it was important enough that Georgia was invaded by the Russian army to gain control of the find. In a desperate attempt for military support, Russian intelligence services sold information about the discovery to the Israeli secret service ‘Mossad’. Israeli forces were then sent to Georgia to support Russia and keep control of the area. A mission schedule is available here Da Rules: In order to ensure fun play for everyone, there are some ground rules and/or guidelines listed below. In general, if a player is disrupting everyone else’s good time, they will be kicked and/or banned. Shoot to Kill, Play to Have Fun. It’s not just a motto, it’s…ok, well, actually it is just a motto, but it’s a pretty good one. Play nice. No team-killing, consensual or otherwise. No obscene language, VOIP or text. Not all folks enjoy obscene language, even if meant in good humor. Other folks may have friends/family reading the chat messages over their shoulder or listening in on external speakers and may hear what you intended as a closed room comment. Use push-to-talk on your VOIP program. Read the chat bar and send text messages (TAB key) for important comms in addition to broadcasting over VOIP (not everyone may using the same VOIP program). Not everyone needs to be certified in brevity code (and not everyone is!) but be Clear and Concise. Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brevity_code Another link from Panther: http://www.pantherden.net/Training%20Doc/Training%20Material/Manuals/brevity.pdf There will be an “active runway” at each airbase that includes a preferred direction for takeoff/landing. Ask if you’re not sure. Do not go against the flow, even if it means a longer flight or taxi. Declare an emergency in chat within ten miles of the airbase if you must go against the active runway heading and call for a clear runway and state how far out you are in miles and minutes. Stop and announce intentions before rolling onto a runway, even if just taxiing “quickly” across. Tip: Check the surrounding area for other players using the F10 map view. Don’t back taxi down a runway unless there’s no other way to go. Even then, announce it to the group. The priority order when there’s a conflict for runway or taxiway access is as follows: 1) Emergency (damage or low fuel) 2) Landing 3) Taking off 4) Taxiing to runway 5) Taxiing from runway In the event of a priority tie “Got There First” and “Right of Way” (i.e., if the other vehicle is to your right, you let them go ahead of you) are the tie breakers. Clear the runway as fast as possible after landing and then announce it: “Skippy5 is clear of the active runway!” Remember, we’re all here to have fun. If you find yourself not having fun, angry or upset, step away from the Warthog HOTAS for a few minutes, cool down, and then rejoin. And, of course, please let me know in the SimHQ forum or via PM what we can do better next time. Any questions? Post them at SimHQ, here or contact 104th_Moa.

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