Cracking Performance From Lui51

From the raging air battles of the 51st dedicated server rises a new callsign : Lui51.
Over 6 in kill-to-death ratio, best Su-27, Su-33 and F-15 performance, around 500 points lead over runner-up Nco_Koj, the figures speak for themselves.

It is still not the end of the month yet and competition for the top positions is fiercer than ever. The 51st server is definitely back to its best as the current activity level attests.
Join the online action and take up the challenge facing the best DCS virtual fighter pilots.

18 Responses to Cracking Performance From Lui51

  • Care to guess who is hiding under this name?

    Yep. Our friend Zerol

  • Thanks Case, indeed, I was wondering whether Lui51 was a new comer or a veteran pilot using a different name. It’s unlikely that such figures come from someone new with no MP experience.

    I would like to congratulate you guys for letting him fly on your server. I’m pretty sure too you guys are keeping a close eye on his activity and I’m very confident Zerol behaves the right way now.
    It’s a shame he uses a different Callsign though.

  • I doubt he is behaving the right way now. He’ll be banned when I catch him on the server.

  • I understand your point. If I was him, I wouldn’t use a different name, I would rather come to you, ask for a fresh start and provide evidence if necessary. I think the language barrier might play as well. Anyway SA Rankings will follow whatever you guys decide about his points this month.

  • He has been given a fresh start on more than one occasion in multiple servers by people who spoke his language.

    His stats on the 51st server have been reset.


  • Thanks for the heads up Case.

  • Thank you for your attention to my modest person, and for the appreciation of my skills. I see there is a ban – the reason “it Zerol” But if I’m esteemed admins say what I was accused and download track evidence, I will not come to their server. I contend that the modifications do not use any file and is ready to upload track in response to accusing the track.
    Sorry for google translate)

  • Hi Zerol, no apologies, I use Google translator myself when posting on Russian forums ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think you have made a good move now by letting everybody know that you are ready to provide evidence if necessary. I, personally, know that you are a great pilot, it’s a shame not having you on the MP skies because of those cheating stories.

    But on the other hand, this is something you should have done a while ago, using different names wont help and it will just encourage server admins to stick to their position as their primary goal is to provide a clean and transparent MP environment, so when someone, accused of cheating does not prove or even tries to prove his innocence, they have no choice but the ban hammer…

    Good news is that often it’s never too late to make the right thing, so I will try to bring Case’s attention over here so you can communicate and hopefully sort it out once and for all.

    Good job again Zerol for your attitude please keep it up and stay cooperative with the admins.

  • Thank you for your reply. I sometimes fly under other nicknames because my nickname is banned. I am always ready for a constructive conversation. My point: if the admin or someone upload the track of my cheating, I apload my track and the community can evaluate the correctness of the charges. All charges, without a track, I think false accusations and did not answer them.

  • Originally posted by Breakshot via 51st Forums

    This is old news and just more of the same. yadi yadi yadi… bs

    The ban is permanent! We have plenty of evidence on our end starting from FC1 days. Like pitch dark night flights with perfect SA, constant no radar flying, visual SA with no LOS etc. And this is not even taking into account stuff from his former RAF squad (from which he was booted for cheating), and other conclusions by 3sqn and 104th, just to name a few.

    So, this matter has been closed long time ago.

    If he wants something done about it then he should post on our forums for starters, and stop trying to fly on our server with different names and proxies.

    Ill leave Case to make any changes in regards to any server bans.

    Ok. They decide everything for themselves. Just let them load the at least one proof of this is not hard?

  • Zerol, you have had plenty of chances. We spend our money to run our server and provide people a place to enjoy the game. On so many occasions have you ruined the game play for others that we will not allow you to fly on our server. We are not obliged to provide any new proof; there is already enough proof out there.

  • It is interesting to see) I do not ask any new evidence – Put the old proof pls . The fact that you got me banned on the basis of LO1 because I killed it very much.
    Show me proof of my foul play where and by whom and when they are nearest to download? I would argue that any experienced pilot 51, or 104 UVAF and others on the result as well I, or better.
    Follow the logic. I am in any event, if desired, without any problem I come to your server. I just made โ€‹โ€‹you an offer if you want to be on the server of the legal Zerol, and that every pilot is able to assess whether or not cheat in the case that if I do that it is impossible to get a complaint and then you get the long-awaited proof.

  • Read the posts above. The ban is permanent and for us the discussion is closed.

  • Originally posted by Case via 5st Froums

    We are not obliged to give you anything. This is our server, we spend our money on running it, and we can decide who we will allow to fly on our server and who we will not allow to fly on our server.

    ัˆ say You please, then say so. Do not be groundless accusation, the server who you want to let it, and I accept. A sling mud at anyone, or this is the dirt.

  • Hi Zerol,

    I see you’re quoting 51st members’ posts from their own forums here. Why you don’t just reply there, it would make much more sense to bring the discussion to their own forums.
    I tried to do something about it in a peaceful way, but after all it’s their own server and they will have the last word in this case.

  • This is a quote from their forum. Thank you very much for your support.

  • Maybe they deleted my account on their forum, I could not log to login

  • I have sent you an email Zerol.

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