Video: A-10C Ride With Ralfidude

Here is a cool video of ralfidude’s A-10C ride from Batumi to Gudauta with radio chatter along the way. Wingmen were Slowhand and Chrico. This mission was during Operation Joint Warrior and task was to wipe out SHORAD systems and ground targets at Gudauta.

Low Land Tiger Meet 2014

What is LLTM?

The Lowland Tiger Meet is a LAN (Local Area Network) party. A LAN was originally invented to be used for boring things like file-sharing. But you can also use a LAN for more exciting things like multiplayer gaming. When we talk about multiplayer gaming, the biggest advantage with a LAN setup compared to the internet, is the huge available bandwidth. It offers a much higher connection-speed which results in less lag (if any at all).

There are a lot of LAN-party organizations, but the Lowland Tiger Meet isn’t just another LAN-party. The LLTM is the major European LAN-party (event) for various (military) flight simulations. In this respect the LLTM is an unique event that has no comparison with any other LAN-party or organization.

The Lowland Tiger Meet event is inspired on the real life NATO Tigermeet. Fighter squadrons bearing the Tiger symbol in their patch come together to fight, learn and socialize. This is what the LLTM is all about. Brotherhood, flying and learning while doing it.

2014 Missions for DCS World simulator

  • Low Level Navigation challenge
  • First Strike (SEAD)
  • DogFight Compo
  • Bomber Escort (BVR)
  • Ground Assault (CAS)
  • FoxHunt

Venue Pictures…cation-photos/


DCS World: Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team

Slamraam probably releasing here one of his very best videos, beautiful editing, awesome skins, and jaw-dropping flying combined to a very smart musical pick. DCS World has never looked that beautiful. After GA’s great TV commercial for DCS, here’s Slamraam’s latest masterpiece for you to enjoy! Thanks guys for being excellent at showing how wonderful DCS can be.

DCS World TV Commercial By ‘GA’

In October 2013, Glowing Amraam AKA ‘GA’, ED’s official movie-maker worked on a tv commercial video for DCS World/Flaming Cliffs 3. He made 2 videos, each 30 seconds long. The Flaming Cliffs 3 version was for the Russian market, while the DCS World version was for the US market.

This video contains all footage used in both videos. He had to wait a while before going public with this video, but here it is.

Eagle Dynamics obtained permission to use music by “Two Steps From Hell” – “Invincible”.

The 30 seconds “DCS World” video will air on “The Military Channel” in march 2014.

Feel free to subscribe for more videos from “GA” at:

Glimpse Of The Upcoming AFM’s In DCS World

Eagle Dynamics are still working on the new flight models for the F-15C and Su-27S in DCS World.
We’ve come across a short Su-27 landing video featuring the progress made so far and we were amazed by what we saw. The plane appeared to fly much differently, there seemed to be more forces and frictions acting dynamically on the plane, and the combination of all these variables appeared to make the plane fly in a much more realistic fashion.

It gets even better on and after touchdown. Gear suspensions interact way more than before, and the aircraft does not glue to the runway anymore making post touch down much more unforgiving and challenging. Smokes add a lot of realism as well. Long story short those advanced flight models will definitely boost the overall DCS experience. Virtual pilots will need to adapt and use more proficiency to maneuver the aircraft and this could lead to tricky situations especially at close quarters.

So after brand new 3D external models and 6 Depth of Field cockpits we will soon be getting advanced flight models. What’s left for a 100% hard core combat flight simulation experience? fully click-able cockpits and advanced avionics! Well in these circumstances there is every reason to believe that it would be planned as well and it does make sense. The smooth transition from survey Flaming Cliffs series to study DCS titles is on the way.

For comparison, here are 2 shorts videos showing an Su-27S landing. One is real and the other is from an internal DCS built: Very close I would say!

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