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DCS World: Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team

Slamraam probably releasing here one of his very best videos, beautiful editing, awesome skins, and jaw-dropping flying combined to a very smart musical pick. DCS World has never looked that beautiful. After GA’s great TV commercial for DCS, here’s Slamraam’s latest masterpiece for you to enjoy! Thanks guys for being excellent at showing how wonderful DCS can be.

Glimpse Of The Upcoming AFM’s In DCS World

Eagle Dynamics are still working on the new flight models for the F-15C and Su-27S in DCS World.
We’ve come across a short Su-27 landing video featuring the progress made so far and we were amazed by what we saw. The plane appeared to fly much differently, there seemed to be more forces and frictions acting dynamically on the plane, and the combination of all these variables appeared to make the plane fly in a much more realistic fashion.

It gets even better on and after touchdown. Gear suspensions interact way more than before, and the aircraft does not glue to the runway anymore making post touch down much more unforgiving and challenging. Smokes add a lot of realism as well. Long story short those advanced flight models will definitely boost the overall DCS experience. Virtual pilots will need to adapt and use more proficiency to maneuver the aircraft and this could lead to tricky situations especially at close quarters.

So after brand new 3D external models and 6 Depth of Field cockpits we will soon be getting advanced flight models. What’s left for a 100% hard core combat flight simulation experience? fully click-able cockpits and advanced avionics! Well in these circumstances there is every reason to believe that it would be planned as well and it does make sense. The smooth transition from survey Flaming Cliffs series to study DCS titles is on the way.

For comparison, here are 2 shorts videos showing an Su-27S landing. One is real and the other is from an internal DCS built: Very close I would say!

DCS Multiplayer Back On Track

DCS_World_180v5We are pleased to underline ED’s lastest efforts to improve the stability of the multiplayer mode in DCS. After months of approximate bug tracking and solving, we finally see ED stepping in with much more determination as they officially release the 1.2.7 open beta version with the aim to team up with the owners of the multiplayer servers that would like to volunteer to take part in this endeavor.

Moreover, the last DCS build allows the server to generate a track file of the mission even in the case of a crash. A brand new forum has also been created to be dedicated solely to bug tracking and reporting. It is undeniable that ED have now shifted more attention and resources to improving the overall stability of the game and the recent provided tools and new approach prove it.

1.2.7 may be the version that we have all been waiting for since the glorious days of the FC2 era. We may get back to large scale force on force tactical events using DCS to its full potential. Hopes are high and some of the iconic servers are already running the beta version.

DCS World and Module Soundtrack

DCS_soundtrack_artist_Konstantsin_KuzniatsouAlmost every time I fire up my DCS World, I end up freezing in front of my screen for few minutes while listening to the awesome soundtrack kicking in. So I’ve decided to dig in a bit and ended up on Konstantsin Kuzniatsou‘s page over at
This is for all those who would like to listen to the mighty DCS soundtracks at will, you could also set up your own playlist, play it while behind the stick or just whenever you wish!
On the top of the page, there is the soundtrack of the upcoming F-15C DCS module, an absolute masterpiece.

Hold on guys, how about a poll? ok here we go, pick your favorite DCS music!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams 2013

Initially posted by VH-Rock on ED forums:

It is with sheer delight that we can announce that this years prestigious VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams) event will be streamed live, right here, on Virtual-Aerobatics.Com in our new ‘Live Events Area‘. The Live events area not only displays the live stream of the event, but also features a dedicated chat system which will allow you to login (Either with Facebook or an email address) and chat to other pilots throughout all of the flying – This means that you can comment and chat to others whilst your favourite team is flying! The official VFAT livestream chat will also be available for you to comment on, but is deactivated during teams displays. Virtual Aerobatics will be providing full coverage of the build up to the event and throughout the weekend on the live events area and on our Facebook Page.

Throughout the course of the VFAT weekend, we will be hosting multiple competitions where you can get your hands on Virtual-Aerobatics.Com T-shirts, A full license for VEAO Simulations yet to be released ‘DCS: Hawk ‘ module and much more!

This years events takes place on Dec 6th/7th & 8th and features many of the worlds most popular virtual aerobatic teams such as the Virtual Blue Angels and the VAT Berkuts, but also features several new teams and interesting solo displays showing just what is possible in DCS World and Flaming Cliffs 2. We’re proud to be supporting several members of our community who are participating in this years show.

As we get closer to the event, more information about the streaming, including show schedules, competition times and the addition of a new key sponsor, with some fantastic prizes to give away, will be posted. Keep checking back, VFAT is almost here!
Keep an eye on more updates to come as we get closer to VFAT 2013 on

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