DCS Past Battles

Top Gun 2 – The Birth of an Ace

top gun r2_ae A few people would have expected Top Gun 2 to succeed given that the 1.5 Beta version of DCS only came out recently and the stability of the game was not something we could take for granted. However, it did and in a fantastic fashion.

The TAW gents were excellent at hosting the event, investing a considerable time into setting up the servers and testing extensively the mission itself alongside its designer Stuge, on top of acting as referees for the massive 79 matches over the course of 4 days. We are glad to have a professional team and a great asset like TAW led by OverG, DutchBaron and SkyCap as a full member of the SA family.
Top Gun 2 would not have been such a success without the contribution of the 104th clan by hosting a portion of the many fights that took place. Mr Riptide brilliantly refereed those matchs while providing excellent after-action reports.

Now, let’s focus on what happened in the Top Gun skies and frankly you could only start with the incredible performance of Stuge. Through displaying unparalleled BFM skills, Stuge has not only won the competition but also without loosing a single round! Stuge has also achieved the same result in both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments! These facts speak for themselves; Stuge was simply in a class of his own and it’s only fair to see such a great champion emerge as the new DCS world number 1 fighter pilot.

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RF2 BattleFacts: KombatMilc and Honos Stun!

KombatMilc stealthy kills

Resounding success for Su-27 pilot, KombatMilc upon second participation only with three mind-boggling stealthy kills at the expense of some of the very best DCS pilots.

Following the success of Red Flag 1, virtual pilots set off for another three-hour round of online air combat on the 104th “Heliopolis” server on May 30.

The concept of the battle remained the same as for all Red Flag events: outnumbered OPFOR pilots from the 51st and 104th fighter squadrons defending the airspace and ground troops against an attacking coalition force, also called the challengers.

Unlike RF1 where OPFOR came out on top with a comfortable lead, this time, the battle turned out to be very tight as only 60 points in favor of the challengers, separated the two sides at the end.


Detailed results of this battle are available including team and pilot scoring; you can also watch a tactical recording, put together by 104th Maverick by visiting the RF2 official result page.

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RF1 BattleFacts: The Black Eagles Reign Supreme

104th_black_eagle First edition of the virtual Red Flag has seen another great online battle that gathered some of the best virtual pilots in the DCS community. Much like the first event of the series, RF1 was about 104th and 51st pilots teaming up as the Aggressor team to stand in the way of a coalition force made of independent pilots as well as members of other DCS squadrons like the 77th Savage, the Ukrainian Virtual Air Force, the 71st, the 57th and The Art of Warfare. This edition has also seen the first participation of the pilots from the Belarusian Wings wearing the =BK= tag. Continue reading

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