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Top Gun 3 – Stuge and Razer Blast Past the Competition

tg3_banner_flares_medium Top Gun is a DCS online dogfighting tournament organized in association with the Art of Warfare squadron, the 104th Phoenix squadron and the 51st PVO Regiment in an attempt to provide DCS virtual pilots with a competitive environment that would allow them to practice BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuvers) and hone their skills in the art of dogfighting.

In this competition, participants go head to head in 1v1 or 2v2 formats trying to shoot each other down using short-range heat-seeking missiles and internal guns only.

After two successful rounds, Top Gun was back in its third edition featuring some of the finest pilots the DCS community has to offer:

Defending champion Stuge achieved an incredible performance by winning again both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments.
His first match in 1v1 against Teknetinium proved to be his toughest; Stuge managed to score a kill in the first round with an R-73 missile but failed to exit the combat station, which forced the round to be replayed.

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PlaiskooL leads the Pack in Red Flag 5

PlaiskooL  patrolling over Nevada during Red lag 5

PlaiskooL patrolling over Nevada during Red Flag 5 – Screenshot by Zionid

The Virtual Red Flag event series organized in association with the 104th Phoenix Squadron continues to gain popularity; five rounds have already been run so far with the participation of hundreds of virtual pilots and thousands of viewers and followers from all over the globe.

Just like its real counterpart, the purpose of Virtual Red Flag is to train pilots from the various online squadrons and wings in a virtual air combat environnement using DCS’s high-fidelity NTTR map to simulate real world’s Nevada Test and Training Range used in the actual Red Flag.

Participating pilots are then split up into two teams: Blue Forces (pilots undergoing training) and Red Forces (Adversary or Aggressor squadron).

The “Aggressor squadron” is made up of the top fighter pilots in the SA Rankings and are meant to be outnumbered at least 2 to 1 in order to keep the aerial battle competitive.

That did not prevent Red Forces from prevailing by scoring an impressive 900 points and proving once again that experience and tactics are more important than numbers.

Plaiskool from France greatly contributed to Red victory as he downed 5 enemy fighters, which has awarded him RF5’s prestigious MVP title and propelled him right up to the top position in the 2016 Race and to number four overall.

Reigning champion and three-time hall of famer Stuge from the 104th Squadron achieved the second best air-to-air performance with 3 aerial kills, deepening the gap with immediate pursuer Ocelot as well as reinforcing the domination of the 104th Phoenix in the Squadron Rankings.

SF squadron leader Bushmanni continues his run of good form and his victim this time around was Juju from the 159th. Bushmanni is still number 3 in both 2016 and the overall rankings.

51st Regiment’s Frostie was also among the top performers in this Red Flag with one confirmed kill over Presing from 104th; this result has awarded Frostie the 7th place overall and the top spot in the Su-27 category.

Another player who has been doing consistently well over the last events is redcoreSix from TAW squadron; The German pilot continues to gather momentum as he achieves a rather huge jump in the rankings, going from 58th to 19th with a total score of 1158 points.

The biggest jump in the rankings though came from 104th’s Octuplefire who devoured 44 spots on his way up to 24th place, his highest ranking so far. Last Top Gun champion Razer was the first to bite the dust against Octuplefire then an encounter with Holimoli ended up on both pilots mutually shooting each other down.

Air-to-ground wise, there wasn’t too much action involved as Blue Forces failed to provide the necessary air superiority that would of allowed their strikers to inflict significant losses to Red ground forces, therefore only a few kills were registered by Chico from RvE, Toast and Archer from the 159th.

Sweeper and Wizard: Tip of the Spear in Joint Warrior 5


Sweeper from the Fighting 99th Air Wing Firing an AIM-7M Sparrow air-to-air missile during Joint Warrior 5

The 5th round of the Joint Warrior battle series is over and what a great action-packed event it turned out to be! Here is what in my opinion stood out from the two prelims and the final battle:

Who were the top MVPs this time around?

Sweeper from the Fighting 99th Air Wing made a strong impression in the final battle after missing the preliminary match; the American Eagle driver has pulled off an amazing performance after downing 4 enemy fighters , thus leading team Red to victory in their final clash against the 104th-led coalition.

Air-to-ground-wise and after missing the latest events, the Su-25 guru Wizard from Death Wings (UVAF squadron) has made a resounding return into the spotlight; the Ukrainian striker was a nightmare to his opponents, pulverizing nothing less than 27 ground targets, which is worth a total of 240 points!

Other noteworthy performances

The 51st Regiment must be very happy to have recently recruited Holimoli as the man is proving himself a force to be reckoned with: right after a solid performance in Top Gun 2, Holimoli has come back again to score the second best air-to-air performance in JW5 with 3 kills on Aleman, Tunther and Jamison.

The 104th continued to impress and prove they have multiple talented pilots in their ranks: Knight has been the revelation this time around as he downed 4 enemy fighters including some big names such as Frostie and Soviet; although he got shot down towards the very end, this first big performance from Knight has earned him a spot in the top 20.

The ground pounding area was also action-packed as another pilot has also risen from the ranks: Dackster, a Reservoirs Elite pilot riding an Su-25 made quick work of 19 enemy ground units; needless to say that this is worth a lot of point; Dackster has also had to deal with an encounter with an enemy F-15C! not only he survived the duel but has also won it by downing his enemy although damage taken from this encounter had forced him to eject on his way back. It’s great to see the legendary RvE squad revived and back in the PvP spotlight again after many years of absence.

There has also been some solid flying shown by several pilots such as Rage, Jester, Stuge, Plaiskool, Nighmare, Frostie, Honos, Omny and Scooter; These guys have all shown great skills and rightfully earned their spots on JW5’s MVP list.

Battle For Top Spot

Stuge and Ocelot were battling this out in Joint Warrior 5. These two men have been going toe-to-toe since Stuge had been crowned after his Top Gun double title back in December. Red Flag 4 had seen Ocelot snatching that top spot and it’s finally Stuge who reclaimed it back this time around after a stumbling performance from his rival. Stuge also moves to third place in the air-to-air hall of fame with two months now spent as the undisputed air-to-air champion.

Air-to-ground-wise, Honos had accumulated enough lead in the previous events to stay comfortably seated at the very top of the rankings; Honos has been the top bomber pilot in DCS for 5 months so far and only needs two more to become the all time best.

The squadron rankings have not changed a lot with 104th and the 71st still reigning respectively in the air-to-air and air-to-ground categories. Country-wise, Sweeper’s performance has allowed the US to close in the gap on Finland while Rage gave the UK enough boost to move past the Republic of Ireland.

Detailed data about Joint Warrior 5 is available on the After Action Report and MVP pages listed below:

Red Flag 4 – Ocelot Inches Past Stuge to Top Spot


Ocelot and Bushmanni from SF squadron performing a formation landing

BattleFacts will once again attempt to go over the main events and best performances that highlighted the fourth round of the DCS Red Flag battle series. We will also look into newly reached milestones as well as providing an insight of what will be at stake ahead of the upcoming events.

Pilot Tribute & BattleFacts

  • SF_Ocelot got his third MVP performance of the season in RF4 and second back-to-back in the Red Flag series after his achievement in RF3. Moreover, out of the 6 air battles that Ocelot participated in, he ended up at least runner up on four occasions! Very few players have showed or even came close to Ocelot’s consistency. This great accomplishment has also allowed him to inches past Stuge to top spot the air-to-air rankings and subsequently earn a place in the very exclusive air-to-air hall of fame!

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  • With two second places and one third place in the last 3 competitions, Bushmanni who also happens to be Ocelot’s squadron mate has also been very much in the spotlight. The man behind the now well established SF squadron is also a first-rate pilot who has been on a steady ascension in the rankings. His latest performance in the last Top Gun competition on top of his achievement in RF4 have earned him a place in the top 3!

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  • Ocelot’s and Bushmanni’s combined performances have also translated into a great boost in the squadron rankings for the SF team, the Finnish squadron is consolidating its second place and is closing the distance on 104th, the current leader. SF is now a force to be reckoned with in the air superiority arena and upcoming battles will probably bring more stories amid this exciting new rivalry.

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  • TwinScroll was behind the second best performance of this Red Flag round. This comes as no surprise from the same man who shot down 5 enemy aircraft in Joint Warrior 4. TwinScroll is already among the top 6 A2A pilots and it did not take him more than two battles to rack up more than 3000 points. A lot of potential to say the least!

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  • Solid performances as well from many other pilots as Pyromaniac, fixen, 104th_Stuge, Frollo, Maverick and jimmy_neytron who played a key role in a battle that proved to be very tight score-wise as only 50 points (one aircraft worth) separated the two sides at the end.

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