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Top Gun 2 – The Birth of an Ace

top gun r2_ae A few people would have expected Top Gun 2 to succeed given that the 1.5 Beta version of DCS only came out recently and the stability of the game was not something we could take for granted. However, it did and in a fantastic fashion.

The TAW gents were excellent at hosting the event, investing a considerable time into setting up the servers and testing extensively the mission itself alongside its designer Stuge, on top of acting as referees for the massive 79 matches over the course of 4 days. We are glad to have a professional team and a great asset like TAW led by OverG, DutchBaron and SkyCap as a full member of the SA family.
Top Gun 2 would not have been such a success without the contribution of the 104th clan by hosting a portion of the many fights that took place. Mr Riptide brilliantly refereed those matchs while providing excellent after-action reports.

Now, let’s focus on what happened in the Top Gun skies and frankly you could only start with the incredible performance of Stuge. Through displaying unparalleled BFM skills, Stuge has not only won the competition but also without loosing a single round! Stuge has also achieved the same result in both the 1v1 and the 2v2 tournaments! These facts speak for themselves; Stuge was simply in a class of his own and it’s only fair to see such a great champion emerge as the new DCS world number 1 fighter pilot.

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Squadron Air-to-Air Championship 2015 – Promotional Video

SATAC stands for Squadron Air to Air Championship; this will be the second edition after 2013, which saw the triumph of the 51st PVO Regiment over NFI in a thrilling final match on a score of 2 rounds to 1.

This PvP competition runs on a double knock out format meaning that each squadron must loose twice to exit the tournament. This means that no matter how things go, each squadron will have the opportunity to fly at least two matches, obviously more in case of victory.

Therefore, SATAC offers a valuable opportunity for Squadrons to test their skills in a very strict PvP environment where only teamwork and cohesion decide who will advance to the next stage of the competition.

Each round is a fighter sweep sortie where each side will try to control a specific airspace while denying the enemy the same either by forcing all opponents out of the bubble or by actually destroying them.

Both 4v4 and 6v6 are allowed, teams can rotate their pilots after each round and all matches will be best of 3 rounds, i.e, the winner will be the first team to win two rounds.

Even though it is a squadron based event, we also want to welcome lone wolves who can sign up and form teams for the purpose of this tournament.

This event will count for the air-to-air rankings. The dates of this competition will be determined as soon as DCS gets back the Integrity Check feature.

We look forward to seeing many DCS squadrons as well as lone wolves stepping up to the plate to make the most out of what we hope will be a great competition filled with action packed fights and loads of fun and thrills.


OPFOR 15-1: S77th Squadron, A Force To Be Reckoned With

f-15_dcs_oxidemako While Joint Warrior events got us used to see 104th Phoenix and 51st PVO going head to head, this time, the two iconic squadrons have joined forces in this first OPFOR event of 2015 to fly as the aggressor team, i.e the opposing force or OPFOR. The mission was to stand in the way of a coalition of 27 pilots (Redfor) made of independent pilots as well as some others coming from virtual squadrons. Redfor’s task was to inflict as much damage as possible to OPFOR air and ground assets.
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OPFOR 15-1: Official Results

opfor_results This is the official battle logs and scores of the last force on force online event OPFOR 15-1 flown this last Saturday. For accurate results, reconciliation has been used between both official 104th server logs (Servman) and data shown on the generated ACMI track.

Next step will be converting these results into SA points then update the SA rankings system accordingly alongside an after action report highlighting the best performances of this successful event.



Official Battle Logs

Use the search box below to find a pilot; click ‘+’ sign to view more details.

Pilot Weapon Victim Attacker Points Victim Penalty OPFOR Damage Redfor Damage Report Supporting Pilot 1Supporting Pilot 2
=71st=HonosKh-25MPSA-15 Tor400-40Ground kill at Maykop nonenone
S77th_PyromaniacAIM-120C104th_Mustang 50-50-508nm head onnonenone
104th_MustangAIM-120C=ScE=Thirdrail50-50-5010nm head on nonenone
104th_MaverickAIM-120CS77th_Bandit50-50-504nm flankingnonenone
104th_SpadeAIM-120CShadow50-50-5010nm head on nonenone
S77th_PyromaniacAIM-120C104th_Crow50-50-509nm head on nonenone
Red KnightAGM-65DzSU-23-2 Sergey100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
Red KnightAGM-65DSA-18 Igla50-5ground kill at Maykop nonenone
Red KnightAGM-65D4 x Soldiers40-4ground kill at Maykop nonenone
Red KnightAGM-65D2 x Strela-10M3200-20ground kill at Maykop nonenone
Oberst ZeisigAIM-120C<51>Frostie50-50-507nm head onnonenone
104th_HighwayAIM-120CKombatMilc50-50-5010nm head on nonenone
104th_MaverickAIM-120CMichael25-25-256nm flankingnonenone
Red KnightAGM-65DStrela-10M3100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
104th_BlackbirdAIM-120CJack Ice50-25-25Unkown ? reported by servman onlynonenone
104th_RIPTIDEAIM-120CM.K.AlMehrizi50-50-507nm flankingnonenone
<51>teknetiniumR-27ETRed Knight25-25-254nm flanking then Rage finished the target<51>Ragenone
=WRAG=OSA (A2G)CBU cluster bombs2 x Tanker ship500-50air to surface killnonenone
S77th_DoktormargAIM-120C104th_Knight50-50-5012nm head onnonenone
104th_DebomanR-27ETS77th_Gabriel50-50-505nm head onnonenone
S77th_PyromaniacAIM-120C104th_Presing50-50-5010nm head on nonenone
104cdt_Stuge AIM-120CS77th_Pyromaniac50-50-507nm head on divenonenone
104th_RIPTIDEAIM-120C=57th=Iberian50-50-5019nm head on shotnonenone
104th_RIPTIDEAIM-120C=57th=TUNTHER50-50-5019nm head on shotnonenone
OcelotAIM-120C104th_Highway50-50-507nm look up shotnonenone
104th_SpadeAIM-7MOberst Zeisig50-50-5010nm head on nonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29TSA-18 Igla50-5ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29T4 x Soldiers40-4ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29TZSU-23-4 Shilka100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29TOutpost 100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
<51>RageR-27ERSolidusbucket50-50-504nm chasenonenone
=WRAG=OSAR-73104th_Deboman50-50-50visual head on nonenone
nonenone=EDP71st=RuSh0-50-50Crashed landednonenone
MambaR-73104th_Spade50-50-50visual flakingnonenone
S77th_DoktormargAIM-120C104cdt_Stuge 50-50-50visual chasenonenone
OcelotAIM-120C104th_RIPTIDE50-50-50visual chasenonenone
WodanAIM-120C<51>Rage50-50-509nm head on nonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29T2 x ZSU-23-4 Shilka200-20ground kill at Maykop nonenone
TaccoZAIM-120C<51>teknetinium50-50-50visual flakingnonenone
=71st=HonosVikhr_M3 x M1A2 MBT300-30ground kill at Maykop nonenone
nonenoneTaccoZ0-50-50crashed on RTB ? prob out of fuelnonenone
PlaiskoolAIM-120C104th_Blackbird50-50-505nm head onnonenone
WodanAIM-7MOctuplefire50-50-50visual chasenonenone
104th_MaverickcannonWodan50-50-50visual chasenonenone
BushmanniAIM-120C104th_Maverick50-50-50visual chase=EDP71st=AlemaNnone
nonenone=WRAG=OSA0-50-50crashed loss of controlnonenone
=71st=HonosKh-29TzsU-23-4 Shilka100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=Honoskh-29TM10950-5ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=Honoskh-29TM10950-5ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=HonosVikhr_MM1A2 MBT100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone
=71st=HonosVikhr_MzsU-23-4 Shilka100-10ground kill at Maykop nonenone

Pilot Scoring

This is a recap for each participant, the logs table above will give you details about every kill, loss or assist.

Pilot Mission Score Aircraft Kill-Loss | Assist kills Points Losses Lost Points assists Assist Points
=71st=Honos159Su-25T12 – 0 | 0121590000
Ocelot100F-15C2 – 0 | 021000000
S77th_Doktormarg100F-15C2 – 0 | 021000000
S77th_Pyromaniac100F-15C3 – 1 | 031501-5000
104th_RIPTIDE100F-15C3 – 1 | 031501-5000
104th_Maverick75F-15C3 – 1 | 031251-5000
=WRAG=OSA (A2G)50Su-27 A2G1 – 0 | 01500000
Mamba50Su-271 – 0 | 01500000
Bushmanni50F-15C1 – 0 | 01500000
Plaiskool50F-15C1 – 0 | 01500000
Wodan50F-15C2 – 1 | 021001-5000
104th_Spade50F-15C2 – 1 | 021001-5000
=EDP71st=AlemaN25Su-270 – 0 | 10000125
Red Knight24A-10C5 – 1 | 05491-2500
<51>Rage12Su-271 – 1 | 11501-50112
=WRAG=OSA0Su-271 – 1 | 01501-5000
104th_Highway0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
104th_Mustang0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
104cdt_Stuge 0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
Oberst Zeisig0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
104th_Deboman0MiG-29S1 – 1 | 01501-5000
104th_Blackbird0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
TaccoZ0F-15C1 – 1 | 01501-5000
Jack Ice-25A-10C0 – 1 | 0001-2500
<51>teknetinium-25Su-271 – 1 | 01251-5000
Michael-25A-10C0 – 1 | 0001-2500
<51>Frostie-50Su-270 – 1 | 0001-5000
M.K.AlMehrizi-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
S77th_Bandit-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
104th_Knight-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
104th_Crow-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
Octuplefire-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
104th_Presing-50MiG-29S0 – 1 | 0001-5000
KombatMilc-50Su-270 – 1 | 0001-5000
=57th=Iberian-50MiG-29S0 – 1 | 0001-5000
=57th=TUNTHER-50MiG-29S0 – 1 | 0001-5000
Solidusbucket-50Su-270 – 1 | 0001-5000
Shadow-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
S77th_Gabriel-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000
=EDP71st=RuSh-50Su-330 – 1 | 0001-5000
=ScE=Thirdrail-50F-15C0 – 1 | 0001-5000

SA Points Conversion

Check out how SA points were officially awarded according to the results above here:

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