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Virtual Festival Of Aerobatic Teams 2011

Initially Posted by ‘Ells228’ via ED Forums. The VFAT Staff and over 100 virtual aerobatic pilots would like to invite you to the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams 2011. The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams or VFAT is a big international airshow like RIAT or MAKS and spectators will be able to watch the demonstrations flown LIVE through our VFAT TV. The pilots mostly simulate the displays of real aerobatic teams like the Patrouille Suisse, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Red Arrows, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse, however, many teams also create their own spectacular displays instead of simulating real life counterparts. Witness the result of another year of hard work by the pilots, simply for the enjoyment to the general public! Continue reading

=RAF= Hosting DCS:A-10C Championship

Initially Posted by =RAF=AfkMan via ED Fourms Dear friends, I suggest to everyone to attend the first event dedicated to the DCS: A-10C for the title of “Best pilot A-10C” The tournament organized by the =RAF=A-10C instructors and will be held on our server from 19th November to ….(until it finishes) Who wish to participate can leave your application below. Rules of the tournament can be found below. Let the strongest win!!! Continue reading

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SA Staff: We have received your update and your profile has been amended accordingly.

Hafody: Just tried the pilot registration again still a no go,

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Hafody: The pilots registration database not accepting new pilots

SA Staff: Please send inquiry to and we will assist you.

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