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VFAT 2013 Now Live On Virtual Aerobatics!

The very much anticipated Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams 2013 has kicked off today.
The VFAT is hosted this year by:, so head over there to witness the very best aerobatics teams and pilots putting on a great show of precision, coordination and discipline. Official schedule below:


Friday December 06

1700-1720 Viper East 1 x F-16C
1725-1740 Cygan’s Black Shark Demo 1 x Ka-50
1740-1800 HDF 59th Virtual Demo 1 x MiG-29
1800-1830 Patrulla Helibelula 5 x Ka-50
1835-1855 Virtual SoloTurk 1 x F-16CG
1900-2000 VAT Berkuts & Ukranian Falcons 7 x Su-27 + 3 x MiG-29C + 1 x MiG-29UB
2000-2030 VEAO Hawk Demo 1 x Hawk T1.A
2100-2130 RNLAF Apache/Viper Combo 1 x F-16 MLU & 1 x AH-64D
2130-2200 Break
2200-2215 Eagle West Demo 1 x F-15C
2215-2245 A-10 West Demo & Heritage Flight 1 x A-10C + 1 x F-15C + ?
2300-? VFAT Red Bull Air Race F-15C + Su-27

Saturday December 07

1200-1230 VAT King Cobras 2 x Su-27
1230-1250 Polish Viper Demo 1 x F-16D
1255-1330 VAT Angels & Demons 5 x Su-27 + 4 x MiG-29A
1335-1350 Biele Albatrosy Solo 1 x L-39CM
1400-1500 Virtual Blue Impulse 6 x T-4
1500-1515 Rafale Solo Display 1 x Rafale C
1520-1540 Typhoon Solo 1 x BAE Typhoon
1545-1620 VAT=IRSS= 6 x La-7
1625-1645 Banana Solo Display 1 x Su-30
1645-1700 Belgian Viper Demo 1 x F-16A
1700-2010 Break
2010-2030 VFA-106 Legacy Hornet Demo 1 x F/A-18C
2030-2100 Polish MiG-29 Demo 1 x MiG-29UB
2100-2140 Jet-E-Sons 8 x Alphajet
2140-2200 Flanker C Demo 1 x Su-30M2
2200-2300 Virtual Patrouille Suisse 6 x F-5E
2300-2320 Strike Eagle Demo 1 x F-15E
2330-0000 Virtual Snowbirds 6 x CT-114
0000-0100 Patriots Jet Team 6 x L-39
0100-0200 Break and Unlimited Race Setup
0200-0300 VFAT Unlimited Air Race Final 10 x P-51D

Sunday December 08

1530-1545 VAT “Berkuts” Mig-29UB Solo 1 x MiG-29UB
1600-1640 APA Squadron 4 x MiG-29
1650-1710 VFA-106 Super Hornet Demo 1 x F/A-18F
1710-1800 Biele Albatrosy 6 x L-39CM
1800-1820 Swiss Hornet Demo 1 x F/A-18C + ??
1830-1910 VAT Skyline 6 x Su-27
1910-1930 VBDJT Solo 1 x L-39
1930-2020 Virtual Red Arrows 9 x BAE Hawks
2020-2040 Ace Maker T-33 1 x T-33
2040-2100 Shahdoh’s P-51 Demo 1 x P-51
2100-2200 Virtual Black Diamond Jet Team 4 x L-39 & 2 MiG-17
2200-2300 Virtual Blue Angels 5 x F/A-18C

VFAT 2013 Video Trailer By Slamraam

The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams or VFAT is a big international airshow like RIAT or MAKS.

The pilots mostly simulate the displays of real aerobatic teams like the Patrouille Suisse, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Russian Knights and Blue Impulse, however, many teams also create their own spectacular displays instead of simulating real life counterparts.

VFAT is currently the only virtual airshow where such a large group of teams gather to create an event of this size and since 2007, spectators can watch the event live using internet streaming technology.

VFAT takes place once a year and offers the opportunity for virtual aerobatic teams and solo pilots to present their hard work for the enjoyment to the general public!

Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams 2013

Initially posted by VH-Rock on ED forums:

It is with sheer delight that we can announce that this years prestigious VFAT (Virtual Festival of Aerobatics Teams) event will be streamed live, right here, on Virtual-Aerobatics.Com in our new ‘Live Events Area‘. The Live events area not only displays the live stream of the event, but also features a dedicated chat system which will allow you to login (Either with Facebook or an email address) and chat to other pilots throughout all of the flying – This means that you can comment and chat to others whilst your favourite team is flying! The official VFAT livestream chat will also be available for you to comment on, but is deactivated during teams displays. Virtual Aerobatics will be providing full coverage of the build up to the event and throughout the weekend on the live events area and on our Facebook Page.

Throughout the course of the VFAT weekend, we will be hosting multiple competitions where you can get your hands on Virtual-Aerobatics.Com T-shirts, A full license for VEAO Simulations yet to be released ‘DCS: Hawk ‘ module and much more!

This years events takes place on Dec 6th/7th & 8th and features many of the worlds most popular virtual aerobatic teams such as the Virtual Blue Angels and the VAT Berkuts, but also features several new teams and interesting solo displays showing just what is possible in DCS World and Flaming Cliffs 2. We’re proud to be supporting several members of our community who are participating in this years show.

As we get closer to the event, more information about the streaming, including show schedules, competition times and the addition of a new key sponsor, with some fantastic prizes to give away, will be posted. Keep checking back, VFAT is almost here!
Keep an eye on more updates to come as we get closer to VFAT 2013 on

DCS Race and Phoenix’s Nest Cancelled

We have decided to cancel the DCS 1000 air race as well as the Phoenix’s Nest tactical mission events.
The reason is that both events had been initially designed to run on earlier versions of DCS world which were more stable MP-wise.
Despite our effort to make the mission files as light as possible and after several testing sessions, we still have no guaranty it will run smooth on D-day, let alone run efficiently for 2 or 3 hours in a row.

Nevertheless, we are still planning to organize more events in the near future and hope that the game becomes more stable in the meantime. Unlike casual open events, SA tour missions are about PvP competition, so stability is a must to make the most out of it.
The good news is that we have accumulated experience over the last few weeks trying to edit the old files, therefore we believe that our upcoming events will be more in tune with the latest DCS World version and would enable us to resume the SA tour successfully.

Thanks to all the pilots who signed up for these 2 events. Stay tuned as action will be coming back soon!

Action To Resume After Summer Break

After discussing with our partners, we have decided to move our next events (Phoenix’s Nest tatical battle and DCS 1000 Air Race) to September after the summer break.

Exact dates will be announced couple of weeks before the kickoff to allow pilots that signed up to confirm their participation.

In the meantime, people that would like to participate but have not signed up yet, please let us know by posting your callsign, name of the event and unit to operate in this thread. You can either go for a free slot (check available slots in the recap below) or go for an already taken slot to have priority in case of a withdrawal. It will be on first come first served basis.

Here is a recap:

Operation Phoenix’s Nest:


A-10C 373rd_Chrico, 373rd_Daredevil
KA-50 373rd_Petritis, 373rd_Geo
SU-27 113rd_Silver, 113rd_Talos, 159th_Axion
F-15C 373rd_Panthir, 113rd_=GR=HUNTER
2x MIG-29S SFAL, DanielNL
Ground Commander 373rd_Greg
TOTAL : 12


F-15C NFI_651/bird-1, NFI_101/bird-2, NFI_107/bird-3, NFI_131/bird-18,NFI_790/bird-28, 138th.Jack, 138th.Torri
SU-27 138th.Zombie
SU-25T GROF.Olympus
1xA-10C [82nd]Ike, FREE SLOT
Ground Commander [82nd]Ghost0815

DCS 1000 Air Race:

DanielNL (MiG-29S),
=UVAF= Bond (Su-27), 138th.Jack (Su-27), =UVAF=Prok (Su-27), =DW=Wizard_VVS (Su-27 or A-10C), =DW=Omny (Su-27 or P-51)
Few free slots still available (Su-27 or MiG-29)



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