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DCS/FC : 51st Announcing another Dedicated GCI Weekend

Initially Posted by Case via ED Forums The 51st PVO Regiment will host a GCI weekend on our dedicated FC2/BS server. When: Coming weekend, September 9 to 11, evenings from 1700Z. Where: 51st PVO FC2/BS Server [] 51st PVO TS3 Server [] We will try our best to provide GCI controllers during the evenings of the weekend, starting from 1800Z. Using the LotATC v3.0.0 software, controllers will be able to direct flights/aircraft to the battle area and provide increased SA to participating pilots. Everyone who joins our Teamspeak to fly the event will be given a flight callsign and a specific TS channel in order to keep the communications organized. Anyone who doesn’t want to fly with GCI support is free to join the server as usual, but we encourage everyone to join as it’s much more fun Our controllers will be using English and will not provide GCI in any other language.

DCS/FC : 51st PVO Introducing The “Georgian Incident”

Initially Posted by <51>Soviet via ED Forums

August 1st, 2011 – The most renowned dynamic multiplayer campaign, The Georgian Incident, is set to resume. Featuring multi-squadron operations, turn based strategic maneuvers, resource management and live ground controllers… The Georgian Incident utilizes every asset of the industry leading simulation platforms by Eagle Dynamics: the DCS:KA-50 and Flaming Cliffs 2, to push virtual immersion to it’s limits. Each coalition will have the ability to manage resources, relocate and deploy units, draft and execute plans of action – which results in a fully dynamic front-line. For further details on rules and procedures please direct your attention to the attached SOPs.

Starting August 1st, squadrons that have actively participated in the previous installment of the campaign, The Crimean Incident, as well as those squadrons that we see active in the community will begin to receive invitation letters for this event. We are also open to review applications from squadrons that wish to participate but did not receive the invitation by August 5th, please direct your attention to our forum(link below).

Should Eagle Dynamics develop a compatibility patch for DCS:A-10C, the Georgian Incident campaign will expand to incorporate interested squadrons into the operations.

Upon hearing back from all of the invited squadrons and reviewing potential interested squadrons a meeting with officers of each participating squadron will be scheduled to address any concerns and set the campaign start date.

The Georgian Incident Website:

The Georgian Incident Discussions: (on the 51st ‘Bisons’ PVO Regiment board)

ATO – Air Tasking Order

Initially Posted by =STP=Dragon via ED Forums.
At the moment the DCS-onlineworld contains a lot of smaller groups and individual pilots.

Due to the lack of proper communication a lot of events take place with the rest of the community not even knowing about them.

This current state can be changed and help the community communciate and organize missions/trainings.

ATO is a web tool, which was programmed by 49th Roadrunner and 49th Quasar.

Its origins come from the Falcon 4 world, where it already has proven its worth.

A lot of Falcon squads use this tool to plan internal and “open to public” flights.

ATO has been adapted in the last months to support the DCS series and therefore the DCS community will be able to use it. Already it is in use by a few DCS-squads. Continue reading

DCS/FC : Squadron Air-To-Air Championship

Initially Posted by <51>X-man via ED Forums.

Lockon has had a lot of great community events. LOCERF, BSS, CI, CWE, OPFOR to name a few. These events aim at having a realistic environment and none of them catch a real competitive feel on a squad-to-squad level as you are involved in large coalition. SATAC is not aimed at being very realistic, all flights will be flown in a very ‘clean’ environment (no SAM). The focus will be on coordination, pilot skills and, of course, winning. Continue reading

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