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DCS/FC : What is DCS World?

Initially posted by Wags via ED Forums.

DCS World is a single, unified core for all DCS products to operate within. Rather than separate installations for each DCS products, the single DCS world interface allows the user to access all of their DCS products in a common user interface. DCS world also includes a DCS News service and will allow users to purchase DCS titles through the interface at a later point.

DCS World will be updated as DCS evolves with changes to the rendering system, AI units, AI logics, effects, etc. All aspect of the simulation, outside the flyable aircraft, add-on maps, and other paid-for content.

The current DCS World is still in beta and will evolve over time with new features.

The initial DCS World comes with a free flyable aircraft, the Su-25T (exported from Flaming Cliffs 2).

DCS : P-51D Mustang Available

Initially posted by Wags viaED Forums.


DUXFORD, UK, April 29, 2012 – The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics now offer “DCS: P-51D Mustang” as a digital download pre-purchase for $39.99. Pre-purchase also provides access to pre-release Beta versions of the title.

Pre-purchase “DCS: P-51D Mustang” at:…r=shop&lang=en
The Mustang was among the best and most well-known fighters used by the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. Possessing excellent range and maneuverability, the P-51 operated primarily as a long-range escort fighter and also as a ground attack fighter-bomber with bombs, rockets, and machine guns. The Mustang served in nearly every combat zone during WWII and proved to be what many consider the most successful fighter in history.

The DCS: P-51D Mustang offers both highly-detailed simulation and easy-to-play “game” mode options for both hardcore and casual gamers. When in simulation mode, this is the most authentic simulation of the P-51D Mustang that has ever been done for the PC. Enjoy both the thrill of flying this warbird and operating its various weapons against a variety of ground and airborne targets. Continue reading

Eagle Dynamics : April 2012 Newsletter

Moving to Core-Based System

Later in 2012, The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics will transition the DCS series to a core-based system. What do we mean by a core-based system? This means that the main DCS engine that includes the GUI interface will serve as the core that content modules plug into it. Such content could include vehicles, maps, campaigns, etc. This will allow purchased DCS content to be accessed through a single DCS core hub.
Not only will this allow previous and future DCS aircraft to be fully integrated, but it will also allow 3rd party content to be easily integrated into the DCS series.

DCS: P-51D Mustang Status

The Mustang is coming along nicely and is currently flying around the DCS world. Most of the focus is now on tuning the flight dynamics with input from a real Mustang operator. Other work continues on the P-51D audio, a very detailed engine model, missions, and the damage model. We will also include several authentic skins with the release product.

Open Beta Testing for Patches Coming

To better promote community involvement and have a much larger testing base, future DCS product patches will be available in beta version prior to final release. We hope this move will allow all customer voices to be heard prior to releasing a new patch and flush out any missed problems during internal testing. The next two patches will be for A-10C and Black Shark 2.

“DCS: P-51D Mustang” Pre-Purchase

As we did with “DCS: A-10C Warthog”, we will be offering P-51D as a pre-purchase. As a pre-purchase, customers will have access to beta versions of the product.

Paid For User Content Now Available from DCS Web Site

Now in the User Files section on the DCS page, you have the option to filter between All, Free, and Paid For files. The Paid For content allows a distribution channel for third party developers to sell their work.

Combined Arms and Flaming Cliffs 3 Update

Work also moved forward on these two products and we have some very interesting and fun new features in work for both products. More on those later.

The next DCS Jet

This DCS jet aircraft is still in its early stages and a lot can still change, even the aircraft itself. As such, we will not be announcing what aircraft this is until it is much further along.

To keep informed of latest developments, visit the forums at and

Online Shop:

FC2 Dog Fight Event March 12th @ 2000 GMT

Initially posted by B1 via ED Forums. Hey guys, Thought I’d announce this here on the ED forums as well. We’ve been reviving FC2 in our own community recently by holding a RED vs BLUE dog fight event. March 12th, Monday @ 2000 gmt we’ve got a 4 vs 4 planned, but can be increased depending on how many people we have RSVP. Come check us out and go to the following link for details: (you must register with FSF as only members have access to our TS server (ie slots are limited). We also use Hamachi. Information on it can be found in the General section > Hamachi testing and feedback. We’re all about having fun and sharing in the comraderie! Cheers, B1

DCS/FC : East vs West Red Flag

Initially posted by Riptide via =RF= 2012.1 – ED Forums.When:
Saturday 17-March 2012 Time: 18:00 – 21:00 GMT

Blue forces comms will be hosted on the 104th Phoenix TeamSpeak Server.

Red forces will be hosted at =RF= TS server

104th Dedicated Server. Password and IP address to be given during TS briefing

This will be a closed password required event. In order to sign-up, please post in the =RF= 2012 thread on the 104th forums for blue side and on =RF= forum for Red side,that you wish to join. Make sure to include the names of all the pilots you would like to have participate including their 104th forum user name so that they may be setup with access to their respective planning room. Also include your preferred side to fly, the type of aircraft, and the airbase for every pilot. Note that you may not get your preferred plane slot and may be allocated differently in the interest of team balance. Participants will be accepted up to 48 hours before the event if there are available slots still left. All squadrons and individual ‘lone wolf’ players are welcomed. Once you have been signed on to the event, you will have access to a private planning room for your chosen side, either Red or Blue. Continue reading

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