Escuadron 57

Escuadron 57 (57th Squadron) was created in 2012 by two virtual pilots from Colombia with the aim to gather online air combat enthusiasts who would work as a team in order to offer a server allowing people sharing this same hobby to fly and fight online in a friendly, organized and respectful environment.

We had initially started flying FSX’s F-18 Super Hornet and A330 MRTT tanker. Screenshots taken during missions, then published online, ended up attracting a lot of people from different countries. After the release of DCS World and the unification of DCS A-10C and Flaming Cliffs 3, 57th officially started flying combat missions. We, then, started getting many new virtual pilots joining our team from around the world.

DCS World, our new home, continued to grow and so did we. Today, we are proud to count more than 20 virtual combat pilots defending our colors, having logged hundred of flight hours. Through continuous backing over social media networks, our fans, followers and supporters have played a big role in making the 57th what it is today.

Since late 2013, we have begun partaking in online joint operations with pilots from other squadrons on our own servers. These partnerships allowed us to grow in numbers and ultimately enabled us to fly our first sanctioned international TvT battle during Joint Warrior 2 event in 2014.

Today our friendship, enthusiasm and passion for air combat has exceeded the boundaries of countries, cultures and languages and simply made us a great team of great people. Our main language is Spanish. Some of our members speak English and help us communicate and coordinate with pilots and squadrons from all over the world.

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