DCS/FC : 104th & =WRAG= GCI Session Live On 10/15/2011

Initially Posted By IronMike via ED Forums

On behalf of the 104th Phoenix VFBS and Wings of Russia Aviation Group, I am happy to invite you to our next common LIVE GCI EVENT.

(languages: English / Russian)

SATURDAY 15th October 2011. start: 1800 Zulu

The session will be hosted on the 104th phoenix dedicated server. (check FC2 / DCS BS server list)

To enjoy the ground controlled intercept fully you should of course join us on teamspeak! A live air traffic controller will direct you in your air to air combat!

Blue GCI will be provided in ENGLISH by a member from the 104th VFBS and Red GCI will be provided in RUSSIAN by a member from the =WRAG=

teamspeak access: IP: Port: 9102 Pass: phoenix

Upon entering teamspeak pls say hello to the GCI controller and tell him your callsign. Blue GCI callsign is MAGIC, Red GCI callsign is GOLIATH

If you want to take a closer look on our missions, server settings, etc. follow this link http://www.104thphoenix.com/modules….=viewforum&f=4

Normal 104th server rules apply. Maximum ping allowed is 400 – all pings below are welcome. Everybody can join at any time and jump in. If you are looking for additional info on our LIVE GCI, pls look at this thread: http://www.104thphoenix.com/modules….ewtopic&t=3298

Download 104th weapons mod for R77s on Su27 here: dl.dropbox.com/u/600721/104FlankerFulcrumGMod.rar

You have to be registered on www.104thphoenix.com in order see the links.

Many thanks to =WRAG=OSA and =WRAG= for their help and commitment!

See you all on Saturday, S!


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