104th ‘Phoenix’ Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron

The 104th Phoenix squadron was formed in February 2007 by close friends Ed “Manawar” Green and Paul “PoleCat” Johnston. Before this they were long standing members of the 169th Panthers. This is where their love for combat flight simulations began. Over these early years Paul and Ed grew from cadets to share the second in command role as squadron leaders of the 169th. Through this experience they developed their own leadership style and the vision to form a squadron of their own was born.

Today in 2013 the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter/Bomber squadron is still going strong with a solid time tested and stable infrastructure in place consisting of our own multiplayer dedicated and TeamSpeak 3 servers as well as an excellent website and forums. The 104th regularly hosts and participates in online multiplayer events for the ED/DCS flight simulation community and some of our members are part of the DCS beta testing team.

Since its conception The 104th Phoenix has been flying and supporting virtually all ED/DCS titles starting with Flaming Cliffs right up to the latest releases. These titles included Flaming Cliffs 2, Black Shark, Black Shark 2, and A-10C. Our new simulator of choice is DCS World which features most of the above mentioned titles in the form of plug in modules as well as an updated Flaming Cliffs 3 and Combined Arms module.

The one thing that makes the 104th so special is our membership and the friendships we have developed within the squad and the community at large. We are blessed to have some of the best skilled pilots that fly a mix of both fighters and strike aircraft. With a focus on teamwork and professionalism in and out of the cockpit the 104th Phoenix shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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